Like DuskClan and DawnClan's stories, this one is CloudClan's that is free to add onto IF you have joined that clan. This page is owned and monitored by 4pinkbear.


The ground crumbled as the land Cloud stood on flew upwards towards the sky, floating as if it were a bird at lift-off. Cloud trembled, as she was only a kit, against her mother and siblings. Her sister and brother, Rose and Possum, were looking around with fright as their home stopped, high in the sky, just feet away from the thick, fluffy clouds. Cloud wondered, Is this my destiny? and looked at herself in the puddle. A spasm shook her and her family and they suddenly had large, feathery wings. Shee gasped in shock and fluffed them out, stretched them, and, finally, jumped off the edge of the large island. "Cloud," his mother, Annabella, cried out! She dove down to get her, but saw her flying through the clouds. She didn't have wings, though! She screeched as she fell, but Cloud was too slow to catch her in time! However, with luck, she landed on the cloud top directly below the island, unconscious. Cloud and her siblings grabbed her and flew her up. They all met other rogues and loners and even a lost kittypet, who all were stuck on the island and they much later formed a clan, which started out a group of rogues that gre too big, with Cloud as their leader. A cat named Moon, an unusual immortal cat, came to live in a cave nearby and allowed apprentices to come see him the day they become warriors to gain their wings. That's how CloudClan was born.

Chapter 1

Cloud looked around camp, a purr rumbling in her throat. "Good afternoon, Peachspots." "Good afternoon to you, Cloud, as well!" the pretty dark ginger she-cat replied. Cloud saw her deputy with happiness. Dustbriar and Grayfang looked well. "How was the hunting, Grayfang? Dustbriar?" she mewed. Grayfang muffled with a large pigeon in his mouth, "All is well. Dustbriar has two live mice in her mouth for breeding purposes. We're giving 'em to Violetstrike, our Medicine Cat. She'll know what to do." Cloud mewed in reply, "Well, we could always use more mice to eat. So why not breed them? I'll bring the mice pair to Violetstrike myself, as I need to take some poppy seeds-" Cloud forced herself to not finish. I would've given away the fact I'm on my last life! Cloud shuddered and looked around camp, took the mice by their tails as they dangled, squeaking. She noticed that Dustbriar tied the mice's paws together with thick, hard-to-bite-on grass. Hmm... nice work I must say. I will complement her skills later on after my... poppy seeds. Cloud looked around quietly and hurried into the medicine den. "Violetstrike?" she called. A light violet she-cat with elegant dark purple eyes that match her wings stepped out of the darkness with a bundle of poppy seeds in her jaws. She placed it down. "Mmm.... mice. I'm starved." she meowed, about to take a bite. "No! These mice are the ones you wanted to experiment and breed with!" Cloud cried. "Oh! Oops! My bad!" Violetstrike meowed, and turned away briefly. 

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