Owned by Vi

Join on Talkpage, RPG in different sections.

When you are accepted, add them to the "Members" Selection. Remember, you can only add cats to RP-able towns. This is just like Skyrim the game, same cities and all in their city structure, but the whole thing is run by cats with warrior names and such.

You roleplay in Towns, Cities, Forts, the Snow Labyrinth, and other places, but to Roleplay just in the open fields and small places like Farms, you go to "Skyrim" section under "RPG"

You may ONLY roleplay in pages VI has already created. The co-owner of this is Birdpaw.




Towns, Cities, and Other Places




The Land of Skyrim

Honningbrew Meadery


Paths and Small Places

Snow Trail - To Dawnstar or the Snow Labyrinth

Earthly Path - To White Run, Falkreath, and Riverwood.

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