SueClan is a Clan of cats who seem perfect. They are separated from the other Clans. (EchoClan, CedarClan, DuskClan and NightClan.)

Activity Status

Because I am not a perfect child who can do anything and everything at once, this Clan will be switching between active and inactive. I will try to answer the Talk Page requests. Plus, I already run EchoClan, so it's gonna be a bit hard.

SueClan's History

Long ago, SueClan was a practical clan. They hunted, they fought, and they kept their borders secure. But one day, ShimmerStar (Then called Shimmerdusk) got sick of it. She killed the leader, a former kittypet named Mary Sue, who's new name was SueStar, and claimed leadership for herself. Harnessing the power she had been given for good, she used it to kill or exile almost all of the Clan, even her own kin and mate, Graydawn. Only those who were perfect stayed. With this, she forced cats to breed to have perfect kits. However, some of them were not perfect. She got sick of non-perfect or even normal cats running around the clan, and she made a new system. Once a cat reached 8 moons, they had to prove they were perfect. If they were not perfect, then they were either exiled or killed. Eventually, Shimmerstar stepped down to nurse her own kits, and Prismshine took over leadership. Now one day, Echostar, Cedarstar, Duskstar, and Nightstar got sick of SueClan taking their territory and prey. A prophecy was given to them and the medicine cats. With this came the power to banish SueClan. It was a bloody battle to do so, which cost many lives, including each of the deputies; Brokenflight of EchoClan, Irispetal of CedarClan, Starshine of NightClan, and Fallenmask of DuskClan.

List of Cats


Prismstar - Silver she-cat with shiny fur. She has two silver wings, and can predict what is about to happen. (Echo)


Bloodclaw - White tom with a tail, paws, and ears fading to blood red. He is unusually strong, and can predict the deaths of cats. He dislikes the power to predict death, as it makes him uncomfortable to see when his mate, Petalshine, will die. (Echo)


Lightningstrike - Black-gray tomcat with a yellow streak running down his back that looks like a bolt of lightning. He can heal wounds with amazing speed, and is extremely swift. (Echo)


Iridescentdusk - White she-cat with a long, bushy tail. She can use her tail to choke prey and cats, and to quickly get onto something. (Echo)
Lightwing - White she-cat with light wings, hence her name. She emits a glow that can be very useful.
Frozenwing - Icy-blue she-cat who can freeze anything. She has two wings that appear to be frozen.
Alderbright - Brown tomcat. He is an amazing climber, and can grow plants quickly.
Foxkiller - Amber tomcat with long claws. He can kill creatures quite fast, and he earned his name after he killed a fox.


Petalshine - Petal-pink she-cat with rosy-orange eyes. She can hover, and if she puts her paw on a petal, she can see anything that happened near the flower. Expecting Bloodclaw's kits.
Wolfnight - Gray she-cat with a wolflike pelt. Can transform into a wolf. Mother to Alderbright's kits: Nightkit, a night black tom, Whitekit, an ivory-white she-kit with striking blue eyes, and Redkit, a red she-kit (Each 4.5 moons old.).
Shimmerdusk - Silver She-cat with her pelt having a rainbow hue to it. Mother of Foxkiller's kits: Frozenkit, Softkit, Lightkit, and Starkit (Each 1 moon old.).


Cats who become elders are usually turned out or shunned. A cat chooses to become an elder instead of being made one at a certain age.


Most of the kits are in the Queens page. Here are some that are motherless, have been shunned by their mother, or are exiled.

Palekit - Pale-cream she-kit. Died as Palefeather in EchoClan.

Applekit - Red she-cat. Kit of Graydawn and Shimmerstar. Exiled by her mother. Living as Appleleaf in CedarClan. Apathetic.

Treekit - Brown tom-kit. Brother to Applekit and Yarrowkit. Exiled by his mother. Living as TreeFang in CedarClan. Feels jealous of half-siblings as they are treated better than Shimmerdusk treated them.

Yarrowkit - Yellow tom-kit. Brother to Applekit and Treekit. Exiled by his mother. Living as YarrowFlower in CedarClan. Hates half-siblings.

Brokenkit - Spiteful tom-kit, parents unknown. Killed in the SueClan and the four Clans battle to exile SueClan as Brokenflight in EchoClan.


SueClan lives in a meadow. The land is diverse, and filled with prey. However, the land truly doesn't exist. When banished, SueClan had a new home.


This is where the Roleplay goes.

Shimmerdusk sat down on her nest, her four kits scrambling toward her. "Mama! Can you tell us a story?" One of the kits, Frozenkit, asked. Shimmerdusk chuckled. "Of course, kits. Once upon a time, there was a leader. Her name was SueStar. She was boring, so she 'let' me have leadership. I led this Clan into battle against those other Clans." Shimmerdusk chuckled. Starkit, the sweetest one of the litter, but also the runt, asked her, "What's so bad about the other Clans? I heard stories from Petalshine that she once met a cat from DuskClan, and he was nice!" Shimmerdusk, as well as her other kits, stepped backwards as if the area around Starkit was dirt. Softkit, her sister, hissed, "Other Clans are smelly and stupid! You're smelly and stupid too if you think they're nice!" Starkit, being the young, but emotional kit, backed away, before running. Shimmerdusk snorted, and meowed, "I'd rather have no kit at all than one like that." Memes and waffles is a balanced breakfast

Petalshine sat on her nest, feeling her kits kicking inside of her. All of a sudden, she felt a stabbing pain inside of her, as a contraction rippled through her. Oh great, my kits are coming! she thought. Still keeping her pain inside, she saw a rosy-pink rose petal near to her. Maybe I could get my mind off of the pain! She thought. She put her paw on the petal, and saw Shimmerdusk and her three kits picking on the runt, Starkit. Shocked to see this, she grunted in pain before saying, "Shimmerdusk, why were you picking on Starkit because of what I told her?" Shimmerdusk glared at her, and said, "She said SueClan was the worst Clan, and that we should all-" She was interrupted by Petalshine. "I saw what you did. She asked what was so bad about the other Clans! Now if you'd stop lying, maybe you could, I don't know, GET THE MEDICINE CAT!" She spat, the pain throbbing worse. Wolfnight, who had been sleeping, woke up. She looked at Petalshine, and meowed, "Her kits are coming, Shimmerdusk! Go get the medicine cat!" Shimmerdusk shook her head. "No. She deserves to do this on her own for what she told Starkit." She spat the name of her kit as if it was crowfood. Wolfnight took off running. This is a siggie, alright.

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