Swiftclaw is a black she-cat with bluish tints to her fur and blue-gray eyes as a cat. As a human, she is Soi Fon, Captain of Squad 2 in the Soul Society, who looks like a teenage girl with black hair that looks blue in the right light with two long braids coming down from it with golden rings entwined in it. She normally wears a sleeveless black kimono. She is roleplayed by Phoenixfeather13TheSecond.


She is walking around with Rangiku, following a silver tom, until they are turned into cats. Soi Fon then follows Silver, along with Rangiku, towards a mysterious scent. As she meets more and more cats who were humans, she begins to show more and more cruelty. When William refuses to listen to her, she snaps and nearly attacks him. Rangiku manages to hold her down. Soi Fon calms down, and the party meets up with Ichigo again, meeting Zakuro and Minto.

After a while, Soi Fon and Rangiku learn from William and Grell that there is more than one type of Shinigami, and Alex explains another type that has not been seen for years.

After learning about the Clans, Soi Fon is relieved to hear something about order again. Ichigo soon delievers food to the humans turned cats, and upon witnessing how Beauty eats, Soi Fon admits she is a noble of some sort.

She admits she'd like the name Swiftclaw if they ever form a Clan.

During a Gathering for Spoof Clans, she threatens to send Rangiku back to the Seireitei if she continues laughing at Grell's antics.


Soi Fon can be cold at times, but when her mentor, Yoruichi, is mentioned, she loses her coldness. She can be slightly impatient at times, but she means well.


Soi Fon: "Yamamoto will kill you if he found out you attacked a Captain!

Rangiku: "So will he to you if he found out you tried to kill a human, even if he is a cat."

Soi Fon and Rangiku, MewClan RPG


  • She is based off the Bleach character Soi Fon

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