Silentstorm is a pure white tom with frightening red eyes. He is roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Personal Information

He is been crticised all his life because of his red eyes. Does it bother him? Yes. Ever since he joined DawnClan, he didn't fit in. When he passed by kits, they would be pulled inside by their mother. He is deeply saddened, thinking nobody will ever like him, but Windwillow does. After Ripplepool abandoned her by falling in love with her sister, Snowfire, Windwillow found love in Silentstorm.


After Windwillow realizes that Snakewatcher actually likes her only for her beauty, she runs into the forest alone, and is about to be killed by a rogue when Dark Heart finds her and rescues her. She brings him to camp where he becomes a warrior: Silentstorm.

He and Windwillow are sharing tongues as Icefeather pads by. Icefeather stops and looks into his mind, showing he actually loves her, unlike Snakewatcher or Ripplepool. Spottedface sits down in front of him and studies him and Windwillow for a while, before meowing, "You two are certainly meant for each other!"

Later, Windwillow admits her eternal love to him. He agrees, and the two twine tails. After one of her kits (Snakewatcher's, she was expecting it before she and Silentstorm mate) is born stillborn, she goes into a depression. He hisses at Snakewatcher and the cream tom attacks him. Luckily, (blank) comes and helps Icefeather pull Snakewatcher off.
Windwillow is expecting his kits.


Kit: Dark Heart

Loner: Dark Heart

Warrior: Silentstorm


"You two are perfect for each other!" - Spottedface to Silentstorm and Windwillow

"I-I love you... Silentstorm. You are unlike Ripplepool or" -Windwillow to Silentstorm before becoming official mates.

Lavenderheart: Silentstorm, hmm?

Silentstorm: That's me!

Lavenderheart: I like you already! Welcome to the family!
Faolanwolf: ...

-Lavenderheart and Faolanwolf meet Silentstorm

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  • Silentstorm and Windwillow will have a litter of 5.
  • Faolanwolf doesn't like him at all, but his sister, Lavenderheart, immediately accepts Silentstorm as her stepfather.
  • WindxSilent were a pair bound by StarClan.