Cat created by Cottonfur for RainbowClan


Fur color (living): Pure black she-cat

Fur color (dead): Gray she-cat

Eye color: sparkling blue

Clan (when living): RainbowClan

Clan (when dead): The Place of Rainbows

Other: Out going

Roleplayed by: Cottonfur


Spottedwing was born as Spottedkit. Her parents were Owlwhisker and Roseflower and was one of 4 kits. She had two brothers (Falconkit and Hawkfur) and a sister (Mousefeather). Falconkit died of greencough. When she, Hawkfur, and Mousefeather were Mousepaw, Hawkpaw, and Spottedpaw, their parents also died of greencough. They were all shocked and found it harder to do their apprentice duties. Once she received her warrior name, Spottedwing let go of the past and decided it was time to move on with her life. Spottedwing finally got an apprentice, Sunpaw. When they went on their first training session, Spottedwing attacked Sunpaw and left her near death, but Mousefeather heard everything and raced to Sunpaw's help. Spottedwing told Mousefeather that she did it because that was how their parents saw Mousefeather and how Spottedwing saw her, broken and basically dead. The next day, Meadowwind and Spottedwing went for a hunt the next day and Spottedwing ran off. Darknight had been hunting with Hawkfur at that moment and Darknight killed Spottedwing for what she did to Sunpaw and Hawkfur dragged her back to camp where Rainbowstar preformed the ceramony and she left RainbowClan to join The Place of Rainbows


Easy-going and quick thinking


  • She may have distant reletives in The Place of No Stars
  • She will never take sides

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