Shellwater is a beautiful, shy, intelligent, cute, calm, serene, willing, pure, ebony-colored, sweet, kind, caring, loving, loyal, bright, light-hearted, sweet-faced, fluffy, short-haired, soft-furred, peaceful, mysterious, quiet, almost 'invisible', small, long-limbed, adorable, black she-cat with a silver seashell marking on her chest, blue-gray forepaws, slightly small ears, a long, soft, fluffy, bushy, squirrel-like tail with a white tip, and bright, loving, sparkling, radiant, luminous, spark-lighting, calm, ocean-blue eyes.

She is a warrior in RisingClan, as well as Prisonerpaw's mentor.

She was a member of the 8th Generation Prophecy. Shellwater possesses the ability to heal others with water, and when she heals them, the water, while glowing blue, takes the shape of a seashell. The most major thing she can heal is broken bones and greencough, however.


Shellkit was born to Risingstar and Fallendawn in RisingClan with three siblings, named Shadowkit, Hopekit, and Windkit.

After the requisite 6 moons, Shellkit is apprenticed to Foxstorm.

She is part of the patrol that finds Prisonerkit. She and the kit end up forming a small bond with each other.

When Shadowpaw and Hopepaw catch Bloomflower, Shellpaw, Windpaw, and Prisonerkit go off, determined to find out what it is.

The three of them meet up with Willowkit and Lonepaw, and they are transported to Group 935, along with Shadowpaw and Hopepaw, who were treated to slow the effects.

She promises her siblings that they will find a cure.

After she leaves to find a cure, Hopepaw dies of Bloomflower, and Risingstar names the four siblings warriors, named Shadowhope, Hopefall, Shellwater, and Windrise.

Once the Bloomflower epidemic is over, she and the others return to RisingClan.

Shellwater is later given the task of mentoring Prisonerpaw.


Shellwater is very willing, to the point where she would sacrifice herself for others. She looks out for her siblings, especially for Windrise, as the two of them have shared a close bond with each other since they were kits.

She seems to take a liking to seashells whenever she can find one, even if it's a fossil.

Shellwater is very kind and loving to others, and she hates it when she finds out anything about abuse of any sort.



Risingstar; Living; leader of RisingClan.


Fallendawn; Living; warrior of RisingClan.


Hopefall; Deceaced; verified StarClan member..


Shadowhope; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Windrise; Living; warrior of RisingClan.


Swancloud; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Faithsnow; Living; warrior of FallenClan.
Hopeashes; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Spellpaw; Living; apprentice in FallenClan.


Swiftflare; Living; warrior of FallenClan.
Lunarspell; Living; leader of SpellClan.
Duskkit; Living; kit in FallenClan.
Moonheart; Living; warrior of SpellClan.


Luneflower; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Wolfnight; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Nightheart; Livng; warrior of SpellClan.
Stardustmint; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Trickspell; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Featherbutterfly; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Mistmoon; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Heartdrift; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Smallswan; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Froststorm; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Icehawk; Living; warrior of SpellClan.


Shadowstar; Living; leader of FallenClan.
Inksplash; Living; warrior of FallenClan.


Heathercloud; Living; medicine cat of FallenClan.

Distant Ancestors;

Dewspots; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Hollygaze; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Fuzzstorm; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Pureheart; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Tallslash; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Dewshine; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Blossomkit; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Mysterysearch; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Spell; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Twilightswift; Deceased; verified StarClan member.


  • She is based off of the Kingdom Hearts character Xion.
  • She will probably end up becoming mates with Sparktruth, though nothing has been confirmed.


Currently none.


Shellwater ~ Real life image.

Shellwaterreal ~ Xion, the character she is based off of.

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