Smokestar is a handsome, muscular, strict, serious, but loving to those he cares about, dark gray tom with scattered mottled patches, silvery-gray toes, tail tip, and ear tips, black and silvery-gray flecks scattered through his pelt, broad shoulders, large paws, and dark, smoky gray-green eyes.


Smoke was born to Cave (father) and Mottle (mother) with three siblings, Shimmer, Break and Eclipse, as a loner in the middle of a very cold leaf-bare.

Smoke was only one moon old when his brother, Break, died of hypothermia because of the freezing leaf-bare, leaving Smoke devastated.

About two moons later, Smoke's father, Cave, died protecting him, Shimmer, Eclipse and Mottle from a badger.

Smoke's mother, Mottle, soon died from hypothermia.

Smoke, Shimmer and Eclipse live by themselves and train themselves to battle and hunt.

When Smoke is seven moons old, Eclipse dies by getting run over by a monster. Eclipse's last words are saying that Smoke needs to protect Shimmer, even if it costs him his life.

Shimmer then meets a tom named Fire and has kits with him named Shine and Blaze.

Blaze then dies a moon after birth. Fire leaves Shimmer after this and takes Shine with him. This leaves Shimmer devastated because Shimmer is expecting a second litter of Fire's kits.

Shimmer has her kits and they are all born dead. Shimmer dies during her kitting.

Smoke then decides to make SmokeClan and finds cats to make up SmokeClan.

Smoke then tells Fern, Gleam and Bone to find more cats to join SmokeClan.

Smoke jumps off of the High Branch and goes to talk to his mate, Light, and Rose, Bone's mate.

Gleam, Bone and Fern come back with a few cats named Dew, Night, Shrew, Ripple and Willow. Gleam also tells Smoke that a cat in another clan, RainClan, named Rainstar, knows where to find a place to meet with StarClan.

Right before Smoke, Sedge, Fern and Thyme leave to go to RainClan to talk to Rainstar, five cats, Quailpaw, Blazeheart, Daisypaw, Heatpaw and Flamepaw come and ask to join SmokeClan. Smoke accepts and tells them that they are now Smoke, Blaze, Daisy, Gray (Heatpaw) and Flame.

Smoke goes to RainClan and two cats, Pinksplash and Heatclaw, escort him to the Mist Field, where he receives his nine lives.

Smoke goes back to SmokeClan camp and names all the cats of SmokeClan with warrior names.

A moon later, Smokestar and Lightcloud are seen nuzzling each other and talking about how Lightcloud's kits should come in a few days or so. Lightcloud then says that they are coming now.

Lightcloud gives birth to his two daughters. Smokestar names one Shimmerkit and Lightcloud names one Mistlekit. Smokestar thinks in his head that these are perfect names.

He talks to Wishspots about warrior names for Palepaw, Gleamingpaw, Ripplepaw and Thymepaw and a mentor for Swallowkit.

Three loners join the Clan named Cloudybreeze, Blackpaw and Deathpaw.

He names Thymepaw, Thymeleaf; Ripplepaw, Ripplestripe; Gleamingpaw, Gleamingblaze; Palepaw, Palesky; and Swallowkit, Swallowpaw.

After this he goes to the nursery and asks Lightcloud if Mistlekit and Shimmerkit's eyes where opened yet. Lightcloud replies no but they are opening now. Mistlekit opens her eyes first and mews hello to Smokestar. Smokestar says hello back to his daughter. Shimmerkit opens her eyes next and mews hi im awake! She then tries to stand up yet she falls down. Lightcloud purrs at this in amusment.

A she-cat named Gingermoon joins SmokeClan.

After this, Smokestar and all the other cats of SmokeClan battle with foxes.

In the middle of fighting foxes, Smokestar tells Graypaw to get three she-kits to the nursery who had wandered into SmokeClan camp. Their names are Laughingkit, Dawnkit and Lilykit.

Many cats die in the battle with the foxes.

Smokestar loses a life to the leader fox.

The foxes flee out of SmokeClan camp. He soon names Graypaw, Graystorm, Deathpaw, Deathshadow, Laughingkit, Laughingpaw, Lilykit, Lilypaw and Dawnkit, Dawnpaw.

He goes to RainClan camp with Palesky, Thymeleaf and Lilypaw to warn them of the foxes.

He makes Mistlekit, Shimmerkit, Brokenkit and Tulipkit apprentices with the names of Mistlepaw, Shimmerpaw, Brokenpaw and Tulippaw. Right after this Gleamingblaze tells him that she wants to be renamed. He renames Gleamingblaze, Vixenblaze.

He then goes on a patrol with Shimmerpaw, Dewmist and Palesky to RainClan camp to try to organize a gathering.


Smokestar is a very strict, serious, yet he is loving around people that he cares about.



Mottle - Deceased, StarClan


Cave - Deceased, StarClan


Eclipse - Deceased, StarClan

Shimmer - Deceased, StarClan


Break - Deceased, StarClan


Blaze - Deceased, StarClan

Shine - Residence Unknown


Lightcloud - Alive, SmokeClan


Mistlepaw - Alive, SmokeClan

Shimmerpaw - Alive, SmokeClan

Adopted Son:

Puffedpaw - Alive, SmokeClan

Adopted Daughter:

Tulippaw - Alive, SmokeClan



Smokestar (himself) - Alive, SmokeClan


Swallowpaw - Alive, SmokeClan


"Mistlekit, and then Shimmerkit for my sister...Perfect..."
-Smokestar thinking about why his daughters were named Mistlekit and Shimmerkit in SmokeClan roleplay.


  • He feels guilty about his sister, Shimmer's, death.
  • If he wasn't leader of SmokeClan, his warrior name would have been Smokepelt or Smokestorm.
  • He is the cat in the SmokeClan wallpaper.
  • He and Lightcloud will have more kits. Their next litter is confirmed to have four of them.

Leader Information:

Nine Lives:

1. Miststar(ancient SmokeClan) ~ Honesty~ Lost to a raid of foxes.

2. Ivydapple(ancient SmokeClan) ~ Independence.

3. Shadowcreek(ancient SmokeClan) ~ Strength.

4. Break ~ Enthusiasm.

5. Cave ~ Determination.

6. Mottle ~ Patience.

7. Eclipse ~ Loyalty.

8. Blaze ~ Faith.

9. Shimmer ~ Endless Love.


Wishspots - Alive, SmokeClan

Real Life Image:

Aa Smokestar



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