Startree is a large tree used by EarthClan to communicate with their ancestors. At nightfall, the leaves glissen and reflect the moonlight like that stars above it. On a middle branch lies a nest of shimmering leaves, that sends dreams of StarClan to the cat sitting in it. When dreaming, it is impossible to fall from the branch, even if the cat is heavy.

How it Was Found

Leafbreeze wandered hrough the forest, head, ears and tail down, sadness echoing in her eyes. "Where do I belong?" she whispered. KLONK! "OW!" Leafbreeze jumped back and saw she had collided with a tree. "Oh, come on. As if this day couldn't get any worse!" Leafbreeze commented. Then she realized the moon was riding high into the sky. "Might as well sleep in a tree," the she-cat meowed, climbing up. She then found herself looking at a thick branch with a nest of leaves two tail-lengths away. Leafbreeze climbed into the nest and drifted into sleep.

"Leafbreeze..." Leafbreeze opened her eyes a slit, then opened them wide. She was lying in a clearing in a starry forest, though the stars were bright enough any one of them could have been the moon. "Hello?" Leafbreeze called. No response. She walked around the clearing, wondering if she had fallen from the tree. But there was no sight of the tree she had fallen asleep in. "Leafbreeze..." the voice that woke her up whispered in her ears again. "If anyone's there, please come out!" Leafbreeze called.

"You must...create a Clan..." another voice echoed. Leafbreeze realized there were no other cats around her. "Create...EarthClan..." a third voice whispered. "Please..." a fourth voice echoed. "Create EarthClan!" the voices shouted.

Leafbreeze jumped awake, and realized dawn was coming. EarthClan...really? This might be where she truly belonged. "I will do it. In honor of those before me, I will call this the Startree. I do not want to be leader...that I'll save for another cat, but when my Clan is created, we will survive. EarthClan will survive, no matter what!" Leafbreeze decided, nearly yowling the last sentence.

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