This is a species page, not to be mistaken as a group.

Star Cats are a once considered rare species of cats that became massively bred in the wild. Star Cats are considered "gifted" as each one has a unique and a common-mixed set of powers.

Unique Abilities

Star Cats have many powers and abilities that make them stand out above other cats.


Star Cats all have a commonly-spread physical skills.


  • Massive strength - every average Star Cat can carry or move things up to 2 tons of weight, yet they usually don't.
  • Incredible speeds - Star Cats can travel faster than lightning by foot, if pleased, but they usually prefer teleportation (see Mental abilities)
  • High Leaps - they also are known to have strong, high leaps up to 30 feet in the air, and they are exceptionally good at leaping through the trees.


Some Star Cats don't have unique mental powers. Some have even stronger physical abilities, such as carrying up to 6 tons of weight, speed faster than light years.


Mental skills are what makes each cat special. Every Star Cat at least has one or more exclusive abilities.

Shared skills:

  • Teleportation
  • Animal Shift-Shaping
  • Extreme Intelligence
  • Quick-Growth for Kits (Kits grow 10x the normal speed)
  • Semi-Immortality (Can die from extreme wounds)

Examples of unique abilities:

  • Elemental Control - only Richtofen is capable of this. He can control all the elements, or more commonly, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.
  • Ressurection - Lavenderheart can do this. She can ressurect dead cats back to life, restoring them to their original state.
  • Herb-Growth - Lavenderheart can do this. She can grow any herbs, or really, any plants in general, by just thinking of it, and it will sprout from the ground.
  • Total Rage - Only Kramer is known to have this ability. His pelt will change color from black and white to dark grey and red. He also gains immense strength and doubles in size.
  • Enhanced Healing - Flamewind is the only cat capable of this ability. He can, not only heal wounds, but also revive the cat that had the wounds (if they had died) and can also de-possess others if possible.
  • Demon Form - Kuroblade is currently the only known cat to be able to do this. He is able to switch willingly between his cat and demon forms, and his abilities are enhanced tenfold. It is also known, however, that his form is very unstable and can turn him into a demon forever if it is used for too long.

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