Please note that some of these cats were not alive during roleplay because they are used to appear in living cat's dreams or to deliver prophecies.


Snowstar - Pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes. Founder of SnowClan.

Owlstar - dark brown Tom with black, barely visible, tabby stripes, and amber eyes. Killed by rogues.


Barkclaw - Dark brown Tom, Loudstar's brother and his first deputy.

Foxtail - Ginger Tom with blue eyes and a bushy tail. Died from Greencough. (Wild)

Medicine Cats

Copperwing - Bright ginger Tom with pale green eyes. First SnowClan medicine cat.


Hollyheart - Dark gray she-cat with hazel eyes. Died from kitting. Timbertail's mate, Carrottuft's and Creekwillow's Mother.

Swampclaw - Dark tabby Tom with green eyes, Went mad after the death of his mate, Honeyleaf. Resides in the Dark Forest.

Honeyleaf - Pretty White she-cat with ginger splotches, Killed by rogues, Swampclaw's Mate. Resides in StarClan.

Cloudfire - Large, Fluffy, Muscular Tom, With fiery ginger tabby patches. (Elorisa)

Mistleaf - Small pale silver tabby she-cat, Cloudfire's mate (Elorisa)

Icefang - smokey grey Tom with blue eyes (?)

Littlecloud - grey and white she-cat with blue eyes (?)

Sunfeather - dark ginger she-cat with pointy tufted ears. (Elorisa)

Fuzzypelt - Black and white Tom with fur that sticks out at ends and dark green eyes (Fuzzy)

Brookfall - sleek gray and blue she-cat with white splotches and blue eyes, strong and fierce but kindhearted. (Brook)

Blackstripe - Hot-headed, Black tom, Brave, Loyal, Sometimes a brat. (Blackstar27)

Darksecret - a pure white she-cat with dark, acidic violet eyes like pools of venom. Half of her face is torn off, somewhat like Brightheart, but leaving the eye so she has both. Not much is known about her. Disappeared (Rhythm)   

Ottersplash - Small pretty she-cat with glimmering green eyes. (Wild)

Icejay - white Tom with blue eyes. (IceJay)



Jumpkit - Brown Tom with white belly and paw. Hollyheart's son. Died two days after birth along with mother.


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