Song is a beautiful, muscular, mottled, dark, brown she-cat with swirling silver tabby patches that shine in the moonlight, and dark, frosted, silver-blue eyes that glitter.

She is roleplayed by 4pinkbear.

Pre-Roleplay History/Story

Songkit was born to Nutmegpool and Forestblaze, but was kidnapped during the Greatest Battle by Scar and given to Dustheart and Petalpelt to raise in DarknessClan. She was only a day old when this event occured.

Petalpelt, whose kits had all died shortly after birth, loves Songkit as her own, and admires her shining beauty. Songkit loves her back, as she had thought Petalpelt was her mother.
A badger invades camp and tries to kill Petalpelt. Songkit is seen cowering frightened in the corner, shivering as it bites deep into Petalpelt's scruff and carries the she-cat away.

Songkit starts yelling at Dustheart, her supposed father, for not saving her mother from death. Dustheart coldly replies that he and Petalpelt weren't ever mates, which is actually true. This scares Songkit to death.

Songkit becomes Songpaw. Mountainrush becomes her mentor, and she begins to have a crush on him.

Later, Songpaw takes part in a small Dawn vs. Darkness battle at the border. Her true mother, Nutmegpool, and her father, Forestblaze, recognize her and stop the battle, trying to get their daughter back. Songpaw soon remembers Nutmegpool's scent, and Nutmegpool tells her that she is her mother. Songpaw takes a step back, scared, and then darts off in the darkness and the rain. Cats are heard calling her name but she runs into TawnyClan territory.

A TawnyClan apprentice tries to kill her in the territory.

Songpaw renames herself Song out of her misery and anger that her real parents were DawnClan, and her life was filled with lies and fraud parents.

Song gets really tired, as it's been raining for days and she can't find somewhere dry. She notes that it rains everyday in the rainforest area she is in.

Song soon begins remembering Petalpelt, and realizes deep down that Petalpelt hadn't kidnapped her. She starts remembering the foul scent and rough pelt of another cat, the one that took her. Unknown to her, this cat is Scar, and Scar had given her to Dustheart to dispose of, but instead, Dustheart had given her to Petalpelt to help him raise her. Song bitterly yowls a curse that could be heard for miles.

She travels weakly for days in the rain forest. Soon, she meets Lunar, a Dawn Pack member. It was love at first sight, and he took her in.

Current Roleplay History

Song and Lunar become mates only days later.

She begins expecting his kits.

She later, two moons in fact, has two kits: Almond and Blossom.

Song proudly mentors Blossom, while Lunar mentors Almond.

Real Life Image


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