Welcome to SunsetClan, the Clan of the Gentle Sunsets;

Hi there! Welcome to SunsetClan! I'm the founder, Sunsetstar. I found this with a few of my friends after our Clan fell apart. Take a look around and rest for a while. We're always welcome to travelers~


After DarkClan fell apart, a few cats from that Clan banded together and created SunsetClan, named after their first (and current) leader, Sunsetstar.

They are very peaceful, and don't like conflict.

The live near CreekClan, and often share similar issues with them (except for the Twolegs in CreekClan's territory, as they're not near the Greenleaf Twolegplace).

Queens are called calns to be more gender-neutral/accepting of trans cats.

There are no real rules to this Clan other than to have fun~!

All cats with their full names are allowed to have kits.


With the rogues gone, SunsetClan is extremely tense. So tense that their relationship with CreekClan becomes strained. The Clans are currently breaking out into minor border skirmishes, and Sunsetstar fears that a full-on fight will break out.



Sunsetstar - Shy, mysterious, cute, caring, extremely loyal, very small, slightly ambitious, strikingly beautiful, clever, helpful, kind, nice, sweet, tiny, short-haired, well-kept, silky-furred, thick-pelted, glossy, wispy-furred, almost glowing, soft-furred, happy, pretty, bright ginger she-cat with small, round, tiny paws, large, pointed ears, tiny, small, razor-sharp, pure golden claws, a long, wispy, soft, silky, short-furred tail, and dazzling, bright, shimmering, welcoming, dark blue eyes. Fluffypelt's mate. Pouncewing, Flightpetal, and Mousepool's mother. Harpytalon and Grassstone's sister. (Luna)


Signfeather - Introverted, extremely serious, a little emotionless, very ambitious, quite wise, calm, very strong, muscular, big, husky, yet swift, well-kept, short-haired, thick-pelted, never messy or ragged, soft-furred, quite handsome, dedicated, loyal, determined, mysterious, dark tortoiseshell tom with large, clumsy, klutzy-looking paws, large, pointed ears, long, sharp fangs and claws, a long, wiry-looking, well-kept, short-furred tail, and unusual, exotic, handsome, pure black eyes with dark, smoky gray pupils. Trans tom. Maplefoot's mate. Bubblekit, Crowkit, and Nettlekit's father. (Luna)

Medicine Cat;

Dreamfrozen - Calm, dreamy, slightly ditsy, very smart, talkative, nice, slightly smaller than usual, beautiful, sweet, fun, happy, clever, quick-thinking, nimble, swift, fast, long-haired, well-kept, yet fluffy, glossy, silky-furred, kind, quite caring, dark pinkish-white she-cat with dark purplish-silver, flower-shaped splotches scattered randomly through out her pelt, a sweeping, plumy, short, glossy, fluffy, long-furred tail, slightly rounded, just barely large ears, and dazzling, bright, shimmering, sparkling, glowing, dark blue eyes. (Luna)

Apprentice; Shakendaze


Pinestep - Very strong, wise, smart, clever, swift, happy, loyal, good-natured, not ambitious, quite handsome, big, muscular, long-haired, thick-pelted, well-kept, smooth, sleek, fluffy, light brown tom with darker jagged stripes scattered randomly through out his pelt, broad shoulders, large, clumsy-looking paws, a ragged, fluffy, long-furred tail, normal-sized, tufted, pointed ears, and intense blue eyes. (Luna)

Citrusflower - Energetic, hyper, sweet, caring, protective, slightly undersized, delicate, thin, short-haired, silky-furred, well-kept, sleek, smooth, glossy, light-boned, easily made happy, a little temperamental, nice, kind, bright ginger she-cat with bright golden paws, underbelly, ears, rings around her eyes, tail tip, chest, and a stripe running from her neck to the underside of the tip of her tail, pale golden-ginger flecks scattered through out her bright ginger fur, slightly big paws, a long, well kept, sleek, short-furred tail, large, pointed, tufted, widely-spaced ears, and bright neon yellow eyes flecked with neon orange. Whitefall's mate. Brightshine, Goldlion, Butterflywing, and Freezedawn's mother. (Luna)

Badgerstreak - Extremely loyal, very muscular, introverted, fierce, very strong, large, short-haired, spiky, fluffy, thin, a little aggressive, swift, black tom with a thick white stripe going from his nose to his tail tip with smaller stripes emerging from it, pale gray paws, underbelly, chest, muzzle, stripes, and tufts of fur scattered randomly through out his black fur, large paws, a long, thin, spiky, fluffy, short-furred tail, and pale orange eyes flecked with dark golden-brown. Hopefrost's mate. Gentlehope and Echoshade's father. (Luna)

Apprentice; Risingpaw

Leafrain - Slender, small, light brown tabby she-cat with black stripes, a cream chest and paws, a white patch on her face like a leaf, and pale, leaf-shaped, intense, leaf-green eyes. Weedcloud's mate. (Luna)

Weedcloud - Handsome, long-haired, wiry, gray tom with green-gray tips to his fur, some white, moss-stained to green, patches, and bright, glowing, light green eyes the color of grass. Leafrain's mate. (Luna)

Yewflame - Very flirty, calm, player-like, caring, seductive, extremely handsome, cunning, well-kept, short-haired, smooth, soft-furred, sleek, sly, well-muscled, big, soft-spoken, very dark reddish-ginger tom with black spots scattered randomly through out his pelt, a slightly lighter reddish-ginger front left paw, underbelly, chest, muzzle, tail tip, ears, and spots scattered randomly through out his pelt, big paws, a sleek tail, and bright reddish-orange eyes with unusual, small black spots in them. Echoshade's mate. (Luna)

Frozenbrook - Extremely beautiful, gorgeous, seductive, sweet, smart, cunning, loyal, mysterious, swift, long, fluffy, glossy, sparkly, glowing, ripping furred, white she-cat with extremely pale blue-silver, pale purple-silver, pale silvery-gray, pale pink-silver and very pale orange-silver small stripes scattered randomly through out her pelt, small, round paws and bright, frosty looking, glittery, dazzling, sparkling, seductive looking, ice blue eyes. Whitefall's sister. (Luna)

Whitefall - Smart, clever, handsome, loyal, funny, slightly ambitious, well-muscled, long-haired, thick-pelted, fluffy, spiky, white tom with pale silver paws, underbelly, chest, tail tip, ears, a tuft of fur on his forehead, and stripes on his tail, near his face, and on his back, large paws, a long, fluffy furred, plumy tail, and dark blue eyes flecked with icy blue. Citrusflower's mate. Brightshine, Goldlion, Butterflywing, and Freezedawn's father. Frozenbrook's brother. (Luna)

Earthstep - Quiet, tough, agile, swift, smart, strong, very large, handsome, smart, cunning, sly, stealthy, short-haired, earthy-looking, thick-pelted, a little muddy, dark greenish-brown tabby tom with dark brown paws, stripes, underbelly, chest, face, tail tip, ear tips, and the underside of his tail, large paws, a long, short-haired, sleek tail and dark, earthy-looking, brownish-orange eyes flecked with pale green. Fadesoul's son. (Luna)

Hopefrost - Very pretty, elegant, silky, long, thick, wispy, soft furred, cute, calm, sweet, kind, slightly muscular, very strong, slender, pale silvery-gray, almost white, she-cat with small, white stripes scattered randomly through out her pelt, white paws, underbelly, chest, and front left paw, the remaining paws dark gray, pale silver, almost white, toes, dark purplish-white flecks scattered through out her pelt, slightly large paws, a long, wispy, plumy, silky tail, and slanted pale purple eyes flecked with exotic white. Badgerstreak's mate. Gentlehope and Echoshade's mother. (Luna)

Gentlehope - Strikingly beautiful, quiet, shy, sweet, helpful, loving, long-haired, thick-pelted, sleek, soft-furred, silky-furred, glossy, pretty, seductive-looking, tiny, delicate, timid, small, lithe, silver tabby she-cat with dark gray ears, tail tip, left front paw, and spots on her legs, tail, and scattered through out her pelt, very pale silver, almost white, ear tips and back left paw, a black front right paw, black spots on her tail and legs, a white back right paw, purplish-white toes, small, round paws, a plumy, smooth, thick, long-furred tail, and pretty, slanted, fear-filled, beautiful dark violet eyes flecked with pale orange, white, and pale golden-brown. Badgerstreak and Hopefrost's daughter. Echoshade's sister. (Luna)

Echoshade - Energetic, wild, hyper, fiery, slightly crazy, funny, outgoing, ragged, fluffy, long-haired, thick-pelted, talkative, sharp-tonged, temperamental, seductive, extremely loyal, ambitious, black she-cat with silver paws, underbelly, chest, muzzle, and small, yet thick, stripes on her legs, tail, near her face, and on her ears, dark gray toes and stripes on her tail, underbelly, and legs, large, clumsy looking paws, a long, fluffy, ragged tail, and pretty, sparkling silvery-violet eyes flecked with dark golden-brown and pale orange. Yewflame's mate. Badgerstreak and Hopefrost's daughter. Gentlehope's sister. (Luna)

Radiantshine - Bright-minded, hopeful, pale silver tabby she-cat with white paws, chest, underbelly, nose flash, and tail tip, a long, plumy, slightly darker tail, and bright, glowing, neon-blue eyes. Spiderfleck's mate. Eternaldusk's sister. (Luna)

Eternaldusk - Dark-natured, long-haired, black and dark silver tabby tom with very dark gray, almost black paws, a long, plumy tail that gets ever so slightly lighter as the fur gets closer to his tail tip, as if it's fading into nothingness, and dark gray, almost black eyes with faded pupils. Freezedawn's mate. Radiantshine's brother. (Luna)

Twilightheart - Elegant, small, pale silver, dark silver, and black she-cat with white paws, a long, plumy tail with a sunset-ginger tip, and intense, sunset-colored, bright, twinkling, radiant amber eyes. Goldlion's mate. (Luna)

Brightshine - Cute, bright-natured, energetic, klutzy, happy-go-lucky, carefree, ruffled, silky-furred, long-haired, thin, glossy, messy, slightly ditzy, funny, pretty, clumsy, pale ginger she-cat with bright silver left paws, rings around her eyes, ears, and small, thin stripes on her legs, tail, and near her face, white right paws and small, thin stripes on her tail, bright golden toes and stripes on her underbelly, tail, legs, and near her face, small, round paws, large, widely-spaced, pointed, tufted ears, a long, ruffled, fluffy tail, and bright, neon blue eyes flecked with neon yellow. Whitefall and Citrusflower's daughter. Goldlion, Butterflywing, and Freezedawn's sister. (Luna)

Goldlion - Good, extremely strong, determined, ambitious, intimidating, extremely muscular, hardworking, well-kept, long-haired, thick-pelted, sleek, smooth, strikingly handsome, extremely loyal, nice, kind, caring, bright golden tom with dark golden-white tabby splotches scattered randomly through out his pelt, very pale golden, almost white, paws, underbelly, chest, tail tip, muzzle, and ears, large paws, long, muscular legs, a long, fluffy, well kept, sleek tail, and bright blue eyes flecked with neon yellow. Twilightheart's mate. Whitefall and Citrusflower's son. Freezedawn, Brightshine and Butterflywing's brother. (Luna)

Butterflywing - Cynical, stuck-up, snobbish, slightly mean, aggressive, ambitious, fiery, temperamental, short-haired, thin, soft-furred, dull, white she-cat with bright ginger tabby, bright silver tabby, bright golden tabby, blueish-white tabby, and purplish-white tabby splotches scattered randomly through out her pelt, large, clumsy-looking paws, large, widely-spaced, pointed, tufted ears, a short, thin, wiry-looking, sleek tail, and pale orange eyes flecked with pale blue. Whitefall and Citrusflower's daughter. Brightshine, Freezedawn, and Goldlion's sister. (Luna)

Freezedawn - Strikingly beautiful, quiet, emotionless, long-haired, well-kept, silky-furred, smooth, always cold, often flecked with ice or snow, soft-furred, very determined, cold, tiny, delicate, small, white she-cat with blueish-white, silvery-white, silvery-gray, and pale blueish-gray flecks scattered randomly through out her pelt, blueish-white rings around her eyes, toes, and the underside of her tail, small, round paws, a long, plumy, icy tail, pointed ears, and bright, expressionless, cold, icy blue eyes flecked with pale silvery-blue, almost white. Eternaldusk's mate. Whitefall and Citrusflower's daughter. Butterflywing, Goldlion and Brightshine's sister. (Luna)

Harpytalon - Extremely protective, strong, big, slightly muscular, aggressive, mean, cynical to everyone but her sisters, loyal, devious, cold, ambitious, extremely serious, short-haired, soft-furred, fluffy, wispy-furred, thick-pelted, silky-furred, cunning, pretty, dark pink she-cat with pointed, slightly bigger than normal ears, round, big paws, long, razor-sharp, pure golden claws, a long, fluffy, plumy, soft, silky, short-furred tail, multiple scars crisscrossing her body from a fox attack when she was younger, and cold, pale blue eyes. Sunsetstar and Grassstone's sister. (Luna)

Grassstone - Cheerful, happy-go-lucky, smart, cute, bright-natured, positive-thinking, clumsy, short-haired, fluffy, spiky-furred, ragged, ruffled, silky-furred, thin-pelted, sweet, funny, bubbly, happy, swift, klutzy, slightly small, dark green she-cat with short, razor-sharp, pure golden claws, large, pointed ears, slightly big, clumsy paws, a long, fluffy, ragged, spiky-furred tail, and bright, shining, dazzling, neon green eyes. Braveblaze's mate. Sunsetstar and Harpytalon's sister. (Luna)

Eclipsesky - Amazingly beautiful, quiet, abnormally small, tiny, extremely delicate, long-haired, silky-furred, glossy, almost glowing, practically sparkling, well kept, soft-furred, timid, jumpy, little, pretty, black she-cat with fiery-ginger, dark smoky-gray, pale ginger, and blueish-white splotches scattered randomly throughout her pelt, white paws, tail tip, fur above her nose, and ear tips, pale silvery-gray toes, spots on her tail, paws, underbelly, chest, and ears, small, tiny, round paws, pointed ears, a plumy, well-kept, silky, soft-furred tail and slanted, beautiful, piercing, icy-blue eyes flecked with pale orange and pale blue-green. Juniperblaze, Strawberryfur, Lightdusk, Shadepuddle, Lilyheart, Joylight, and Frostpetal's mother. Spiderfleck and Briarshine's sister. (Luna)

Spiderfleck - Quite handsome, smart, clever, dedicated, extremely serious, slightly aggressive, ambitious, loyal, gentlemanly, polite, fluffy, spiky, short-haired, muscular, large, black tom with dark brown ears, toes, tail tip, and fur above his nose, dark gray flecks scattered randomly through out his pelt, tufted ears, razor-sharp, long claws and fangs, a long, spiky, fluffy tail, and blue-green eyes flecked with black, orange and icy blue. Radiantshine's mate. Briarshine and Eclipsesky's brother. (Luna)

Apprentice; Minnowpaw

Briarshine - Pretty, calm, talented, serene, smart, clever, stealthy, beautiful, determined, slightly muscular, slender, cute, short-haired, thin, soft-furred, silky-furred, wispy, slightly big, white she-cat with dark brown tabby, black, golden-brown tabby, and dark purplish-gray tabby splotches scatted randomly through out her pelt, pale blueish-brown paws, tail tip, and ear tips, black toes, round, large, fluffy paws, a long, plumy, fluffy, long-furred tail, pointed, tufted, large ears, small, yet sharp claws, and neon orange eyes flecked with unusual black. Eclipsesky and Spiderfleck's sister. (Luna)

Braveblaze - Quite handsome, smart, strong, very muscular, wild, hyper, funny, caring, slightly protective, long-haired, soft-furred, fluffy, spiky-furred, creamy, very large, dark silver tom with thick, long, lighter stripes scattered randomly through out his pelt, small golden-grayish-brown spots on his legs, tail, ears, and near his face, long, sharp claws, a long, creamy, soft, long tail, pointed, tufted, large ears, and dark amber eyes flecked with pale green and bright, exotic cream colored. Grassstone's mate. Maplefoot's brother. (Luna)

Maplefoot - Strikingly beautiful, smart, cunning, sweet, traumatized, quiet, slightly shy, pretty, strong, yet she looks weak, kind, caring, gentle, lithe, delicate, creamy, silky-furred, thick-pelted, soft-furred, long-haired, dark golden-brown she-cat with lighter paws, underbelly, chest, face, and spots scattered randomly through out her pelt, pale golden-grayish-brown spots scattered randomly throughout her pelt, unnoticed, tiny, thin, silver stripes on her legs and tail, short, yet razor-sharp claws, a long, plumy, silky, soft tail, pointed, slightly large ears, and bright amber eyes flecked with pale, soft violet and pale, exotic cream. Trans she-cat. Signfeather's mate. Bubblekit, Crowkit, and Nettlekit's mother. Braveblaze's sister. (Luna)

Fluffypelt - Sleepy, dedicated, determined, husky, strong, slightly muscular, handsome, fluffy, soft-furred, long-haired, spiky-furred, white tom with quite large, very klutzy, clumsy, fluffy paws, long claws, tufted, large, pointed ears, a sweeping, long, plumy, fluffy, spiky, soft, long-furred tail, and tired, sleepy-looking, very dark, smoky, sapphire-blue eyes with small, nearly unseen and unnoticed, dark, smoky gray flecks inside of them. Sunsetstar's mate. Pouncewing, Flightpetal, and Mousepool's father. (Luna)

Stormfright - Amazingly handsome, sly, stealthy, protective, loyal, smart, cunning, swift, husky, extremely strong, amazingly muscular, thick-pelted, short-haired, fluffy, well-kept, slightly rough-furred, fast, clever, mottled dark gray tabby tom with black paws and tufts of fur scattered randomly through out his pelt, a few tortoiseshell spots on his legs, tail, near his face, around his belly, and back, a long, fluffy, wispy, sweeping, ragged-furred tail, large, clumsy looking paws, long, muscular legs, pointed, large ears, long, razor-sharp claws, and dark grayish-amber eyes flecked with silver, bright amber, pale gray, and stormy green-brown. (Luna)

Wildthorn - Funny, hyper, cunning, sly, bright-natured, crazy, wild, strikingly handsome, spiky-furred, ragged, never well-kept, soft-furred, long-haired, thick-pelted, determined, loyal, ambitious, muscular, dark brown tom with dark gray tabby and dark golden-brown tabby splotches scattered randomly through out his pelt, pale brown paws and tail tip, pale gray toes, a pale golden muzzle and a patch on the underside of his tail, large, clumsy, klutzy paws, quite large, pointed, tufted ears, a long, ragged, fluffy, spiky, thick, long-furred tail, and slightly slanted, always shining, bright amber eyes with small, a little unnoticed, pale blue-green flecks in them. Shakendaze's brother. (Luna)

Falconwater - Headstrong, sharp-tonged, courageous, muscular, quite large, husky, swift despite his weight, feathery, thick-pelted, long-haired, fluffy, spiky-furred, handsome, broad-shouldered, strong, ambitious, loyal, smart, sly, cunning, mottled dark blueish-gray tom with a long, fluffy, plumy, feathery, spiky, long-furred tail, slightly small, tufted ears, big, round paws, long, sharp claws, and slightly slanted, dark, smoky, sapphire-blue eyes. Oceanfrost's brother. (Luna)

Oceanfrost - Strikingly beautiful, protective, calm, sweet, yet aggressive to other Clans, slender, nice, kind, caring, slightly undersized, delicate, underestimated, strong, feathery, silky-furred, long-haired, thick-pelted, soft-furred, well-kept, sleek, smooth, pretty, mottled pale blueish-gray, blueish-silver, and dark blueish-white she-cat with small, round, fluffy paws, a short, plumy, fluffy, sleek, soft, sweeping, long-furred tail, slightly big, pointed, tufted ears, short, yet razor sharp claws, and slanted, bright, shining, dazzling, shimmering, pretty, ice-blue eyes. Falconwater's sister. (Luna)

Duskfright - Truthful, loyal, silent (he is not mute), scarred, often trusting to a fault, fearful, monotone-voiced, frightened, long-limbed, fluffy, long-haired, silky-furred, shy, thick-pelted, soft-furred, shaky, stuttering, handsome, talented, strong, swift, quiet, slightly undersized, raven-colored, ebony-black tom with a single white paw, one silver ear, large, pointed ears, large, fluffy white wings with silver swirls on them, and intense, calm, very pale, luminous blue eyes. He watched his father murder his mother and sisters and his father attempted to murder him. (Luna)

Pouncewing - Handsome, loyal, intimidating, smart, big, long-haired, thick-pelted, wise, quiet, serious-natured, determined, intelligent, dark ginger tabby tom with pale brown paws, chest, underbelly, face, and tail tip, white toes and stripes around his face, a crooked, twisted front left paw, and dark yellow eyes flecked with pale green. Flightpetal and Mousepool's brother. Sunsetstar and Fluffypelt's son. (Luna)

Flightpetal - Pretty, kind, caring, smart, nice, long-haired, fluffy, silky-furred, glossy, soft-furred, thick-pelted, slender, cute, slightly protective, dark tortoiseshell she-cat with white tufts of fur along her spine, rings around her eyes, ear tips, tail tip, paws, underbelly, and chest, pale golden toes, fur above her nose, tufts of fur on her tail, and legs, and bright, sharp, alert, soft blue eyes flecked and rimmed with pale golden. Pouncewing and Mousepool's sister. Sunsetstar and Fluffypelt's daughter. (Luna)

Mousepool - Very pretty, nice, bright-natured, fun-loving, cute, delicate, small, happy-go-lucky, smart, slightly ditsy, yet fierce in battle, delicate, yet strong, silky-furred, short-haired, soft-furred, thick-pelted, slightly curly-furred, lithe, kind, caring, dark cream she-cat with a pale, creamy gingery-brown face, underbelly, chest, toes, ears, and a few spots shaped like flowers scattered randomly through out her pelt, white tips to her cream fur, tiny, round paws, a long, plumy, fluffy, sweeping, wispy, long-furred tail, large, slightly rounded ears, a bright pink nose, and bright, shining, shimmering, dazzling, welcoming, pretty ice-blue eyes with a few ripples of pale, glassy blue near her pupils. Pouncewing and Flightpetal's sister. Sunsetstar and Fluffypelt's daughter. (Luna)

Juniperblaze - Kind, yet intimidating, strong, very large, beautiful, nice, funny, loyal, determined, ambitious, muscular, swift, caring, long-haired, fluffy, spiky, dark ginger and pale ginger she-cat with bright golden-ginger jagged stripes scattered randomly throughout her pelt, pale golden ears, tail tip, and toes, a crooked, jagged tail (think this: ^v^v), and pale, sharp, elegant green eyes rimmed with pale yellow. Strawberryfur, Lightdusk, Shadepuddle, Lilyheart, Joylight, and Frostpetal's sister. Eclipsesky's daughter. (Luna)

Strawberryfur - Energetic, hyper, funny, determined, soft-furred, glossy, short-haired, sleek, silky-furred, smooth, bright-natured, strikingly beautiful, outgoing, helpful, pinkish-white she-cat with pinkish-silver stripes, paws, underbelly, chest, rings around her eyes, and muzzle, black toes, tail tip, fur above her nose, and ear tips, and bright green eyes flecked with dark, yet bright pink. Juniperblaze, Lightdusk, Shadepuddle, Lilyheart, Joylight, and Frostpetal's sister. Eclipsesky's daughter. (Luna)

Lightdusk - Carefree, playful, bright-natured, handsome, funny, delicate, slightly small, lithe, long-haired, ruffled, fluffy, silky-furred, black tom with pinkish-silver, pinkish-white, pale gray, silver, dark gray, dark brown, and pinkish-black spots scattered randomly throughout his pelt, pale silvery-gray rings around his eyes, stripes on his underbelly, legs, tail, and near his face, and bright blue eyes flecked with pale pink. Juniperblaze, Strawberryfur, Shadepuddle, Lilyheart, Joylight, and Frostpetal's brother. Eclipsesky's son. (Luna)

Shadepuddle - Very handsome, smart, clever, player-like, fierce, quite muscular, big, large-pawed, short-haired, thick-pelted, fluffy, flirty, broad-shouldered, black tom with dark gray, silver, and pale gray stripes scattered randomly throughout his pelt, dark brown paws, fur above his nose, tail tip, and ears, and dark yellow eyes rimmed and flecked with dark blue. Juniperblaze, Strawberryfur, Lightdusk, Lilyheart, Joylight, and Frostpetal's brother. Eclipsesky's son. (Luna)

Lilyheart - Handsome, silky-furred, glossy, short-haired, sleek, slender, quiet, intelligent, feminine, pale pinkish-white tom with heart- and lily-shaped, dark pinkish-white splotches scattered randomly through out his pelt, silvery-white paws, tail tip, muzzle, and ear tips, and bright violet eyes rimmed with bright blue and flecked with bright green. Juniperblaze, Strawberryfur, Lightdusk, Shadepuddle, Joylight, and Frostpetal's brother. Eclipsesky's son. (Luna)

Joylight - Very beautiful, delicate, slightly cynical and snobbish, ambitious, nimble, lithe, strong, yet she looks weak, delicate, loyal, slightly aggressive, smart, pretty, clever, mysterious, devious, mean, long-haired, silky-furred, smooth, glossy, sleek, slender, cute, joyful, happy, light-hearted, white she-cat with leaf-shaped bright ginger tabby, pale golden tabby, dark gray tabby, pale blueish-gray tabby, silver tabby, black tabby, purplish-white tabby, pinkish-cream tabby, greenish-brown tabby, and pale gray tabby splotches scattered randomly through out her pelt, and glistening, bright, shimmering, beautiful, sparkling, blue eyes flecked with bright green. Juniperblaze, Strawberryfur, Lightdusk, Shadepuddle, Lilyheart, and Frostpetal's sister. Eclipsesky's daughter. (Luna)

Frostpetal - Very small, delicate, very pretty, shy, quiet, sweet, helpful, innocent, soft-furred, long-haired, wispy-furred, feathery, silky-furred, glossy, nimble, lithe, cute, refined, polite, white tom with long, fluffy fur, very pale gray and pale blueish-gray tips to his fur, and handsome, bright, shining, pale blue eyes flecked with bright green. Juniperblaze, Strawberryfur, Lightdusk, Shadepuddle, Lilyheart, and Joylight's brother. Eclipsesky's son. (Luna)


Shakendaze - Quite beautiful, sweet, nice, pretty, calm, quiet, talented, cute, delicate, lithe, nimble, swift, fleet, happy, smart, wispy-furred, long-haired, silky-furred, well-kept, soft-furred, kind, caring, yet a crybaby at times, mottled dark gray she-cat with mottled golden tabby and pale brown tabby splotches scattered randomly throughout her pelt, pale gray toes, tail tip, and fur above her nose, a short, plumy, wispy, sweeping, soft, silky, long-furred tail, tufted, normal-sized ears, small, round, fluffy paws, and slanted, pretty, welcoming, dark blueish-green eyes flecked with bright golden. Minnowpaw and Risingpaw's mother. Wildthorn's sister. (Luna)

Minnowpaw - Quiet, fluffy, long-haired, sweet, nice, gentle, long-limbed, swift, wispy-furred, generally happy, caring, sensitive, silky-furred, thick-pelted, soft-furred, delicate, mottled dark gray tabby she-cat with light gray paws, ears, muzzle, chest, underbelly, and tail tip, a long, plume-like tail, large paws, tufted ears, and slightly slanted, sparkling, welcoming, bright golden eyes flecked with blueish-green. Shakendaze's daughter. Risingpaw's sister. (Luna)

Risingpaw - Cheerful, fluffy, long-haired, optimistic, intelligent, large, happy-go-lucky, at times accidentally insensitive, welcoming, sweet, silky-furred, thick-pelted, soft-furred, black and white she-cat with pale gray paws, ear tips, and tail tip, tufted ears, a long, fluffy tail, one soft, fluffy white wing, one sleek, yet feathery black wing, and alight, cheerful, sparkling red eyes rimmed with dark blueish-green. Shakendaze's daughter. Minnowpaw's sister. (Luna)


Starryeyes - Odd, slender, small, long-haired, silky-furred, pretty, sweet, lithe, gentle, quiet, drifting, intelligent, bright-minded, long-limbed, soft-voiced, calm, serene, studious, big-hearted, mysterious, distant, dreamy, elegant, beautiful, snow-colored, white she-cat with softer, fluffier paws, soft, ruffled fur, a barely-visible pale gray dab on her chest, a single black ear, a long, plumy, silky, soft-furred tail, and intense, calm, bright, observant, intelligent, pupil-less, clear, sharp, alert, leaf-green eyes. Mother of a rogue's kits. (Luna)

Starryeyes's kits;

Kestrelkit - Aggressive, mean, cynical, snobbish, pretty, sassy, elegant, devious, mysterious, clever, cunning, swift, very strong, slightly muscular, short-haired, feathery, soft-furred, silky-furred, wispy, thin, cute, white she-cat with pale ginger, pale golden-ginger, pale gray, pale gingery-gray, pale purplish-gray, pale blueish-gray, pale silver, pale blueish-silvery-gray, pale cream-colored, pale pinkish-white, and pale green-black moon- and feather-shaped spots scattered randomly through out her pelt, and slanted, dark, murky orange eyes flecked with icy blue and blue-green. Wishkit and Brokenkit's sister. 5 moons old. (Luna)

Wishkit - Sweet, caring, nice, calm, loving, tiny, delicate, lithe, dramatic, short-haired, silky-furred, soft-furred, thick-pelted, straight-furred, pale pinkish-ginger tabby she-cat with pinkish-cream, pinkish-silver and pinkish-white splotches scattered randomly through out her pelt shaped like hearts, small, round paws, a long, short-furred, sleek tail, and blue eyes with bright pink heart-shaped flecks inside of them. Kestrelkit and Brokenkit's sister. 5 moons old. (Luna)

Brokenkit - Muscular, broad-shouldered, compact, small, yet tough, agile, mean, aggressive, cold-hearted, long-haired, fierce, long-haired, dark gray tabby tom with black patches, dark ginger ears, a white tail tip, light blueish-gray ear tips, small, yet razor-sharp claws, normal-sized paws, a long, thick, fluffy tail, and unusual pure black eyes with white pupils and scattered flecks of orange. Kestrelkit and Wishkit's brother. 5 moons old. (Luna)

Signfeather - See deputy. Father of Maplefoot's kits. (Luna)

Signfeather's kits;

Bubblekit - Very delicate, soft-furred, sleek, short-haired, kind, gentle, quiet, soft-spoken, shy, nervous of others, kind, curious, strong-willed, pale silvery-gray she-cat with white paws, scattered lighter and darker spots all over her of random sizes, and pale, soft, luminous, gentle blue-green eyes. Trans she-cat. She has hemophilia. 0 moons old. Crowkit and Nettlekit's sister. (Luna)

Crowkit - Aggressive, defensive, protective, long-haired, fluffy, wispy-furred, intelligent, smart-mouthed, challenging, curious, long-limbed, nimble, lithe, agile, black and white tom with wispy, windblown-looking, very long, fluffy fur, long, sharp claws, a purplish-gray mark on his chest, and bright, intense, mysterious violet eyes. 0 moons old. Bubblekit and Nettlekit's brother. (Luna)

Nettlekit- Handsome, spiky-furred, wild, ragged, thick-pelted, mottled light brown and dark ginger tabby she-cat with white stripes near her face, on her legs, and on her tail, a paler brown face, paws, underbelly, chest, and ears, soft, long, very fluffy fur, and dark yellow eyes flecked with pale violet. 0 moons old. Bubblekit and Crowkit's sister. (Luna)


Fadesoul- Elderly, small, weak, tiny, wispy, thin, fluffy, nice, kind, frail, fragile, pale gray tom with pale greenish-gray front paws, underbelly, and chest, blueish-black back paws, the underside of his tail, tail tip, silver, blueish-silver, greenish-silver, silvery-black, and pale creamy-silver tufts of fur scattered randomly through out his pelt, and pale blue eyes flecked with pale yellow. The oldest cat in SunsetClan. Earthstep's father. (Luna)

Former Members;

Former Leaders;

Currently none

Former Deputies;

Lightfeather - Slim, humble, polite, swift, glossy, soft white she-cat with silver and black stripes along her spine, short, tufty ears, and a long gray tail. Likes to go out and look for things that will be useful for the clan. No one knows what happened to her. (Littleleaf)

Former Medicine Cats;

Currently none

Former Warriors;

Oakfire - Dark brown tom with one ginger paw and amber eyes. No one knows what happened to him. (Cotton)

Thrushheart - Black tom with blue eyes. No one knows what happened to him. (Cotton)

Leaftail - Stunning white she-cat with black stripes, soft tan streaks and beautiful blue eyes. No one knows what happened to her. (Cotton)

Brackenpool - Brown and black tom with amber eyes. No one knows what happened to him. (Cotton)

Spottedfur - Light brown queen with darker spots and green eyes. No one knows what happened to her. (Cotton)

Secretpool - Amazingly beautiful, loyal, sleek, bright, pale blueish-gray tabby she-cat with big, soft ears, pale blue eyes flecked with hazel, and a black undercoat. Likes to bathe in the sun and relax. No one knows what happened to her. (Littleleaf)

Former Apprentices;

Currently none

Former Kits;

Currently none

Former Elders;

Currently none


Current Events~

  • Tension with CreekClan

Tension with CreekClan;

Eternaldusk, Harpytalon, and Minnowpaw were patrolling the CreekClan border when they spotted a CreekClan patrol consisting of Pinebranch, Flyingcloud, and Tepidpaw right on the border.

"Hey!" hissed Harpytalon, running up to the patrol. "Stay on your side of the border, CreekClan!"

Flyingcloud replied, "We are. We're simply showing Tepidpaw here where the border is. I apologize if we caused any trouble."

Narrowing her eyes, Harpytalon turned around and returned to her patrol. "You've been warned." We are the Achromatic System 14:40, April 18, 2017 (UTC)

In the nursery, Signfeather lay asleep, exhausted from his kitting. Quietly, Starryeyes led Maplefoot into the nursery to see her kits.

"They're beautiful..." she whispered, spotting three small suckling figures at Signfeather's belly. "Has he named any of them?"

"Only the pale kit," Starryeyes replied. "He insisted that one be named Bubblekit before he fell asleep."

Tears of joy formed in Maplefoot's eyes. "I like Crowkit for the black and white kit, and Nettlekit for the brown and ginger tabby, but if he decides on better names, I'm willing to negotiate."

Starryeyes smiled. "You've picked lovely names, and I'm sure Signfeather will love them!" We are the Achromatic System 16:22, June 10, 2017 (UTC)

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