Sunsetstar is a dark ginger she-cat with faded gold and indigo stripes and blue-green eyes. She is the leader of TimeClan in the Present, and is roleplayed by Phoenixfeather13TheSecond.

She is part of the 2nd Generation Prophecy. She can obscure a cat's field of view.


Sunsetstar is first seen as the leader of present TimeClan, talking with Temporalheart about TimeClan's future. She says strongly that TimeClan will survive.

Later, she is seen with Crescentshine welcoming Duskclaw into TimeClan until she regains her memory, though she privately doubts Duskclaw is truly good.

When she receives a prophecy from StarClan, she goes to DawnClan and meets Phoenixfeather, Hikari, Zoey, Riku, Snowheart, Lightningheart and Burrstar.

She eventually becomes a Star Cat. In the Darkfire battle, she tortures Ashfur and reveals one of TimeClan's sacred duties: the preservation of time. She then kills him before Ashfur can escape her grip.

Sunsetstar gives her energy to Starlitdawn and collapses. At the end of the battle, she reports to her Clan about the battle and frightens Bubblefrost. She eventually gives birth to six kits.

Sunsetstar eventually fights against the Shade Pack, and, upon Ironstar's death, travels to the Tribe of Drifting Snow and relaxes in the hot spring.

After the 2nd Gen. Prophecy is completed, she travels to the mountains and meets more prophecy cats. She is surprised when it is revealed Tatteredbook mothered Lightningheart, Snowheart, Icewhisper and Lilyflower.

Sunsetstar and Nightstar and their generations of TimeClan fight together against the Dark Forest with several other Clans behind them.

She is raped by Thistleclaw.

She returns to her Clan.


She is a strong, quiet and kind she-cat, though she will not hesitate to lead her Clan into battle if it is right. If ever asked about if TimeClan will survive, she will proudly respond that it will.



Berylsparkle - Deceased, StarClan

Father: Goldwing - Alive


Temporalheart - Alive

Thistleclaw (formerly) - Alive


Sunrisestorm - Alive

Springheart - Alive

Autumnleaf - Alive

Heiwakit - Alive

Rollingkit - Alive


Snowblizzard - Alive

Summerstream - Alive

Winterdragon - Alive


"We are meant to survive. Timestar said that once, and he was right. We have to survive, no matter what." Sunsetstar to Temporalheart about TimeClan's future, Present TimeClan RPG


These are a few of her powers as a Star Cat

  • Trapped in Shadow: Obscures a cat's field of view
  • Orange Glow: Heals a cat of minor wounds
  • Sunset's Fury: Slams a fireball into a cat
  • Blazing Sun: Temporarily blinds opponents
  • Lion Roar: Roars loudly and scares weaker opponents
  • Element Bender: Can use the elements to destroy opponents.


  • Her warrior name was Sunsetheart
  • It is confirmed she will have more kits with her actual mate, Temporalheart

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