Sliceclaw is a warrior of AshClan. He is role-played by WildStorm23


Sliceclaw is a jet-black tom with red spots on his abnormally long claws. He is cruel and vicious. He attacks cats from other clans and sometimes withen his own clan.


Sliceclaw was first a rouge, with parents he never knew and no siblings. He wondered in TawnyClan territory until he saw the fight start. Sliceclaw then found AshClan and decided to join. By that time he was old enough to become a warrior.

He is then seen asking who the new deputy will be, saying it would be very fun to be deputy. After Nightmareclaw pointed out he hadn't had an apprentice yet, he told of Brambleclaw. Sliceclaw is then seen commenting on how cute Flyingclouds kits are, and wondering if he could mentor any of them.

He is then seen saying hi to Sootkit, and saying Dovekit looks like a medicine cat. Sliceclaw is seen at Navylance and Smokefall's ceramony for becoming deputy. He congratulates them, but thinks to himself for them to enjoy their positions for now.

He is then seen asking when they were going to fight the Dark Forest, commenting on how he hadn't seen Bramble-ears. After he came into DawnClan camp, he asks Applepaw if she brought the herbs, and then goes to talk with Bramble-ears. He then calls to Applepaw to hang in the nursery during the fight.

He is then seen complaining on how they have to wait for the Dark Forest to attack, and calling up to them to attack them. He continuesly calls up there. He is then seen challenging Navylance to his deputy position, and defending Applepaw from Silverblaze.

He is a member of the 5th Generation Prophecy


Since he is a member of the 5th Generation Prophecy, he has powers:

Terrain Master- He can manuever through any terrain and not stumble.


  • Sliceclaw has been confirmed to have a crush on Appledawn of CreekClan.

Real Life Image


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