Dani fenton

Spectralheart is a fluffy, gentle, slightly spikey-furred, long-legged, muscular, broad-shouldered, naïve, stubborn, slightly tomboyish, cheerful, generally irresponsible, yet slightly leader-like, childish, black she-cat with red ears, pale blue stripes on her front legs, red stripes on her hind legs, a pale ginger tail tip, and intense, bright, soft, sparkling, luminous baby-blue eyes.

In her ghost form, she is white with a black paw, a silver DP on her chest, a black tail tip, and glowing green eyes.

Spectralheart as a halfa, or human/ghost hybrid, is Danielle "Dani" Fenton/Phantom. While in human form, she has long, messy black hair in a ponytail, with large, messy, slightly spikey-looking black bangs slightly hanging in her face, a faded red beanie on her head, and slightly oval-shaped baby-blue eyes. She also wears a baby-blue hoodie, red shorts, white socks with blue stripes near the top, and light blue-and-white sneakers with white dots on the sides.

In ghost form, she has white hair that looks just like it does in human form, but with no hat, and glowing green eyes. She wears a shirt that shows a small amount of her belly, and is half white, half black, with a barely visible (sometimes nonexistent) white collar, and a silverish (sometimes white) "DP" emblem on her chest, one white glove, and one black glove. She also wears black pants with white stripes on the sides and boots.


While she and her adoptive brother, Danny, were testing out a new power they had (shape-shifting), taking along with them her adoptive sister, Jazz, and her brother's girlfried, Sam, the two of them accidentally turn themselves, along with Jazz and Sam, into cats, and they ended up loosing their powers (at that moment).

They later stumble upon Ichigo's group, and they decide to join her and the others.

Danny and Dani later reveal that they are half-ghost to the group, unsure at first whether to tell them or not.

The group begins forming a Clan, MewClan, and she thinks about taking the name Spectralheart.

Tucker and Valerie show up, with Vlad following them. All three of them are now cats (though it is not sure how they became cats; it is possible that Vlad shape-shifted them and himself), and Vlad has his powers. She and Danny accidentally transform into their ghost forms, not realizing that they had their powers, and got rid of Vlad for now.


Once MewClan is formed, Dani becomes the deputy, named Spectralheart, and becomes the mentor of Mello, now named Cocoapaw.


Dani is a very willful and somewhat tomboyish girl, and is very cheerful and childish. She often seems to have no concern with responsibility, and can be quite stubborn at times. Dani can also be quite naïve.

However, after she became Spectralheart, she seems to show strong leadership qualities and showed that she can easily rally others together (her concern with responsibility also improves). Her leadership qualities are actually stronger than Danny's, and she shows more determination, willpower, and initiative than Danny, which may have been the qualities that gave her the position of being the Clan's deputy, despite being one of the youngest, if not the youngest, MewClan member.


From the Show;

"Do you want to ask questions, or do you want to kick some butt?"
-Dani to Danny Kindred Spirits

"You are not the boss of me!"
-Dani to Vlad Kindred Spirits

In Roleplay;

"I didn't know we still had our ghost powers!"
-Dani MewClan Roleplay


  • She is based off of the Danny Phantom character, Danielle "Dani" Fenton/Phantom.


Spectralheart.normalSpectralheart.ghost ~ As Specralheart (left is normal, right is ghost)

200px-DaniHumanDani fenton ~ As Dani Fenton(left) and Dani Phantom(right)

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