Stardust is a warrior of EternalClan, and is roleplayed by Shuckle. She is a dark gray-blue she-cat with ginger tips for ears and dazzling blue eyes. She is also almost completely silent, and is very durable and stocky.


Not much is known about Stardust's past, as she is often reserved and quiet towards everyone else in the Clan. What is known, is that she came from a evil and corrupt Clan that has since been long forgotten by time.

In roleplay, she is first seen coming out of the warriors den after a long sleep. Songpaw comes up to her and tells her that she has been selected for a dawn patrol. Soon after, Stardust is assigned to the hunting patrol, and her mouth waters at the thought of prey.

On the hunting patrol, she and her group meets a mysterious tom named Erik. She shows suspicion towards this cat. She expresses confusion and even more suspicion when she learns that Erik knows her name. After her meeting with Erik, she leads Kramer to Duskstar.

Real Life Image

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Stardust will later play an important role in a future Clan.

Her favorite prey is squirrel, while her least favorite is snake.

Her theme song is "Hear Me Now" by Hollywood Undead.

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