Leader: Smokestar
Deputy: Wishspots
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Rushleap/Petalblaze & Dawnpaw

Welcome to SmokeClan;

Owned by Luna.

SmokeClan lives in a large forest with oak, cedar and redwood trees.

The camp is a large circular shaped place that is free of any trees, except for the ones bordering it and the High Branch Tree, which is where Clan meetings are held. It is a giant willow tree in the center of camp. The leader's den is a large space carved into the base of High Branch Tree.

To the left of the High Branch Tree is the nursery. It is a large blackberry bush with a hole in the center of it. There are also brambles intertwined in the blackberry bush.

Next to the nursery is the apprentices' den. It is a large tree with a good-sized hole carved into the base of it.

The first den the left side of camp is the warrior's den. It's about the same as the apprentices' den.

Next to the warriors' den is the elders' den. It is pretty much the same as the nursery, a blackberry and bramble bush.

Next to the elders' den is a den that looks almost the same as the elders' den from the outside, but is a bit smaller on the inside. This is the medicine cats' den. Even with needing space for water, moss, and various herbs, they are able to make do with a smaller interior.


This might sound a little weird, but I feel there need to be a few rules around here.

  1. I don't care what your cats look like, who they like, what their names are, their backgrounds whatever. Just keep things safe for work (no excessive mating or rape, no extreme gore, ect. There can be brief mentions, but don't write it in full detail here).
  2. There are allowed to be two medicine cat apprentices at once, but they cannot both have their full name.
  3. The Warrior Code from the series is followed loosely, particularly the unmentioned but still there rules of medicine cats not being allowed to have a mate and kits (they are not encouraged to have a mate and kits, but they receive no punishment as long as they have their full name and continue doing their duties) and that Clans cannot unite to drive off another Clan (there have been previous instances of SmokeClan joining with another Clan to drive out sad attempts of an enemy Clan that keeps reforming and trying to take over).
  4. Don't use other players' cats without their permission unless you're using them in the background (such as for a Clan meeting) or calling them on a patrol (or something else similar to that).
  5. Most importantly, have fun!



Smokestar Handsome, muscular, strict, serious, but loving to those he cares about, dark gray tom with scattered mottled patches, silvery-gray toes, tail tip, and ear tips, black and silvery-gray flecks scattered through his pelt, broad shoulders, large paws, and dark, smoky gray-green eyes. Lightcloud's mate. Mistleheart and Shimmerbrook's father. Roleplayed by Whitesong.


Wishspots Very small, somewhat fragile, strong-willed, sleek, short-haired, lean, silver tabby she-cat with white paws, very small yellowish-ginger and white speckles in her pelt shaped vaguely like stars, and bright blue eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Apprentice; Stealthpaw

Medicine Cat;

Rushleap Protective, handsome, fluffy, short-haired, pale brown tabby tom with black paws, dark brown ears and tail tip, gray flecks in his fur, a missing left eye, patches of fur missing around his left eye socket, and a single, intense, shining green eye. Roleplayed by Luna.

Apprentices; Petalblaze, Dawnpaw


Rosewillow Beautiful, silky furred, medium-length-pelted, motherly, protective, mischievous, cream marbled tabby she-cat with pale silvery-cream paws, underbelly, chest, neck, muzzle, rings around her eyes, and splotches shaped like leaves and rose petals, and bright bubblegum-pink eyes. Boneclaw's mate. Sneezepaw and Creamkit's mother. Roleplayed by Luna.

Boneclaw Handsome, muscular, big, protective, loyal, ambitious, white tom with pale silvery-gray, almost white, mottled paws, underbelly, chest, ears, face, and tail tip, and dark amber eyes. Rosewillow's mate. Sneezekit and Creamkit's father. Roleplayed by Luna.

Fernbreeze Pretty, slender, sleek, short-haired, loving, sweet, strong, pale brown tabby she-cat with black paws, tail tip and tips to all of her fur, dark brown toes, underbelly, chest, muzzle, and rings around her eyes, and pretty fern-green eyes. Roleplayed by Holly.

Sedgepath Handsome, muscular, gentlemanly, calm, incredibly intelligent, mottled gingery-brown tabby tom with black and dark greenish-gray tabby splotches scattered throughout his pelt, and dark amber eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Apprentice; Finchpaw

Dewmist Ambitious, serious, calm, bright gray she-cat with mottled silver, dark gray, and pale gray patches, and dewy green eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Shrewtail Studious, strong, wise, dusky-brown tabby tom with dark, smoky-brown tabby stripes, black toes, tail tip, muzzle, and flecks scattered through his pelt, and dark orange eyes. Nightbird's mate. Swallownight's father. Roleplayed by Luna.

Apprentice; Riverpaw

Quailtalon Handsome, medium-length-furred, thick-pelted, gentlemanly, swift, caring, blue-gray tabby tom with pale gray toes, underbelly, chest, muzzle, tail tip, and tabby splotches scattered through his pelt, and fiery reddish-orange eyes. Blazefrost's mate. Flamepaw, Grayflame, Riverpaw, and Finchpaw's father. Roleplayed by Luna.

Blazefrost Sleek-furred, pretty, slender, quiet, fearful, motherly, fiery-ginger tabby she-cat with white paws, underbelly, chest, ears, muzzle, tail tip, and flecks scattered through her pelt, and pale blue eyes. Grayflame, Flamepaw's mother. Mother to Quailtalon's kits. Roleplayed by Whitesong.

Daisycreek Pretty, slender, sleek furred, short-haired, cream marbled tabby she-cat with white paws, underbelly, chest, tail tip, muzzle, rings around her eyes, and flecks scattered through her pelt, and sky blue eyes. Roleplayed by Holly.

Cloudybreeze A little big, slightly muscular, long-legged, fluffy white she-cat with dark cream paws, black stripes scattered through her pelt, and frosty ambery-green eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Palesky Small, long-haired, intelligent, quiet, tolerant, pale blueish-gray tabby tom with pale gray paws, chest, underbelly, and muzzle, white patches shaped like clouds scattered through his fur, and intense, sky-blue eyes. Has a huge crush on Thymeleaf, but is too scared to admit it. Roleplayed by Luna.

Thymeleaf Strikingly beautiful, extremely loyal, slightly weak, yet determined, cream she-cat with mottled cream marbled tabby stripes, a white chest, underbelly, tail tip, rings around her eyes, a ring around her muzzle, and flecks on her marbled tabby stripes, a very pale green tint to her pelt, and thyme-colored green eyes. Gets picked on by Gleamingblaze. Roleplayed by Luna.

Gleamingblaze Cute, mischievous, deceiving, intelligent, dark russet-ginger she-cat with black legs, one white front left paw, a white muzzle and tail tip, a black ring around her muzzle, tiny black flecks scattered through her pelt, a narrow muzzle, a long, plumy tail, and pale brown eyes. She picks on Thymeleaf. Roleplayed by Luna.

Grayflame Handsome, muscular, fierce, funny, yet aggressive to other Clans, pale gray tabby tom with silvery-blue-white toes, tail tip, underbelly, chest and flecks scattered through his pelt and fiery reddish-orange eyes. Flamepaw, Riverpaw, and Finchpaw's brother. Son to Blazefrost and Quailtalon. Roleplayed by Luna.

Deathshadow Handsome, long-haired, thick-pelted, muscular, good-natured, funny, tolerant, black tom with black eyes. Blackpaw's brother. Roleplayed by Luna.

Apprentice; Lycheepaw

Quietstep  Muscular black tom with dark brown, almond shaped eyes. A bit quiet, sarcastic, and somewhat of an air-head. Roleplayed by Shuckle.

Streamtail  Blue-gray she-cat with pale blue eyes and a long flowing tail. Snarky, generous, flirty, and a good friend. Roleplayed by Shuckle.

Swallownight Pretty, hyper, funny, energetic, dark gray she-cat with pale gray paws, underbelly, chest, tail tip, rings around her eyes, and ear tips, black feather-shaped splotches scattered through her pelt, and pale green eyes. Nightbird and Shrewtail's daughter. Roleplayed by Luna.

Laughingdusk Pretty, slender, medium-length-furred, soft-furred, likable, funny, outgoing, dark brown tabby she-cat with creamy brown toes, underbelly, chest, tail tip, rings around her eyes, and flecks scattered through out her pelt, and neon lime-green eyes. Dawnpaw and Lilyfrost's best friend. Roleplayed by Luna.

Apprentice; Sneezepaw

Lilyfrost Beautiful, short-haired, creamy, soft-furred, caring, sweet, slightly air-headed, white she-cat with pale gray stripes scattered through her pelt, and hot pink eyes. Laughingdusk and Dawnpaw's best friend. Roleplayed by Luna.

Shimmerbrook Cute, slender, quiet, elegant, a perfectionist, socially uncomfortable, silvery-white she-cat with pale silvery-blue toes, underbelly, chest, tail tip, and muzzle, and shimmering yellow-green eyes. Bisexual and could care less about her mate being a tom or she-cat as long as there is mutual love. Smokestar and Lightcloud's daughter. Mistleheart's sister. Roleplayed by Luna.

Mistleheart Beautiful, slender, calm, honest, very loyal, silvery-gray she-cat with scattered mottled patches, mottled pale gray-blue toes, tail tip, ear tips and front left paw, flecks of white, black, dark gray, and silvery-black scattered through her pelt, and misty, neon silvery-green eyes. Smokestar and Lightcloud's daughter. Shimmerbrook's sister. Roleplayed by Luna.

Puffedfur Protective, ambitious, serious, yet still sweet, fluffy, creamy-brown tom with a white chest, dark brown stripes, a twisted, permanently broken jaw, and light, icy-blue eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Tulipspots Quiet, very shy (particularly to cats she doesn't know), timid, yet very kind when you get to know her, white she-cat with fur tipped with creamy-ginger, creamy-brown spots scattered throughout her pelt, and bright yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.


Petalblaze Cheerful, bubbly, long-haired, curious, intelligent, very dark reddish-ginger, almost red, she-cat with darker paws, chest, muzzle, underbelly, ear tips, and tail tip, a white tail, and sparkling reddish-purple eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Dawnpaw Pretty, slender, sleek, silky-furred, smart, slightly sassy, calm, creamy-golden she-cat with a nicked ear, and beautiful, dark blue eyes. Deaf in her right ear and cannot taste that well. Lilyfrost and Laughingdusk's best friend. Roleplayed by Holly.

Stealthpaw Quiet, sociable, ambitious, slightly aggressive, long-limbed, fluffy, dark gray and white tom with black paws, a few paler gray stripes on his back and forehead, and light yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Luna.

Lycheepaw Rather asocial, shy, seemingly mute, short-haired, sleek, gentle, reddish-pink and white she-cat with pale gray flecks on her white patches, tufted ears, a tufted tail tip, and pale pink eyes. She-cat x She-cat. Roleplayed by Luna.

Sneezepaw Small, studious, nerdy, intelligent, socially awkward, white tom with cream, dark gray and silver splotches scattered through his pelt, and dark amber eyes. Creamkit's brother. Boneclaw and Rosewillow's son. Roleplayed by Luna.

Riverpaw Calm, caring, loving, blue-gray tabby she-cat with white toes, underbelly, chest, tail tip, rings around her eyes and muzzle, fiery ginger and pale silvery-gray speckles on her muzzle, rings around her eyes, tail, chest, underbelly and toes and pale blue eyes. Flamepaw, Grayflame and Finchpaw's sister. Blazefrost and Quailtalon's daughter. Roleplayed by Whitesong.

Finchpaw Fiery ginger tabby she-cat with white and blue-gray tabby splotches scattered randomly through out her pelt and neon green eyes. Flighty, indecisive and ditsy. Grayflame, Flamepaw and Riverpaw's sister. Quailtalon and Blazefrost's daughter. Roleplayed by Whitesong.


Gingermoon Long-haired, silky-furred, cheery, yet somewhat secretive, bright ginger tabby she-cat with white paws, underbelly, chest, throat, tail tip, muzzle, and flecks scattered through her pelt, and pale blue eyes. Mother of an unknown tom's kits. Roleplayed by Luna.

Kits; Dovekit, Flamekit, and Dreamkit

Lightcloud Pretty, very small white she-cat with pale golden mottled splotches scattered through her pelt, mottled golden rings around her eyes, rings around her neck, ear tips, and tail tip, and neon yellow eyes. Smokestar's mate. Mistleheart and Shimmerbrook's mother. Expecting Smokestar's kits. Roleplayed by Luna.

Kits; Expecting


Gingermoon's Kits;

Dovekit Slender, feminine, fluffy, long-haired, quiet, snowy-white tom with a pale gray tabby patch on his forehead, stubby bird wings, and light green eyes. Has some bird DNA (the bird is currently unknown) from his unknown father. Flamekit and Dreamkit's brother. Gingermoon's son. 3 moon old. Roleplayed by Luna.

Flamekit Overly cheerful, often annoying, hyperactive, strong-willed, bright ginger tabby she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, underbelly, and forepaws, long, often messy fur, and bright green eyes. Dovekit and Dreamkit's sister. Gingermoon's daughter. 3 moon old. Roleplayed by Luna.

Dreamkit Asocial, quiet, shy, timid, light gray and white tabby tom with long, soft fur, a single black paw, and pale blue eyes. Dovekit and Flamekit's brother. Gingermoon's son. 3 moon old. Roleplayed by Luna.


Kitethorn Once handsome, slightly mean, strong, aggressive, somewhat stuck in the past, dark brown tabby tom with cream paws, underbelly, chest, tail tip and flecks scattered through his pelt and dark brown eyes with ambery-brown flecks near his pupils. Roleplayed by Luna.

Former Members of SmokeClan;

See here for details.


Former RP between Aspen and Leia.

Normal SmokeClan Life;

(BC because Clan meeting.

Before you ask, lychee is a fruit.)

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the High Branch Tree for a Clan meeting!" rang Smokestar's voice throughout the camp. In front of the tree were two loners, a dark gray and white tom, and a dark reddish-pink-and-white she-cat. The rest of the Clan filled out the remaining space in front of the tree.

"Who are those two?" Shimmerpaw whispered to her sister. "They look about our age, but I don't recognize them."

Mistlepaw replied, "They look like loners to me. Maybe they're joining the Clan."

"Stealth, Lychee, please come forward," the dark gray leader mewed. The two unfamiliar cats padded up to him. "This is a proud day for SmokeClan. By naming apprentices, we show SmokeClan will survive and remain strong. Stealth, from now on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Stealthpaw. Wishspots, you trained Palesky well, and I'm sure you will do the same with Stealthpaw here. I know you will pass your forethought onto him and teach him the skills that will make him a great warrior of SmokeClan."

The newly named Stealthpaw and Wishspots touch noses with each other.

Smokestar continues, "Lychee, from now on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Lycheepaw. Deathshadow, you are ready for an apprentice, and you will train Lycheepaw. I know you will pass your intelligence onto her and teach her the skills that will make her a great warrior of SmokeClan."

The black tom touches noses with the newly-named Lycheepaw as the Clan begins to chant, "Stealthpaw! Lycheepaw! Stealthpaw! Lycheepaw!"


After the meeting is dismissed, Mistlepaw, Shimmerpaw, Puffedpaw, and Tulippaw pad over to the new apprentices to welcome them, and it seems that they're taking a liking to the group. Stealthpaw actually seems to like Mistlepaw and Tulippaw... Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! 18:11, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

Later that night, Puffedpaw continuously twitched in his sleep. Hawkfrost's control over him was starting to take hold, and he was struggling against it to no avail. Adding to his bad luck, the other apprentices were sound asleep, exhausted from today's unusually rigorous training. Welcome to Hell! Starring Sock, Jonathan, and Mephistopheles 00:24, September 24, 2014 (UTC)

Quietstep and Streamtail slept in adjacent nests, sore from the day's hunting and patrolling, and ready to get some rest. Shuckle Nothing Bad Ever Happened in Utah! 01:00, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

Blazefrost slept in her nest. Riverkit and Finchkit slept close by. Finchkit accidentally kicked Riverkit, "Hey, Finchkit watch it." Mewed Riverkit. "Well sorry." Mewed back Finchkit. They argued back and forth. Blazefrost lifted her head. "Stop it both of you, this is not how a warrior acts if someone accidentally kicked them now is it." Blazefrost wasn't being mean, she was just making them stop. "No." They mewed in unison. "Then, go to sleep." Meowed Blazefrost. Riverkit and Finchkit fell back asleep. --Whitesong (talk) 04:09, October 20, 2014 (UTC)Whitesong

Sneezekit half-awoke when he heard Riverkit and Finchkit arguing, but once they quieted down, shrugged it off and fell back asleep.

Shimmerpaw's dreams were filled with one cat: Lycheepaw. She couldn't deny that she was developing feelings for the she-cat, but what would her family think if she told them that she was in love with a she-cat. She had grown up thinking toms are supposed to be attracted to she-cats, and vice-versa. But she had always found attraction to both, and wanted to tell someone how she felt.

"No," she told herself in her dream, "I can't be attracted to both toms and she-cats. I'm only attracted to toms!"

"Are you sure about that?" the Lycheepaw in her dream asked. The tabby backed up a bit.

"I..." she trailed off.

"It's not wrong," was all she was left with as dream-Lycheepaw left her. Welcome to Hell! Starring Sock, Jonathan, and Mephistopheles 02:30, November 14, 2014 (UTC)

Mistlepaw stretched as she awoke. Pale beams of sunlight were shining in from the den entrance.

Today's going to be good, she thought, padding out of the den. We are the Achromatic System 22:02, March 29, 2015 (UTC)

(BC, sorry)

Grayflame and Palesky padded into Smokestar's den. "Smokestar," began Grayflame, "we believe that our apprentices, Laughingpaw and Lilypaw, are ready for their assessments."

Smokestar nodded. "Swallowpaw is ready for hers as well. All three will assess at sunhigh."


"I... I can't believe this..." Swallowpaw mewed.

"Can't believe what?" replied Laughingpaw. "That we all passed with flying colors?"

"We're gonna be warriors!!" cheered Lilypaw.


"Swallownight! Laughingdusk! Lilyfrost!" cheered the Clan as the three she-cats received their warrior names.

Blazefrost was with her mate and kits and Finchkit pounces on my tail and Riverkit was watching the medicine cat. "Mommy, I want to be a medicine cat when I get older!" meowed Riverkit. "Ask Smokestar, you silly little kit!" she laughed (not mean). Finchkit meowed while dragging her tail to Quailtalon. "I caughty first prey, Quailtalon!"

Dreamkit crept behind Sneezekit, trying to imitate what Laughingdusk had taught him about a hunter's crouch. When he believed herself to be close enough, he pounced on top of Sneezekit, who yelped in surprise.

"Wh--Dreamkit!" he shouted, shaking him off with ease. Dreamkit giggled. We are the Achromatic System 15:57, December 14, 2016 (UTC)

Mistleheart and Shimmerbrook purred as their vigil ended, settling into their nests in the warriors' den with Puffedfur and Tulipspots. We are the Achromatic System 18:59, May 14, 2017 (UTC)

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