Snowheart is a beautiful pink she-cat with crystal blue eyes. She is a warrior of Future TimeClan.

Snowheart is part of The 2nd Generation Prophecy. She has hidden her ability to time travel, but she can freeze enemies with her claws.

She is roleplayed by Phoenix.


She is mentioned by Nightstar briefly when he mentions the flood TimeClan found Snowheart, Lilyflower, Lightningheart and Icewhisper in. She and Icewhisper are the only ones who know how Gustwind vanished.

She is also seen talking with Foxstorm about Amberkit. It is hinted vaguely Snowheart would want to mentor Amberkit when she is older.

When she and Lightningheart have a vision from StarClan, she is merely surprised, and tells Nightstar about the prophecy. Worried, Nightstar reluctantly allows Snowheart and Lightningheart to timetravel into the past, which leads them into DawnClan, Phoenixfeather's time.

She, Lightningheart, Phoenixfeather, Lavenderkit, Faolankit and Ironstar traveled to the Organization's camp and met up with Hikari and Riku, then Zoey, and return to DawnClan via Lavenderkit's teleporting powers.

She eventually tells the cats that she never knew her parents, and told about how she, Lightningheart, Lilyflower and Icewhisper were found by TimeClan. She gains the sympathy of Hikari, Zoey and Phoenixfeather.

Snowheart becomes a Star Cat, but, to her dismay, Lightningheart rejects her fate and runs off. Snowheart comforts her sister with unknown words, then leads Lightnignheart back to the group.

In the Darkfire battle, Snowheart is seen fighting alongside Lightningheart and Hikari. When Icefeather is absorbed by Darkfire, she freezes the closest Darkfire cat next to her. She gives her energy to Starlitdawn and collapses.

At the end of the battle, Snowheart is seen sleeping. She and Lightningheart eventually return to their time. Snowheart eventually gives birth to Wolffang's kits. She, Lightningheart and their kits time travel back to DawnClan to fight against wolves.

Upon Ironstar's death, she and her kits travel to the mountains and meets the Tribe of Drifting Snow, and admits to Phoenixfeather she knew about she and Lavenderheart about the kits. The she-cats soon relax in the hot springs.

After the 2nd. Gen prophecy is over, and she and her sister meet Vizorheart, they return to DawnClan and meet new prophecy members. When Tatteredbook comes, Snowheart does not appear to be too surprised that she is their mother.

She returns to her TimeClan.


She is based off the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo character Beauty.


Like her anime counterpart, she is kind, caring and brave. Snowheart, however, has learned to be brave and outgoing, and will occasionally act on a whim.


Snowheart smilesSnowheart smiling and meowing.

Credit to Vi for the picture.



Pantherstorm - Alive

Aerobird - Alive


Sharkstorm - Alive

Violetbird - Alive


Futureheart - Alive


Tatteredbook - Alive


Nightmareheart - Status Unknown


Wolffang - Alive

Thistleclaw (formerly) - Alive


Lightningheart - Alive

Lilyflower - Alive


Icewhisper - Alive


Beast - Alive

Beauty - Alive

Yuki - Alive

Serene - Alive

Ebonykit (TimeClan) - Alive

Himeheart - Alive

Dawnlight - Alive

Dusklight - Alive


Eclipsekit - Alive

Grassdawn - Alive

Snowdusk - Alive

Ebonystorm - Alive


Fangclash- Alive

Raineblitz - Alive

Clouddrift - Alive

Firetornado - Alive

Silencekit - Alive


Runningstreak - Alive

Tigerflower - Alive

Lovekit - Alive


Starduststorm - Alive

Flamedragon - Alive

Dragonstream - Alive

Stormdusk - Alive

Beaststorm - Alive

Cinnamonbear - Alive


Rosedawn - Alive

Fairyhope - Alive

Cloverwish - Alive

Windscent - Alive


These are a few of her powers as a Star Cat:

  • Freeze Claw: Claws become icy and freeze anything she views as a target
  • Human Transformation: As a human, Snowheart is known as Snow, a Twoleg teenager with pink hair and blue eyes. This form is used to confuse Twolegs if she is spotted.
  • Echoes of Time: Snowheart can read memories of those around her. She doesn't use this often unless the situation calls for it.
  • Emotions Uncovered: She can sense the emotions of those around her. Again, she doesn't use this often.
  • Sprout: Creates and grows plants.
  • Cherry Bomb: Creates an explosion within a smal range.


  • Unlike her sister, Snowheart looks forward to being part of a prophecy
  • Snowheart's temper is not exactly known by any cat, but it may be revealed soon.

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