"The moment I set eyes on her, I just couldn't take them away. Her beautiful, silver pelt, her dazzling green eyes, her pretty, bushy tail, her swift, graceful pawsteps and her kindness attracted me. When I confessed my love to her, we became mates, and we always will be mates, no matter what happens."
Lionclaw to his kits in PearlClan Roleplay

Shinystar is a beautiful[1], small[2], gentle[3], longfurred[4], sleek[5], clever[6], silver tabby she-cat[7] with dazzling green eyes[8].


Shinykit was born to Cherrypelt (the mother) and Firedawn (the father) with Poppykit as her sister.[9] When they were three moons old, Shinykit suggested to sneak out of camp, and they met a badger.[10] Poppykit died instantly, but Shinykit was a member of a prophecy and managed to fight off the badger. [11]She feels responsible for Poppykit's death.[12] At a young age she showed great talent in healing and reading signs, but since the Irisfur, the medicine cat at the time already had an apprentice, Berryfur, she was forced to become a warrior.[13] However, she was a perfect warrior, and extremely intelligent.[14] After she had became an apprentice for one moon, she found out that she was the main part of a prophecy.[15] Shortly after that, Cherrypelt and Firedawn died of Greencough, making her very sad.[16] Using her powers, she notices that Lionclaw, her mentor shows a great liking in her.[17] After becoming a warrior, Lionclaw became her mate. Shinyfern is later given an apprentice, Phoenixpaw, and her mate is given an apprentice, Reedpaw.[18] The two were made into warriors early because they managed to fight off a ClawClan patrol by themselves.[19] Shinyfern, using her powers senses that Irisfur is sick, and tells Berryfur, Irisfur's apprentice.[20] The two she-cats ease Irisfur's journey to StarClan, and they became best friends. [21] Shortly after that, she gives birth to two kits: Icekit and Leafkit.[22] Soon, Berryfur becomes pregnant with Lionmist's kit.[23] Unluckily, a tree fell into camp and killed Leafpaw and paralysed Icepaw's hindlegs.[24] Moonstar makes Icepaw a warrior, Icemist.[25] Shinyfern wanted to use her powers to help Icemist heal, but Pearlstar told her that Icemist would reincarnate as Icesky, so it was needless.[26]Several moons later, she gives birth to a second litter.[27] Later, ClawClan attacks PearlClan, but luckily, LightClan comes to the rescue.[28] However, Berryfur is killed by Bramblestar and Lionmist is killed by Wolffur, leaving Shinyfern and the others devasted.[29] Moonstar, who is on his last life, appoints Shinyfern as the deputy, so that she can become a perfect leader after he dies.[30] Moonstar is killed in a fire, and she becomes leader.[31] She later goes on a quest to find a herb to cure Greencough, so that she can avenge her parents' death.[32] She returns due to hearing a strange voice, and runs to the DawnClan camp with Horizonheart, Phoenixsong, Blazestorm, Brightpaw and Christmaspaw due to being part of a prophecy.[33]

The Prophecy

Coming soon.....


  • She is still the best friend of Berryfur, even though Berryfur has deceased for more than three moons.[34]
  • She is also a best friend of Phoenixsong.[35]
  • The prophecy means that she will use her powers to rescue PearlClan, from unseen disasters.[36]
  • Toms are attracted to her, often looking at her when she crosses the clearing to get some food, or leaves camp for a patrol.[37]
  • She has been mistakenly described as a tortoishell and white she-cat with amber eyes.[38]
  • She is rumored to have more litters, which is confirmed to be true.[39]
  • She is a best friend of Ivystar and Ripplewing, even though they are in different Clans.[40]
  • She is part of a new prophecy.

Family Members

Father: Firedawn, deceased, verified StarClan member.[41]

Mother: Cherrypelt, deceased, verified StarClan member.[42]

Sister: Poppykit, deceased, verified StarClan member.[43]

Mate: Lionclaw, living, PearlClan member.[44]

Daughters: Icemist, Brightkit and Christmaskit, living, PearlClan members.[45]

Daughters (Cont): Leafpaw, deceased, verified StarClan member.[46]

Sons: Snowkit and Sunkit, living, PearlClan members.[47]


"Goodbye, mom and dad. Hunt forever peacefully among the stars, and watch over us."
-Shinypaw to her deceased parents PearlClan Roleplay

Her Power

Her power is to read minds and emotions, heal everything and shooting different coloured lights from her eyes to lift cats into the air, or torture them. However, she will not misuse her powers.

A New Prophecy

Shinystar is part of a new prophecy involving Flamedapple, Cloudburst and Moonteller, yet she doesn't know it until Flamedapple shows up with Cloudburst and Moondapple.


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Roleplayed By

Shinyfern is roleplayed by Shinystar. If you have any enquiries, feel free to ask on Shinystar's talk page! Thanks! ☯Shinystar☯ My Talk Page 04:13, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

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Shinystar as a human