Solarstar is a golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Solarkit was born to a grey tabby tom and a russet colored she-cat. At the age of half a moon, both of her parents were attacked and killed by dogs. She was nursed by a NightClan queen, Frostflower. After about 4 and a half moons,she became Solarpaw. She was trained much quicker than the other apprentices, and by tha age of 7 moons, she became a warrior, Solarcloud. Solarcloud met another warrior from LeopardClan named Wolfheart. He and Solarcloud had two kits, Pepperkit, and Birdkit.Birdkit belonged to Nightclan, and Pepperkit was taken to Leopardclan, where they grew up. After the death of Hawkleg, Solarcloud apprenticed her daughter, Birdpaw. After Birdpaw became a warrior, Solarstar is seen chanting her daughter's name extra loud. After the ceremony, Solarcloud is seen nuzzling her daughter, Birdflower. Then, after Russetclaw, the clan deputy, was brutally killed by a badger, Solarcloud became the deputy. Birdflower is seen cheering for her mother. A moon after Solarcloud was made deputy, Greenstar died, leaving Solarcloud to be leader. Her nine lives were given by: Her mother(Her name was revealed to be Gingerpelt), her father (hisname was revealed to be Squirrelshadow) Russetclaw, Greenstar, Hawkleg, Frostflower, Crookedclaw,Brookstorm, and Stormfoot. She received her leader name, Solarstar.

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