Shiningmist is a small, slender, fluffy silver tabby she-cat with glowing green eyes and a mysteryous pale blue mist around her

She has a prophecy about her, with her powers being to teleport and to hear thing that are far away.


Shiningkit is born to Whitestep and Thistlestream along with her sisters Honeykit and Goldenkit and her brother Longkit. When she is three moons old, Cherryflower receives a prophecy about her, "A Shining Mist will save the Dawn and the Feather from the wrath of a Golden Leaf."

She is soon made an apprentice, with her mentor being Stormdapple.

She is made a warrior, Shiningmist. She seems to like Echowind.

She later has Echowind's kits, Kunniasanakit, Toumuttaakit, and Unlemakit.


  • Here warrior name will be Shiningmist
  • The prophecy means that she will save DawnClan and FeatherClan from the wrath of LeapClan's former deputy, Goldenleaf, with the help of Cherryblossom, Paintpaw, and Windpaw of FeatherClan
  • Whitestep, Thistlestream, Cherryflower, Echowind, and Stormdapple are the only cats who know Shiningmist's powers.
  • She shares a prophecy with a cat named Lilac (Lilac is roleplayed by 4pinkbear) : "Yet the Shining Mist has yet another task before the one told before. Search out the Lilac Branches for a cat who holds the power of life inside her paws

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