Leader: Emberstar, Duskstar, Foxstar, Hanastar, Oakstar, Petalstar, Wolfstar, Summerstar, Echostar, Icestar, Battlestar, Skeletonstar, Galestar
Deputy: Silverstrike, Heavyshadow, Goldfeather, Silverdawn, Peachfeather, Strayheart, Onyxglass, Lilacblossom, Scarblaze, Mistheart, Lilybloom, Hazelleaf, Oceanlight
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Sunshadow, Shyheart

Greetings. This is SoulClan, a Clan of cats who make a record of those who head to StarClan or the Dark Forest's grounds. We have 13 leaders and deputies to lead us, though the Warrior Code for us is different. This Clan is owned by Phoenix. Just ask if you want to join.

This Clan is a spoof of Bleach. I do not own Bleach or Warriors.

This is not ripping off any future powers. If it accidentally does, then I'm extremely sorry.    


This Clan lives in a huge Twoleg nest (looks like it came from Japan nobility for cats) surrounded by a huge lush forest and a small pond nearby for show. Their claws are unsually sharp. They eat any prey that happens to cross their paws.

The fourth leader always knows the most about medicine, but there is an actual medicine cat and MCA.



Emberstar: Pale gray tom with a white chest, white paws, and menacing reddish-brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Duskstar: Slim bluish-black she-cat with piercing blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Foxstar: Silver tom with a fox-like muzzle and yellow eyes. (Phoenix)

Hanastar: Beautiful long-furred black she-cat with gentle but deep blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Oakstar: Dark brown tabby tom with kind brown eyes and soft fur. (Phoenix)

Petalstar: Handsome black tom with small white markings like fallen petals and slate gray eyes. (Phoenix)

Wolfstar: Huge brown tom with tawny underside, yellow eyes. (Phoenix)

Summerstar: Handsome, lazy brown tom with pale gray eyes. (Phoenix)

Echostar: Purple tom with faint brown streaks and violet eyes, blind. (Phoenix)

Icestar: White tom with extremely faint silver tints and turquoise eyes. (Phoenix)

Battlestar: Battle-scarred black tom with spiky fur and gray-brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Skeletonstar: Black tom with white, skeleton like markings and amber eyes. (Phoenix)

Galestar: White tom with dark gray eyes, once had black fur. (Phoenix)


Silverstrike: Silver tom with yellow eyes. (Phoenix)

Heavyshadow: Huge black tom with gray eyes. (Phoenix)

Goldfeather: Pale gold tom with light gray eyes. (Phoenix)

Silverdawn: Silver she-cat with long legs and blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Peachfeather: Beautiful purple she-cat with brown eyes, Oakstar's mate.(Phoenix)

Strayheart: Red tom with long fur and brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Onyxglass: Black tom with black eyes. (Phoenix)

Lilacblossom: Beautiful purple she-cat with brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Scarblaze: Purple tom with spiky fur and brown eyes, three clawmarks down one side of face. (Phoenix)

Mistheart: Orange she-cat with misty gray paws and ice blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Lilybloom: Pale pink she-cat with russet eyes. (Phoenix)

Hazelleaf: Purple she-cat with wary brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Oceanlight: Black tom with spiky fur and blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Medicine Cat

Sunshadow: Gold tom with black eyes. (Phoenix)


Shyheart: Purple tom with nervous aqua eyes. (Phoenix)


Ironclaw: Purple tom with kind light brown eyes and iron claws. (Phoenix)

Nightwalk: Brown tom with violet eyes and black paws. (Phoenix)

Crimsonpetal: Crimson tom with purple swirls and brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Earthshaker: White tom with back streaks and brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Moonshadow: Silvery-purple tom with blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Apprentice: Gempaw

Goldenflower: Pretty gold she-cat with green eyes. (Phoenix)

Apprentice: Monkeypaw

Apeswing: White tom with an ape face, green eyes. (Phoenix)

Snowflower: Beautiful black she-cat with indigo eyes and soft fur. (Phoenix)

Apprenitce: Blazepaw

Twinheart: Gold she-cat with brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Apprentice: Momopaw

Twinstorm: Black tom with brown eyes, born on same day as Twinheart, but different family. (Phoenix)

Apprentice: Duskpaw

Lostblaze: White tom with brown and red swirls and violet eyes. (Phoenix)

Apprentice: Glasspaw

Winterheart: White tom with gray paws, muzzle, tipped tail and ears, blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Apprentice: Ryupaw

Duskstorm: Purple tom with black ears, paws, muzzle and tipped tail, indigo eyes. (Phoenix)

Featherdrift: Purple tom with blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Shinepelt: Shiny white tom with green eyes. (Phoenix)

Duskcurse: Black tom with spiky fur and brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Aquabreeze - Silvery-blue she-cat with shimmering aqua eyes. (Mist)

Redfrost - Dark ginger, almost scarlet tom with white stripes and amber eyes. (Mist)

Brightflash - Skinny black tom with a white flash on his chest that can glow with a blinding light. (Mist)

Onyxsky: Black she-cat with blue eyes (Phoenix)

Navyocean: Navy she-cat with slightly darker tints to fur and blue eyes (Phoenix)

Nightleaf: Beautiful, delicate black she-cat with a very faint brown tint and brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Swiftrunner: Black she-cat with blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Turtleocean: Dark green tom with green splotches and blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Eaglecanyon: Tortoiseshell tom with brown eyes. (Phoenix)

Queens and Kits

Gardensplash - Sandy gray she-cat mottled with cream and silver. Mother to Redfrost's kit. (Mist)

Cabbagekit - Pale green tom with streaks of white. (Mist)


Monkeypaw: Black tom with somewhat spiky fur and gray eyes, long tail. (Phoenix)

Blazepaw: Black tom with red paws and gray eyes. (Phoenix)

Gempaw: Purple tom with black tint to fur and blue eyes. (Phoenix)

Momopaw: Purple she-cat with shiny fur and brown eyes.

Ryupaw: Black tom with red scaly patches of fur and green eyes.

Mirrorpaw: Glassy silver she-cat with silver eyes.

Duskpaw: Adorable brown tom with curly fur and innocent brown eyes.


Former members:

Goldenstar: Pale gold tom with brown eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Swiftstar: Black she-cat with yellow eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Mirrorstar: Gold tom with brown eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Flowerdapple: Pale gold she-cat with brown eyes. Exiled (Phoenix)

Spellstorm: Brown tom with black markings and gray eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Silverocean: Heavy silver tom with green eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Eveningstar: Black tom with spiky fur and blue eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Rosestar: Gold tom with rose-colored paws and blue eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Grassleaf: Grass-colored she-cat with blue eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Silverstar: Silver tom with dark blue eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Dragonflyfeather: Black she-cat with aqua eyes. Exiled. (Phoenix)

Crimsonleaf: Crimson tom with spiky fur and dark gray eyes. Captured. (Phoenix)

Blackmoon: Black tom with somewhat spiky fur and warm gray eyes. Status unknown. (Phoenix)

Kurostar: Beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with black swirls of fur and blue eyes. Killed. (Phoenix)

Snakestar: Purple and black tom with dark gray eyes and long claws. Exiled. (Phoenix)


Here are the current events:

  • Clan Life

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Clan Life

Emberstar and his fellow 12 leaders sat in a forest clearing. Each leader looked nervous for one reason or another, except Emberstar, who looked extremely calm. "You know why you have all been called here. We have lost too many cats to a new foe," Emberstar meowed. "You mean you exlied them," Skeletonstar muttered, rolling his eyes. "But Blackmoon disappearing one night? Can you call that coincidence?" Petalstar calmly questioned. Emberstar sighed. "I admit that couldn't be coincidence, not in a hundred moons, but..." he began. The old leader gazed at the stars. "He was going to be a leader, but then Icedragon ended up being chosen as he was the most qualified," Hanastar reminded. "And Kurostar...Oceanlight's mate..." Galestar fretted. "You know full well how she died," Echostar commented.

"Yes, but did Flowerdapple take it well?" Wolfstar muttered. "Enough. We cannot argue like this," Emberstar rumbled. "Agreed. Maybe we can hold our Clan together," Hanastar agreed. The 13 leaders headed back into the nest they called their home. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 14:45, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

Aquabreeze stretched, then ruffled out her fur. Weak morning sunlight pierced the cover of the trees. There was nothing like fresh air to clear your head after a nightmare. What was it about, anyway? It had been filled with darkness, blood, and cries of agony. Mistfire Epic Fail 15:51, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

(Er...they live in a one room house...)

Shyheart came back into the nest with borage. "Oh, morning, Shyheart," Goldenflower greeted. "H-Hi, Goldenflower," Shyheart meowed as he headed to Sunshadow. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 15:56, March 19, 2011 (UTC)


Redfrost looked over. "Oh, borage, eh? That's good. Gardensplash will need more milk for Cabbagekit." Mistfire Epic Fail 16:04, March 20, 2011 (UTC)

"I'll have to take it to her later, Sunshadow needs me to find some mint leaves as well," Shyheart admitted, wearily. Silverstrike padded over, tail down. He looked exhausted. "What happened?" Shyheart asked. "Emberstar and the other leaders had a meeting last night, and argued over what to do again," Silverstrike answered. "That's horrible," Shyheart sympathsized. "Not to mention, they saw the same loners again. The ginger she-cat and possibly Blackmoon," Silverstrike added. "Blackmoon?!" Goldenflower gasped, padding over. "Well, possibly. It's a black tom with somewhat spiky fur, and if it is him..." Silverstrike sighed and padded over to his nest. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 22:07, March 20, 2011 (UTC)

Emberstar sighed as he looked over his territory. ♥Lightning Farron: I Will Defy My Fate!♥ 15:06, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

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