These are characters that travel from place to place, serving the same sort of role as your player character in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Violet - Dark violet she-cat with lime green eyes. She wears an olive green cloak with red symbols and markings swirling on it, indicating she is a Mage. (4pinkbear)

Aiden - Silver tom with lemon-golden spots, and dark reddish-brown eyes. He wears silver-and-platinum armor, indicating he is a Warrior. (4pinkbear)

Loki - Slim, cocky pale golden tom with a dark brown tuft of fur on his head, two black stripes on his face going around his eyes and extending onto his neck, pale golden eyes, and slim, pointed ears. He wears slightly tattered (yet still well cared for) blue and gold robes, signifying he is a mage. (Elo)

Tabitha - Elderly, yet sinster and mystious, slender, scarred dark gray she-cat with one blind eye, a black blotch stretching across her face shaped like a hand, white ears and tuft of fur on her head, and dark, reddish amber eyes. She wears tight, black and crimson robes that symbols she is a spellsword. Member of the Dark Brotherhood. Formerly from Cyrodill. (Elorisa)

Lily - Long-limbed, pretty, black she-cat with green eyes, quiet, but very cocky, wears black armour. Formerly of Cyrodill (Bird)

Madison - Brown she-cat with white paws, green eyes, and wears a light blue cloak with silver symbols in it, indicating she's a mage. (Feenie)

Vitus - Lean light brown tabby tom with a blue swirl on the left side of his face, a scarred face, and very pale blue eyes. Member of the Thieves Guild. He wears black leather armor, with a dark blue cloth cloak over it, signifying he's a stealthy mage. (Elo)


They live in villages. You do not have to specify the village they live in here, but you require it on the village's page

Alectra - Golden she-cat with lightning-blue eyes. She wears rag-like shawl over her shoulders, and works at her forge. (4pinkbear)

Q - Mysterious, fluffy pale golden she-cat with pale blue eyes. She wears pale blue robes with chainmail stitched into the sleeves and torso, showing she's a battlemage. She is also a mercenary and a former member of the Dark Brotherhood. (Elorisa)

Silverstorm - Dark silver-gray she-cat with light violet eyes. She wears a dark purple dress with silver markings, but it doesn't seem to come from Skyrim. (4pinkbear)

Patchi - River-blue she-cat with amber eyes. She wears a Royal Gown, indicating she's the mate of Whiterun's Earl, Dustin. Her daughter is Katecha. (4pinkbear)

Katecha - Dark golden she-cat with blue eyes. She wears a Royal Dress, indicating she's the daughter of Dustin and Patchi. (4pinkbear)

Njord - Large, broad shouldered pale brown and white tom with soft fur, a swirled stripe on his right cheek, and pale amber eyes. He wears glass armor, signifying he's a warrior. He is also a mercenary, and a member of the Companions. A werewolf. (Elorisa)

Leutwin - Gold tabby tom with blue eyes, wears fine clothes and always carries a Dragon Skin sword, lives in and is the housecarl for the Jarl of Solitude. (DeadRaiser)

Olfric - Gray tom with black stripes and amber eyes, Mercenary, wears Dwarven Armor, has a house in Whiterun and owns a blacksmith forge, friends with Ankolva. (DeadRaiser)

Ankolva - White she-cat with green eyes, Merchant and Blacksmith, wears blue clothes, has a small shack outside of Dawnstar, wants to join the Legion. (DeadRaiser)

Nepeta - Black she-cat with olive green eyes and orange ears. She wears an olive green cloak with gold symbols in it, indicating she's a mage. (Feenie)

Taria - Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, wearing a purple cloak with chainmail etched in it, indicating she's a battle mage. (Feenie)

Albeiro - Dark brown tabby tom with one blue eye and one gold eye. He wears silver armor, indicating he's a warrior. (Feenie)

Viljo - Large, muscular pale golden-blonde tom with long fur, and pale blue eyes. He wears leather armor, signifying he is a warrior. He lives in Dawnstar. (Elo)

Criminal Scum - Lithe, muscular pale golden-blonde tom with a pale brown underbelly, chest, muzzle, and paws, a small scar on his nose, and pale green eyes. Originally from Cyrodiil. Member of the Thieves Guild. Wears form-fitting leather armor signifying he is a thief. (Elo)

Angel - Large, muscular, dark gray tom with long fluffy fur, long teeth, and pale golden eyes. Wears steel plate armor, signifiying he is a warrior. He owns a small house in Whiterun. (Elo)


These cats are the leaders of their certain town

Whiterun Jarl, Dustin - Dark brown tom with dark emerald-amber eyes. He's the mate of Patchi, who lives in Riverwood. He wears an Jarl Robe. (4pinkbear)

Falkreath Jarl, Bird- Pretty, slender, quiet she-cat with flat stormy gray eyes and white fur, wears a Jarl robe. (Bird)

Windhelm Jarl, Rhaegar - Broad shouldered, ash-colored dark gray tom with deep reddish amber eyes. Is quite skilled in magic. Wears a pale blue and golden jarl robe, and a jade and sapphire circlet as his crown. Usually he wears a set of ebony armor instead of his robes. (Elo)

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