Sparrowfrost is a slender, wiry, handsome, rangy, very, very slightly wolf-like, long-legged, brisk, cold, frosty, intelligent, loving when he chooses, dusky dark brown tabby tom with a ruffled, feathery pelt, strong, muscular back legs and shoulders, and sharp, pale amber eyes that glow with observancy and an internal fire.

He is a warrior of DawnClan.


Sparrowfrost was born as Sparrowkit, to Crookedtail and Mothfur, with a single sibling, a she-cat named Poppykit.

He is seen a lot as a kit, usually with his sister and his mother.

He eventually becomes an apprentice, his mentor being Lilacpetal.

Sparrowpaw eventually gained a crush on Fadedpaw, and says he'll protect her when StagClan comes. When she thanks him, he blushes and looks away shyly.

Sparrowpaw later comforts his friend since kithood, Mottlepaw, when she's worried about Morningsun. Unbeknownst to him, he makes Fadedpaw angry and jeleous.

He later goes to comfort Fadedpaw after Mistfire and Shadefrost insult her origins.

They later go on a walk together, and Fadedpaw is later attacked and raped by Morningsun, leaving Sparrowpaw furious.

He is later made into a warrior, with the name Sparrowfrost.


Sparrowfrost is a brisk, cold tom to cats he doesn't know or like. Cats think he is mean because of this, but he just treats them with the tiniest amount of respect.

When you come to know him, he can be one of the most loving and protective cats you've ever met.


  • His warrior name will be Sparrowfrost.
  • He will be mates with Fadedwhisper.

Real Life Image


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