Snowfall is a pretty white she-cat with glistening silver eyes. She is a warrior of EarthClan.


Snowfall had a slight tendancy to get irritated, and has a tongue that can be sharp as thorns when shes angery. She is a very caring mentor to her apprentice, Aspenpaw, and does her best to ensure that everyone in the Clan is safe and healthy. She will fight with her clanmates when she needs to, but prefers peace among all cats.


Snowfall was found wandering in the forest by Leafbreeze, and was convinced to join EarthClan. She was relunctant to join, feeling that it wouldn't work as well as Leafbreeze was telling her. She found herslf amazed at how, when other were recruited, the Clan members protected each other, and remained as loyal as she had ever known. She was the first cat in the Clan to receive an apprentice.


Real life image Snow-White-Cat-cats-1300348-750--3

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