Sunleaf is a warrior of DawnClan. She is a bright orange she-cat with green eyes.


She is the daughter of Mudpad and Fernfrost, niece of Dapplepatch and Stonestep, and sister to Hollowstep, Bluecloud, Cloudpath and Dawnheart.


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To avoid Dusk's evil reign, the Sun shall shine down at Dawn.

Sunleaf is the main member of the above prophecy, although it does intertwine with Windwillow, Bayleaf and Skyshine's prophecies.

It's meaning is still unknown, as it could mean Dusklan's evil reign and Sunleaf shining down at DawnClan, or Duskheart's evil reign and Sunleaf shining down at Dawnheart.

However, Windwillow, Bayleaf and Skyshine's prophecies are still unclear as well, and it doesn't seem as though the prophecy shall begin anytime soon.


This section details Sunleaf's relationships with other cats that are not family.


Coyoteleap is her mate. Coyoteleap loves Sunleaf like no tommorrow, though their relationship almost toppled overboard after Coyoteleap went slightly insane after he got kidnapped by DarknessClan leader, Runningstar. He is struggling to survive from severe wounds to his neck and tail. So far, he and Sunleaf's relationship is going great.


As an apprentice, she recieved the most critisism from the elder out of her litter. However, after her warrior ceramony, she and Taffy started a mutual relationship. During the battle against DarknessClan, Sunleaf saved the tom from an attacking warrior, gaining his trust.


Windwillow was her loyal mentor and closest friend. Windwillow has always been there for Sunleaf, and has had wise advice on cats she takes an intereest into, especially Windwillow's youngest half-brother and Sunleaf's mate: Coyoteleap. Sunleaf always goes to Windwillow for help at time in need. Windwillow also promised Sunleaf that she will be there for her when she has kits.

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