Owned by 4pinkbear, and only open to 4pinkbear for now. She will open it for everyone soon. For now, it is Invite-Only. Do NOT ask to join Snow Tunnels!

Warning: This page contains harsh mating scenes. If you do not think you can take the somewhat violence, please leave. Now.

HOWEVER, on the talkpage, you can write a message explaining why you should be allowed to roleplay here on the talkpage, and I may or may not accept you. This is our first Mature roleplay.

Users Permitted to Roleplay


Elorisa (won passage in contest)




Royal Court

Thistleclaw - (4pinkbear)


Foxstar - (4pinkbear)

Flamestar - (4pinkbear)

Darkenedfish - (4pinkbear)

Clawstreak - (4pinkbear)

Kruyoogaze - (4pinkbear)

Blackbeltfoot - (4pinkbear)

Badgerfang -(4pinkbear)

Riverstone - (4pinkbear)

Bloodhunger - (4pinkbear)

Enigmaheart - (4pinkbear)

Yacheclaw - (4pinkbear)

Midnightscar - (4pinkbear)

Gingerface - (Elorisa)

Russetclaw - (4pinkbear)

Thornstalk - (4pinkbear)

Clawflame- (Aspen)

Fireblood- (Aspen.)

Grayblood - (Mist)

Midnightkill - (Mist)

Steelblade - (Mist)


Lavenderheart - (4pinkbear)

Whispershade - (4pinkbear)

Willowstorm - (4pinkbear)

Gentlesea - (4pinkbear)

Spottedface - (4pinkbear)

Bluewing - (4pinkbear)

Berrypetal - (4pinkbear)

Violetshadow - (4pinkbear)

Maplewish - (4pinkbear)

Unidentified She-cat - (Elorisa)

Dawnpoppy - (4pinkbear)

Petalwish - (4pinkbear)

Kestrelwing- (Aspen.)



Daystripe - (Mist)

Fallenwhisper -(Mist)

Poolblossom - (Mist)

Kits awaiting

None identified at the moment.

Total kits adoptable: 568

Roleplay Center

Samantha hissed as Thistleclaw dragged her deep into the tunnels. "Bring me back to the battle! I have to free my uncle! There's something wrong with-" "I know, darling, I know. That's because he killed Hawkforst twice, so we crowned him our ruler, by letting Tigerstar partially possess him to do the things he did in the past. His eyes turned amber as a side effect." "WHAT!?" Samantha screeched, lunging, but Thistleclaw flicked his tail, and spasms passed through her, but freezing her in a perfect mating position.

Samantha's jaws clamped shut and she tried to cry out. "Yet your Uncle, in his maniac state, has allowed me to make you my eternal mate. Forever." he meowed. She tried to scream. "It will be less painful as you will become used to it, but in the beginning, it will hurt a lot. That's becuase I am the one who mates the hardest." he meowed. Samantha's eyes widened with fear. He crouched on top of her, their fur touching. He gently meowed, "Rest, my love. You'll be fine. And you'll have a family." Her eyes softened for a moment with love at his words, as he injected into her, pushing hard to make the mating process work. But what hurt was when he withdrawed. Like millions of daggers, the spikes raked inside her and then stopped.

Her stomach swelled up wide. "Perfect," he mewed softly. She knew he wasn't using a love spell, but he really was in love with her. She couldn't help but love him back. "Mates?" he meowed after she had 6 kits. "Forever!" she replied, and he mated her even harder. Richtofen is BEAST!!! 00:25, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

Thistleclaw flicked his tail. "Let me go! Samantha, do zomething!" a voice meowed. She looked up, and saw a spiritual cage. Richtofen's soul was trapped inside. "Help! Tigerstar has possessed me and is impersonating me! HELP! Kill Tigerstar!" Richtofen screeched. "Liar!" Samantha hissed. "Vhat are you talking about? I'm your uncle, Edvard Richtofen!" Richtofen hissed, frustrated. Richtofen is BEAST!!! 00:31, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

Fireblood and Clawflame dragged in two she-cats and one was walking willingly infront of them. "Thistleclaw, we found these three she-cats, Poolflower, Kestrelwing and Alderbright. Alderbright is willing to take on a mate here." Clawflame mewed. Aspenflower14 22:59, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

Grayblood padded in, shoving a struggling she-cat, while Midnightkill and Steelblade escorted two she-cats. "The well-behaved ones, Daystripe and Fallenwhisper, would like mates, while Poolblossom here is asking for a harshh mating." Mistfire Spring rain falls 21:23, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

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