Softstar, or Softkit, is a shy, quiet, beautiful, elegant, long-limbed, fluffy, long-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, gentle, calm, serene, studious, sweet, kind, intelligent, wise, clever, faithful, hopeful, weak, sickly, bony, immensly delicate, soft-spoken, skinny, abnormally small, peaceful, patient, leader-like, curious, bright-minded, inventive, white she-cat with a few scattered dark brown tabby patches, softer paws, soft, ruffled fur, a crooked spine, a long, fluffy, silky, soft, sweeping, plume-like tail, and intense, brilliant, gentle eyes, one bright, soft, leaf-green, and the other intense, shocking, brilliant ice-blue.

She is a kit in StarClan, but due to her leader-like qualities, was given a leader name. She is roleplayed by Luna.


Softkit was born to Pinkpelt and Darkstorm in LostClan with two siblings, named Sparrowkit and Jasminekit. She was the weakest of the litter, and they were all born with abnormal features. Her's was a crooked spine.

She dies a few days after her birth due to weakness and complications.

When she arrives in StarClan, she is named a leader by the original founder of LostClan, Lost, and unofficially receives nine lives.

She watches the death of her older sister, Brightstream (which was while she was receiving her lives), watches her littermates Jasmineraven and Sparrowthorn become warriors, gives her sister Sweetstar one of her nine lives, witnesses Brightstream's reincarnation as Brightkitand watches as LostClan falls apart and several cats create StreamClan.

She knew her niece, Tabbypaw was not meant to be a StreamClan warrior, so she informs Sweetstar in a dream that Tabbypaw was meant to create FrostClan.

She watches Tabbypaw leave and create FrostClan, and gives her niece one of her lives.


Softstar/kit is a very shy, soft-spoken cat who longs for peace. She posesses a fair amount of wisdom for a cat her age, as she is only a few days old.

She is very inventice and curious, always wanting to know how things work.



Pinkpelt - Living, StreamClan


Darkstorm - Living, StreamClan


Sweetstar - Living, StreamClan
Brightstream - Deceaced, StarClan, reincarnated as Brightstorm
Jasmineraven - Living, StreamClan


Sparrowthorn - Living, StreamClan


Tabbystar - Living, FrostClan
Brightstorm - Living, StreamClan
Echoshard - Living, StreamClan


Shadowblade - Living, StreamClan

(Unnofficial) Nine Lives;

  1. Lost (founder of the original LostClan) - Hope
  2. Breezekit - Spirit
  3. Nightshade (founder of the original NightshadeClan) - Ambition
  4. Frozen (founder of the original FrozenClan) - Curiosity
  5. Raven (founder of the original RavenClan) - Patience
  6. Flame (founder of the original FlameClan) - Serenity
  7. Peachkit - Courage
  8. Brightstream - Determination
  9. Tabbystar (LostClan) - Independence


  • It is possible that she will be reincarnated as one of Snoozingclaw and Wishice's kits
  • She might become mates with Breezekit (in StarClan), who will also be reincarnated as one of Novawing and Acornfeather's kits
  • Her warrior name would have been Softtwilight



Character pixel pending

Softstar ~ Real life image

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