Soraheart is a handsome blue tom with gray eyes and long claws. He is roleplayed by Phoenix.


When he is first introduced in MachineClan, he is wearing white armor, though whether or not this is due to MachineClan's law of all cats wearing armor is unknown.



Vizorkit was born to two rogues, who soon gave their son up to RobotClan. Vizorheart became good friends with Paradoxheart and Futureheart. However, one day, a monster came and attacked RobotClan. Vizorheart and his friends fought the monster, only for Vizorheart to get tossed into the past. He gets anmesia from the event, and soon joins RobotClan.


He is first seen training his young apprentice Rubypaw alongside Eclipseshadow and Bearclaw. However, he abruptly stops the session when Rubypaw's legs are nearly crushed. He and Rubypaw soon plan to escape MachineClan, and when Shiningstar orders Vizorheart to hunt, Rubypaw comes and comforts the tom.

Later, when DarknessClan attacks, he and Rubypaw are out of camp for the whole battle, though they did not know there was one going on. Bearclaw and Fangheart drag the two back to camp, and it is revealed Vizorheart has anmesia. He and Rubypaw are soon exiled.

In AquaClan, Rubypaw attempts to cross the water, but is found out by Gryphonfang and Crystalflower. Gryphonfang advises the two head towards SolClan, but, mysteriously, they disappear.

In Prophecy Roleplay, he and Rubypaw stagger into the Tribe of Falling Snow's home and collapse. Hikari and Phoenixfeather drag the two into the hot springs, where they soon recover and introduce themselves. Curiously, Oceanwave notices Vizorheart looks just like him.

Vizorheart soon explains his anmesia and how he remembers a silver tom with ginger and dull gray patches, and a gold and indigo tom with yellow eyes standing next to him against a monster. Nightstar informs the other cats of the prophecy, guessing that one of the monsters in the prophecy is the one Vizorheart faced before losing his memory.

After the prophecy is over, he and Rubypaw go to DawnClan and meet Paradoxheart, Tauntpaw, Silvernight and Earthstorm. They try to get him on their side, but they fail. Nightstar soon renames Vizorheart to Soraheart.

Soraheart soon witnesses a few RobotClan warriors betray Onlystar, though it's unknown what goes through his head.

Rubydawn gives birth to his kits. Soraheart is extremely happy for his mate. His kits are made warriors, and Soraheart could not be prouder.


He is shown to be somewhat hateful of Shiningstar and the Dark Forest, but shows love to Rubypaw. Post-MachineClan, Soraheart is somwhat kind, though confused due to his anmesia, and is willing to share his past.

After regaining most of his memories, he is kind and helpful, often dragging weaker cats out of the way of a strong attack.


"I don't care if I'm really from RobotClan. I want to prove I am not a weakling without the Clan of my birth."

Soraheart about his past.



Dusk - Status Unknown


Rex - Status Unknown


Rubydawn - Alive


Blackthunder - Alive

Grayblizzard - Alive


Whiteflame - Alive

Forestdawn - Alive

Pinklegend - Alive

Lunaheart - Alive


He is based off theYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's character Bruno/Vizor/Antimony.


  • He will never go back to MachineClan
  • He will convince some RobotClan cats to join TimeClan

Real Life Image


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