Sparrowplume is a handsome dark tabby tom with slightly curly fur and green eyes. He is roleplayed by Phoenix


He was born to Daystar and his mate Nightring with Dawnkit and Riverkit as his siblings. At a young age, Sparrowkit was very loyal to his Clan and wanted to be like his daddy.

At six moons, he was apprenticed to Infernoblizzard. Sparrowpaw trained every day, regardless if he didn't feel well.

Sparrowpaw soon gained his warrior name, Sparrowplume, alongside his siblings, who were named Dawnrose and Rivercloud.

A few days after, Daystar and Nightring were found dead. Infernoblizzard was now leader with his mate, Midnightflower. Sparrowplume was forced to do Infernoblizzard's bidding, and was forced to help Infernoblizzard hpynotize Ebonystorm.

Later, he and a group of other cats unhypnotize Ebonystorm and head to DawnClan. He is shocked when it turns out Shadefrost was killed by Ironspark because he mated her too hard.

Sparrowplume and his sister go on numerous patrols to rescue she-cats from Almondlight and his crew, but turn up empty-pawed most of the time, much to their frustration.

During a badger attack, as Lavenderheart, Faolanwolf and Phoenixfeather die, Leopardtabby gives birth to his kits. He is happy for his mate, but also upset for DawnClan's loss.


Sparrowplume is a polite and kind tom. He has respect for she-cats due to losing his parents at a young age. However, when confronted aggressively, Sparrowplume is cold and merciless.



Leopardtabby - Alive


Lavenderpaw - Alive

Phoenixpaw - Alive


Faolanpaw - Alive

Duskpaw - Alive


Nightring - Deceased, StarClan


Daystar - Deceased, StarClan


Rivercloud - Alive


Dawnrose - Alive


He is based off Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass.


  • He does not know Lavenderkit, Faolankit and Phoenixkit are reincarnated from Lavenderheart, Faolanwolf and Phoenixfeather.

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