Strikefire is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.



He is a dark brown tabby tom. He has short, dark brown tabby fur, with creamy stripes here and there, and highly defined dark brown stripes, almost black. The muzzle and markings around the eyes are a creamy shade of the pelt color, and the bridge is a creamy, orange-tinted shade. His eyes are a brownish yellowish amber, and the nose is a dark, slightly tinted pink.
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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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He is volatile, self-obsessed, and doesn't play well with others. MORE COMING SOON.

Skills & Abilities

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Born to Daxter and Peach as a kittypet, along with his siblings Danny, Misty, Paul, Alexia, and the unnamed kit, Tony and his family was separated by the twolegs. However, Danny came along with Tony, and they grew up in another housefolk's care, although they still stayed in the same neighborhood.
Tony, unlike his siblings, quickly learned the name of each family member before they parted. Living a comfortable, rich life with his brother and the housefolk, he stayed with the twolegs until he and Danny explored the world outside the fence. After multiple visits to the wild, the two finally left the housefolk and set off to live alone in the wild, hoping for some adventure.
They quickly encountered a group of wild cats in the forest. Curious, Danny asked about their life, and a cat from the group explained the ways of "clan life" and started to go on talking about something named "StarClan". The cat then offered for the two to join, but Tony quickly declined, not wanting to jump into a foreign group without the confirmation that they were harmless. However, Danny quickly grew interested and was convinced that there was something called "StarClan", a place where dead cats go. Tony had to drag his brother away from joining, and from then on, he started calling him "Starstruck".
Deeper in the forest, they learned to hunt and fight on their own, but despite their skills, they were too young to defend themselves against any predators on their own. When the two were a little over six moons old, they encountered a badger, and Danny was killed by the large predator. Tony, shocked and frightened, ran away, lamenting over the death of his only companion. Since then, he lived alone, until he joined NightClan for help. He then earned his warrior name: Strikefire.


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Mother: Peach; deceased, residence unknown
Father: Daxter; deceased, residence unknown
Brothers: Danny; deceased, residence StarClan, Paul; living
Sisters: Misty; living, Alexia; living, Mila; living
Grandmother(s): Merida; status unknown, Minty; status unknown
Grandfather(s): Dash; status unknown, Richie; status unknown
Uncle(s): Timmy; status unknown, Cosmo; status unknown
Aunt(s): Venia; status unknown


  • He is based off Tony Stark from Iron Man 1/2/3 and The Avengers.


Character Pixels

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Life Image


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