This prophecy is for admins only, however, anyone can observe and spectate or even, if it's good enough, give ideas for the prophecy. One cat per admin, two per bureau. The actual prophecy and possible outline (So we don't go off on tangents and make it too long) will be written up once we've all chosen our cats.

No changes once the prophecy has started unless your cat is killed off for the story line. If that is the case, then either have a reserve or watch the remainder.

This prophecy is led by Destiny Calling. This page will only be edited by said user, or her second, 4pinkbear.

Roleplay Cats


  • Twilightkit/Twilightpaw of Neko-MimiClan
  • Chloe, a loner living near the beach






Please go to the talk page to discuss what the prophecy should be and the overview of it. I.e. how it should start, move on, the climax and how it should end.

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