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Sunset, Sunsetkit



Flightpetal, Mousepool
Harpytalon, Grassstone




Leader Position

Preceded By;


Roleplayed by;


Sunsetstar is a shy, mysterious, cute, caring, extremely loyal, very small, slightly ambitious, strikingly beautiful, clever, helpful, kind, nice, sweet, tiny, short-haired, well-kept, silky-furred, thick-pelted, glossy, wispy-furred, almost glowing, soft-furred, happy, pretty, bright ginger she-cat with small, round, tiny paws, large, pointed ears, tiny, small, razor-sharp, pure golden claws, a long, wispy, soft, silky, short-furred tail, and dazzling, bright, shimmering, welcoming, dark blue eyes.



Sunsetstar has glossy, short, bright ginger fur with very faint, almost invisible, tabby markings on it. Her paws are small and round, and her golden claws are small yet very sharp. Her tail is long, and her ears are large and pointed. Her eyes, though unusual, are a bright, dark blue.


Physical Health;

Sunsetstar for the most part is very healthy. She is resilient to illnesses; however, she is very prone to getting hurt. Injuries take a while for her to heal from as well.

Mental Health;

Sunsetstar has issues with abandonment as well as post-traumatic stress disorder from being abandoned as a kit and seeing her sister nearly die in a fox attack. She's learned to manage her issues with friendship, as well as her mate Fluffypelt, but things can still be difficult to manage.


Sunsetstar is rather shy, though less so since she's become leader of SunsetClan. Her shy nature gives her an air of mystery to others, especially strangers. However, when she opens up, she reveals she is truly a caring and kind cat, with a happiness she wishes to spread to all.
Sunsetstar is ambitious, using that ambition to be the best she can be. She believes in herself with all her heart, thinking she can do anything she sets her mind to. However, this is her fatal flaw, as she can easily overlook what she has to do to others in order to do this.

Skills and Abilities;

Sunsetstar is a natural leader despite her shyness, and even Darknessstar knew she would lead a Clan one day.



Sunset was born to a pair of loners with two sisters, named Harpy and Grass. Though the youngest and weakest of the litter, she was a fighter from birth.
Unfortunately, Sunset and her sisters are abandoned by their parents soon after birth. They would have died had a kind loner named Leaf not found them and taken them in. She cared for them until they were weaned, when they decided to go off on their own.
Later, Sunset and her sisters are found by Leaf again, and she has more kits with her. She offers to help them find a Clan to settle into, and they accept, meeting and befriending Dreamkit, Signkit, and Fluffykit along the way.

In RP;


A patrol consisting of Darknessstar, Frozenbrook, Whitefall, and Hopefrost find them, and after almost attacking Leaf, they listen to what she has to say and take the kits back to DarkClan. Sunset (now named Sunsetkit) and her sisters are taken care of by Whitefall's mate, Citrusflower.
The day she and her sisters were to be apprenticed, they decided to sneak out of camp to play in an old fox den, thinking it was long abandoned. However, the fox returned to their den and attacked the sisters. Harpykit stood up for Sunsetkit and Grasskit, sustaining near fatal wounds before a patrol of Yewflame, Badgerstreak, and Goldpaw found them. All three are brought back to camp, and their apprentice ceremonies are delayed until Harpykit is stable.
Sunsetkit is extremely happy to find Harpykit making a recovery from the attack, even though she will remained scarred and likely deal with chronic pain.
The sisters are all named apprentices, and Sunsetpaw's mentor is Pinestep.
While on a patrol with Pinestep and Leafrain, Sunsetpaw finds a pair of orphaned kits, named Maple and Brave. She comforts the scared kits, and offers to take them back to DarkClan and see if Darknessstar would allow them to join. They join as Maplekit and Bravekit.
She tries to get Maplekit to open up to other kits, but finds she's afraid to because she's a trans she-cat. Sunsetpaw decides to help her, and is very happy to find Maplekit befriending Signkit.
Sunsetpaw and her sisters are later named warriors, becoming Sunsetbreeze, Harpytalon, and Grassstone.
Soon after her warrior ceremony, Sunsetbreeze becomes the mentor of Maplepaw.
Eventually, DarkClan falls apart after the sudden death of Darknessstar. Sunsetbreeze leads a loner group of several members of the Clan, deciding to search for territory to create their own Clan. She and Fluffypaw end up becoming mates during this time.


Eventually, Sunsetbreeze receives a dream that tells her to settle down in territory she found near CreekClan, and creates her own Clan, SunsetClan. She receives her nine lives the night after.
She is later expecting Fluffypelt's kits, much to her surprise and joy.
Sunsetstar also takes in two loner kits, Starrykit and Duskkit, after they were found in her Clan's territory.
Later, she gives birth to three healthy kits, named Pouncekit, Flightkit, and Mousekit.
After six moons, she names her kits apprentices, very happy to see their excitement.
After consulting with her deputy, Signfeather, she decides to rename the queens position to caln to be more inclusive of transgender warriors.
When the rogues were terrorizing SunsetClan, she orders all she-cats and Signfeather to stay in camp unless they had an escort.
After the rogue attacks end, she names her kits warriors with the names Pouncewing, Flightpetal, and Mousepool.



Fluffypelt; Living, member of SunsetClan.


Pouncewing; Living, member of SunsetClan.
Flightpetal; Living, member of SunsetClan.
Mousepool; Living, member of SunsetClan.


Unknown loner; Status unknown.


Unknown loner; Status unknown.


Harpytalon; Living, member of SunsetClan.
Grassstone; Living, member of SunsetClan.


  • Sunsetstar sees Maplefoot and Braveblaze as her siblings.
  • She never expected to fall in love with Fluffypelt, but she is very happy with him.


"Shhh, it's okay now. We can take you to our Clan. You'll be safe with us."
-Sunsetpaw to Maple and Brave DarkClan RPG


  • Loner kit; Sunset
  • Clan kit; Sunsetkit
  • Apprentice; Sunsetpaw
  • Warrior; Sunsetbreeze
  • Loner; Sunsetbreeze
  • Leader; Sunsetstar
  • Queen/Caln; Sunsetstar



Pinestep; Living, member of SunsetClan.


Maplefoot; Living, member of SunsetClan.

Leader Information;

Nine Lives;

  1. Honeysuckle, Maplefoot and Braveblaze's mother; Spirit and thoughtfulness.
  2. Claw, Maplefoot and Braveblaze's father; Trust.
  3. Nightcharm, Signfeather's mother; Tenacity.
  4. Flamefoot, Signfeather's father; Bravery and boundless energy.
  5. Squirreldawn, a DarkClan medicine cat who died suddenly; Healing.
  6. Lovebright, a DarkClan medicine cat who died suddenly; Love.
  7. Dark, the founder of DarkClan; Wisdom and determination.
  8. Kestrelmoon, a DarkClan cat who committed suicide when her mate died suddenly; Moving on from the bad.
  9. Darknessstar, the leader of DarkClan whose sudden death resulted in SunsetClan; Patience, nobility, and honesty.


Signfeather; Living, member of SunsetClan.


Character Pixels;

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Life Image;

A Sunsetpaw

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