You enter a large cave filled with kits. Some of them are completely normal. Some of the kits are blind, deaf, mute, or have some other abnormal impairment. Some of the kits have the DNA of other animals injected in them. Some of them are even winged!

You see one pale silver tabby she-cat approach you. A dark brown and pale ginger tom is following her. "Hello. I am Tabbyfrost and this is my mate, Brownflare. These are kits who where abandoned here or I found them. Would you like to adopt some?" Tabbyfrost asks sweetly.

This Adoption Center is owned by Alois. Please leave a message on the talk page to adopt some of these kits. You can change the names, but ask me first on the talk page. Also state the Clan that the kit(s) are going to on the talk page.

  • This means two or more kits are siblings. These kits must be adopted together.

~ This means two kits have to be adopted together, but they are not siblings.

^ This means that this kit physically disabled.

% This means that the kit is a special needs kit (mentally ill/disabled).


Normal Kits;

  • Cloudkit - Timid, quiet, very shy, easily hurt, tiny, delicate, short-haired, thick-pelted, silky-furred, glossy, white she-cat with pale silver rings around her eyes, tips of fur on her ears, underbelly, muzzle, chest, and tail, and bright blue eyes rimmed with pale blue, almost white. 2 moons old. Whitekit's sister.
  • Whitekit - Muscular, cunning, mysterious, funny, smart, mischievous, energetic, hyper, big, large-pawed, broad-shouldered, tomboyish, white she-cat with pale gray, almost white, chest, muzzle, and underbelly, dark gray toes and ear tips, and dark orange eyes. 2 moons old. Cloudkit's sister.

^ Gingerkit - Hyper, wild, slightly ditsy, ruffled, ragged, wild, long-haired, funny, cute, bright ginger tabby she-cat with dull, dark ginger paws, underbelly, chest, and face, black-spotted paws, tail, and ears, white toes, rings around her tail, stripes on her legs, and spots on her underbelly, and bright violet eyes flecked with bright golden. She was born without the sense of taste. 5 moons old.

Swallowkit - Pretty, shy, quiet, delicate, long-haired, thin-furred, feathery, glossy, soft-furred, silver she-cat with tortoiseshell splotches scattered randomly throughout her pelt, sandy-ginger paws, tail, and face, dark brown paws, black toes and tufts of fur scattered randomly throughout her pelt, and dark yellow eyes tinted with pale violet. 1 moon old.

Lambkit - Docile, gentle, fluffy, shy, sweet-natured, gentle, kind, very small, quiet, white she-cat with black paws, a grayish-brown face, a short, very fluffy stub of a tail, and pale gray, almost white, eyes. 0 moons old.

Clearkit - Odd, slender, small, long-haired, silky-furred, gentle, quiet, drifty, intelligent, bright-minded, long-limbed, soft-voiced, calm, serene, studious, big-hearted, mysterious, distant, dreamy, elegant, beautiful, pure, snow-colored, white she-cat with softer, fluffier paws, soft, ruffled fur, a barely-visible pale gray dab on her chest, a single black ear, and intense, calm, bright, observant, intelligent, pupil-less, clear, sharp, alert, leaf-green eyes.

  • Waterkit - Silky-furred, short-haired, elegant, intelligent, loving, caring, hopeful, faithful, slender, long-limbed, active, water-loving, fun-loving, cheerful, spunky, upbeat, happy-go-lucky, clever, slightly mischievous and devious, blue-gray tabby she-cat with white paws, muzzle, tuft on her chest, tuft on her forehead, and tail tip, blue-black toes and ears, and intense, bright, radiant, mischievous, glowing, shining blue eyes. Dovekit's sister.
  • Dovekit - Broad-shouldered, intelligent, quite handsome, likable, fluffy, long-haired, curious, quiet, long-limbed, soft-furred, gentle, pale gray tabby tom with a white chest and paws, a white muzzle with a gray blaze on his nose, a black tail tip, and light, soft, gentle, intelligent, bright, radiant amber eyes. Waterkit's brother.

^ Dapplekit - Dappled, sweet, charming, limber, curious, cheerful, happy-go-lucky, positive, short-haired, sleek, dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a white face, white paws, a soft, fluffy, bushy tail, and deep blue eyes. Deaf.

% Lostkit - Lonely, quiet, shy, scarred, easily frightened,

% Dustkit - Outgoing, bright-natured, fun, caring, funny, handsome, strong, muscular, wild, hyper, energetic, crazy, funny, loyal, not ambitious, happy-go-lucky, carefree despite his past, dusty, sleek, well-kept, long-haired, soft-furred, dusky brown tabby tom with pale brown tabby, dark brown tabby, and dark golden-brown tabby splotches scattered randomly throughout his pelt, very dark brown, almost black, toes, splotches on his tail, legs, and ears, large, pointed, tufted ears, slightly small, fluffy paws, a long, skinny, long-furred tail, long, sharp fangs and claws, several long, jagged scars throughout his pelt, especially around his neck and face, and neon orange eyes flecked with pale golden-brown. He watched a rogue murder his family, and was later nearly killed by the same rogue. Has an alter as a coping mechanism, though he's not entirely aware of them (alter's name is Mousekit, is shy and quiet, and uses they/them pronouns). 2 moons old.

~ ^ Pinekit - Loyal, wise, serious, muscular, very big, intimidating, emotionless, dark reddish-brown tom with dark, smoky gray, almost black, paws, tail tip, ears, face, and stripes on his legs, pale brown toes, stripes on his tail, underbelly, and flecks near his face, and pale green eyes tinted with pale orange. He is mute. 4 moons old. Grasskit's best friend.

~ Grasskit - Quiet, strong, slightly small, lonely, pale greenish-brown tabby tom with black tufts of fur along his spine, a thick green-black stripe running from his nose to his tail tip with smaller jagged stripes emerging from it, and dark green eyes. 4 moons old. Pinekit's best friend.

Volekit - Small, smart, headstrong, feisty, fiery, sharp-tongued, short-haired, thick-pelted, dusky, pale brown tom with darker paws, spots, ears, underbelly, chest, face, and a thick stripe from his nose to his tail tip with smaller, jagged stripes emerging from it, and dark green eyes rimmed with bright yellow. 3 moons old.

  • Runningkit - Handsome, swift, thick-pelted, short-haired, spiky, ragged, loyal, smart, quiet, tolerant, strong, emotionless, dark brown tom with black splotches scattered randomly throughout his pelt, dark gray paws, face, ears, and tail tip, pale ginger toes and rings around his tail, pale brown tufts of fur around his face, and dark green eyes rimmed with dark blue. Silverkit's brother. 0 moons old.
  • Silverkit - Beautiful, smart, cute, energetic, funny, bubbly, happy, sweet, silky-furred, long-haired, fluffy, feathery, glossy, silver tabby she-cat with dark brown tabby tufts of fur scattered randomly throughout her pelt, pale ginger paws, tail tip, rings around her eyes, and tufts of fur going along her spine, and bright orange eyes flecked with pale violet. Runningkit's sister. 0 moons old.


~ Driftkit

~ Whisperkit

^ Adderkit

% Fallenkit

Winged Kits;

% ^ Firekit - Strong, very serious, wiry, swift, large pawed, jumpy, swift, broad-shouldered, long-haired, fluffy, spiky-furred, ragged, bright ginger tabby tom with large, feathery red-ginger wings with bright ginger stripes on them and black tips, black paws, stripes on his legs, underbelly, tail, and near his face, and cold, emotionless, dark yellow eyes flecked with blood red. 2 moons old. He watched his mother be murdered by his father, and he saw his father get killed by a badger, which shocked him into silence for the longest time. He cannot taste.

Stormkit - Strikingly beautiful, sweet, caring, elegant, thick-pelted, silky-furred, fluffy, soft-furred long-haired, glossy, kind, nice, mottled dark silver she-cat with large pale silver wings that have mottled dark silver and white tufts scattered throughout them, white tufts of fur scattered randomly throughout her pelt, pale silver paws, tail tip, muzzle, and ears, and icy, slightly emotionless, pretty blue eyes flecked with silvery-blue. 0 moons old.

Breezekit - Pretty, smart, kind, caring, yet fiery, mean and aggressive when others get her mad or make fun of her, tiny, very temperamental, black and white she-cat with large, feathery black wings with white swirls on them, dark gray paws, muzzle, and ears, and bright amber eyes. 4 moons old.

  • Russetkit - Handsome, aggressive, loyal, protective, funny, caring, tortoiseshell tom with feathery, very large, reddish-ginger wings with tortoiseshell spots on them and black tips used for flight, black toes and tips to his fur, a plumy, long, reddish-ginger tail and paws, and fiery orange eyes tinted with deep red. 5 moons old. Heronkit's brother.
  • ^ Heronkit - Wise, smart, lithe, smart, talented, calm, serene, slightly timid, tortoiseshell she-cat with large, feathery, black wings, reddish-ginger toes, muzzle, ear tips, and tail tip, and blind, pupiless, sightless pale pink eyes. 5 moons old. Russetkit's sister.

Forestkit - Very large, muscular, strong, swift, player-like, flirty, extremely handsome, kind, smart, clever, tortoiseshell tom with large, feathery, tortoiseshell wings with greenish-brown and white spots on them, greenish-brown paws, underbelly, face, and spots shaped like trees scattered throughout his pelt, white toes, tail tip, and ear tips, and dark, forest-green eyes rimmed with murky, dark brown. 4 moons old.

Applekit - Elegant, calm, stuck-up, pretty, vain, snobbish, delicate, very small, tiny, lithe, short-haired, silky-furred, smooth, glossy, sparkling, glowing, soft-furred, sleek, strikingly beautiful, reddish-cream she-cat with pale reddish-brown spots on her legs, tail, underbelly, down her spine, near her face, and on her ears, dark reddish-brown toes, tail tip, fur above her nose, and ear tips, small pale red-cream spots on her toes, large, feathery, sleek, reddish-cream wings with pale reddish-brown, dark reddish-brown and pale reddish-cream spots scattered through them used for flight, normal-sized, pointed ears, small, round paws, a long, plumy, soft, silky, short-furred tail, and bright green eyes flecked with reddish-purple. 4 moons old.

^ Brokenkit

% Larchkit

~ Ripplekit

~ Coldkit



  • Starkit
  • ^ Wolfkit - Wolf-like, handsome, gruff, muscular, shaggy, long-limbed, intelligent, mischievous, clever, smart, long-haired, arrogant, large,

% Windkit - Truthful, loyal, silent (he is not mute), scarred, trusting, fearful, monotone-voiced, frightened, long-limbed, fluffy, long-haired, silky-furred, shy, thick-pelted, soft-furred, shaky, stuttery, handsome, black and gray tabby tom with a single white paw, one silver ear, large, pointed ears, large, fluffy white wings with pale gray swirls on them, and intense, calm, very pale, luminous blue eyes. The only survivor of his family's murder. Sometimes nonverbal, prone to nightmares.


DNA Injected Kits;

Sandkit - Pretty, smart, kind, nice, slightly ditsy, sandy-brown tabby she-cat with small white rose petals scattered randomly throughout her pelt, thorns for claws, sandy-gray paws, tail, and face, and pale pink eyes. Injected with the DNA of a rose. 5 moons old.

^ Badgerkit - Handsome, smart, swift, short-haired, thick-pelted, sleek, strong, muscular, very big, black tom with two thick white stripes running from his nose to his tail tip, a white face, paws, tail tip, and underbelly, dark gray tips of fur on his paws, face, ears, and tail, and very dark green, almost black, eyes. Injected with the DNA of a badger. 1 moon old. He is deaf in his left ear.

  • Shiningkit - Pretty, glossy, long-haired, thick-pelted, fluffy, wispy-furred, caring, calm, kind, quiet, wise, cute, silvery-white she-cat with silver butterfly wings that have silvery-white stripes and spots on them sprouting from her back, silver swirling stripes scattered randomly throughout her pelt, light blue-gray splotches scattered throughout her pelt and glittering, pretty, very dark blue eyes. Injected with the DNA of a butterfly. 1 moon old. Boulderkit's sister.
  • ^ Boulderkit - Quiet, timid, scared, frightened, large-pawed, shaky, fluffy, thick-pelted, long-haired, broad-shouldered, dark gray tom with black and dark silver splotches scattered randomly throughout his pelt, black paws, underbelly, and tail tip, silvery-gray toes, stripes on his legs, underbelly, and tail, and dark, blind, pupil-less, sightless, gray eyes. Injected with the DNA of a gray wolf. 1 moon old. Shiningkit's brother.

Fangkit - Lean, slender, light-footed,

% Dawnkit

~ Robinkit

~ Daisykit

^ Rainkit - Intelligent, stuck-up, snobbish, prissy, cute, mean, bossy, pampered, spoiled, bratty,


^ Shadekit

  • Duskkit
  • Risingkit

% Icekit

Kits With Special Powers;

Blossomkit - Seductive, energetic, bubbly, happy-go-lucky, amazingly beautiful, sweet, caring, nice, kind, quite pretty on the outside and inside, white she-cat with blueish-white, pinkish-white, purplish-white, greenish-white, golden-white, ginger-white, reddish-white and silvery-white petal and leaf-shaped splotches scattered randomly throughout her pelt, normal-sized, pointed ears, a long, plumy tail, small, yet unusually sharp claws, and bright, icy-blue eyes flecked with dark, smoky blue. She can make flowers bloom anywhere she wants, and she can make cats see only a meadow of flowers to blind them in battle or anytime she wants. 3 moons old.

  • Brightkit
  • ^ Moonkit

% Birchkit




~ Yarrowkit

~ ^ Berrykit

% Ravenkit


Custom Kit Orders;

We also do custom kit orders. (Not meaning to rip off Mysterious Kit Adoption; more of an homage to it.)

  • Type of kit: Winged, has a power (put power on talk page after typing type of kit), DNA injected (same as power), or normal. Only choose up to two.
  • Fur Color(s): Any fur color you can think of! Can be multiple.
  • Fur pattern: Tabby, spotted, swirling stripes, jagged stripes, streaks, tufts of fur, different colored patches, mottled, etc. Can be multiple.
  • Fur type: Wispy, curly, fluffy short, smooth, sleek, glossy, etc. Can be multiple.
  • Eye color: Any eye color you can think of! Can have heterochromia.
  • Eye effect(s): Sparkling, dull, flames, lightning, flecked, rimmed, or tinted. Can be multiple.
  • Gender: She-kit, tom, genderfluid, transgender, agender, etc. Also if you don't want them attracted to (solely) the opposite gender, this is probably the best place to mention it.
  • Name request(s): Any name(s)! (This does not guarantee that you will get this name; it just gives me a idea. However, in most cases the kit has one of the requested names if you give me one.)


  • Type of kit: Winged.
  • Fur colors: Pinkish-cream and black
  • Fur pattern: Tabby and mottled.
  • Fur type(s): Wispy and thin
  • Eye color: Blueish-green
  • Eye effects: Sparkling and flecked (black flecks, please)
  • Gender: She-kit
  • Name requests: Tabbykit, Shadekit, or Mottlekit.

Then you just wait for me to make the kit! It will appear under the Custom Kits Waiting For There New Owners section! Tell me what Clan you are taking it to and when you will adopt it when you do! Also, if you get a custom kit, you cannot change their personality or the actual description of the kit. We are the Achromatic System 21:49, December 7, 2014 (UTC)

Custom Kits Waiting For There New Owners;

Bloodkit - Mysterious, quiet, sleek, shiny-furred, well-kept, neat, pure, pitch-black tom with glittering blood-red eyes flecked with black. He always seems to be up to something, but rarely ever is. Just under 6 moons old. Waiting for Holly to take him to ???


Tabbyfrost - Caring, smart, elegant, sweet, pretty, kind, very nice, pale silver tabby she-cat with black paws, underbelly, tail tip, chest, fur above her nose, and ear tips, dark gray stripes on her tail, legs, underbelly, and near her face, pale gray, almost white, toes, muzzle, and swirling stripes on her stomach and around her face, and bright blue eyes flecked with pale violet. Brownflare's mate. Memoryshine and Lightclaw's mother. Head of the adoption, and cares for the normal she-kits.

Brownflare - Protective, proud, very serious natured, strong, muscular, large pawed, long-tailed, broad-shouldered, long-haired, thick-pelted, wild, spiky-furred, ragged, fluffy, dark brown tom with a large tuft of pale ginger fur on his forehead, pale ginger tabby splotches scattered randomly throughout his pelt, pale brown paws, tail tip, face, and ear tips, pale ginger toes, stripes on his tail, and legs, and dark green eyes rimmed with dark, fiery orange. Tabbyfrost's mate. Memoryshine and Lightclaw's father. Cares for the normal toms.

Memoryshine - Light yellowish-ginger she-cat with scattered white spirals through her pelt, slightly long, fluffy fur, white forepaws, and ocean-blue eyes. Runs Daisy Warrior and Apprentice Adoption. Brownflare and Tabbyfrost's daughter. Lightclaw's sister.

Lightclaw - Dark golden-brown tabby tom with slightly long, fluffy, spiky, messy fur, black paws, ear tips, tail tip, and nose flash, and slightly bright, dark, ocean-blue eyes. Runs Aspen Kit Adoption. Brownflare and Tabbyfrost's son. Memoryshine's brother.

Havenflight - Fluffy, long-haired, curious, black and white she-cat with a gray muzzle, large, fluffy, light gray wings, and pale blueish-green eyes. Cares for the winged kits.

Whisperfoot - Quiet, calm, intelligent, silver and white tom with longer fur on his paws, tufted ears, and pale, icy yellow eyes. Cares for the DNA-injected kits.

Ratpaw - Slightly scrawny, small, sleek, quick on his paws, dark brown tom with a skinny, pale cream tail, long claws, and pale brown eyes. Manages the DNA, and assists Whisperfoot with injections.

Ivyclaw - Short-haired black and dark gray tabby tom with one white paw, and dark greenish-yellow eyes. Known for his ability to hypnotize others through eye contact. Cares for the kits with special powers.

Stoatleap - Skinny, gentle, yet she seems intimidating, light brown she-cat with white legs, paws, underbelly, muzzle, chest, and tail tip, and dark orange eyes. Despite appearing intimidating, cares for disabled and special needs kits, regardless of type.

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