Slashfur is a cat created by Holly for NightClan


Slashfur is handsome, good-looking, attractive, hostile, fierce, considerate, loyal, protective, and strong. He is a dark gray tom with light, icy blue eyes, a long scar on his flank, and black paws.

Slashfur is loving to his friends and family, caring to his clanmates, and aggressive to outsiders.


NightClan Rp;

Slashfur is listed in the allegiances as a warrior, with Deadpaw as his apprentice;

He first appears in the rp as waking up, stretching, and accidentally stepping on Lavenderheart's tail. He then apologizes, seemingly captivated by her beauty, before going outside and padding over to the fresh-kill pile.


  • Slashfur has a crush on Lavenderheart
  • He distrusts his sister, Leila
  • He is very close with his brother
  • He has a strained relationship with his mother
  • He remembers seeing his father as a kit, but hasn't seen him since



Nightstar - Living, leader of NightClan


Unknown Tom - Presumed to be living, unknown affiliations


Leila - Living, warrior of NightClan


Shadowheart - Living, warrior of NightClan

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