Tabbystar is a strikingly beautiful, short-haired, smooth, sleek, fluffy, silky-furred, soft-furred, slightly cold, very loyal, somewhat emotionless, a strong leader, quiet, wise, dark ginger tabby she-cat with pale gray tabby paws, tail tip, and tufts of fur scattered randomly through out her pelt, white toes, purplish-gray ear tips and tufts of fur along her spine, pale ginger tabby, light reddish-ginger tabby, fiery reddish-ginger tabby, and golden-ginger tabby splotches scattered throughout her pelt. and emotionless, cold, expressionless, green eyes with speckles of baby blue in them.



Tabbystar's base pelt color is a dark ginger with several thick tabby stripes in the classic pattern. Her fur also contains patches of pale ginger, light reddish-ginger, fiery reddish-ginger, and golden-ginger, all with the same classic tabby markings on them. Her paws, tail tip, and scattered tufts of her fur seem to be gray tabby, with white toes on her paws. Her ear tips and tufts of fur along her spine are pale purplish-gray. A tabby 'M' is clearly visible on her forehead. Her eyes are wide, somewhat round, and bright green in color, with small speckles of baby blue visible if one looks closely.
Her fur is short, dense, and sleek, and is almost always well-kept. It's slightly longer around her head, legs, and tail, but not much. Her legs are long and slender, with sturdy paws and pale, hard pads. Though slender, Tabbystar has a bit of muscle to her, particularly in her haunches. Her muzzle is somewhat broad, but not flattened in the slightest, and her nose is dark pink in color. Her ears are large and pointed, and tend to portray her emotions alongside of her tail.


Physical Health;

Despite popular beliefs, Tabbystar actually has a weak immune system. She is highly susceptible to illnesses, so if someone in the Clan becomes sick, she makes an effort to avoid everyone in order to remain healthy. Her plan fails 99.9% of the time, and she ends up sick. On the plus side, she doesn't tend to remain sick for very long periods of time, and she's quick to recover from injuries despite being a heavy bleeder for something as small as a light scratch.

Mental Health;

Despite the image she portrays, Tabbystar suffers from major depressive disorder. It was most evident during her apprenticeship, after her three older siblings had been named warriors while she remained an apprentice. She began to believe that she was worthless to her mother, and that no one cared about her. After leaving, however, she realized that even if her family didn't care for her, there were others that do. And recently, she has become aware that her family really does care for her, and don't see her as worthless at all. It doesn't mean that she no longer has depressive episodes, but it's easier for her to get through them.


Tabbystar is a quiet, calm cat who likes to think things through. She does her best to keep a level head in even the most dire situations. Others admire her for this, as she doesn't show fear towards others, and will take extreme measures to avoid fighting.
Despite being quiet, she wants to remain happy and spread happiness to others. She had lost her happiness for a while in StreamClan, and doesn't want other cats to have to go through that. Depression is hard to get out of, though, and she struggles with keeping others and herself happy. When she wants to please everyone, she doesn't really please anyone.
But even with depression trying to bring her down hard, Tabbystar shoves it aside to be a strong leader for her Clan. She knows her Clanmates need her, and refuses to let them down. She spreads her wisdom around the Clan, particularly to the apprentices.

Skills and Abilities;

Tabbystar is an astounding hunter. Her stealthiness and light feet are boons to her hunting ability, and her sense of smell is incredibly acute. Some regard her as the best hunter in FrostClan, and she's generally the one bringing back the most prey when it's scarce. Fighting, however, isn't her strongest point, and neither is climbing. She's fast, but not strong enough to climb trees, and doesn't do well in what she considers "high-pressure situations" like fighting. But her speed allows her to evade attacks if she acts fast enough.



Tabbykit is born to Sweetstar and Rushwolf in LostClan with three older siblings, named Brightkit, Echokit, and Shadowkit.
Not much happens during her kithood for the most part. LostClan falls apart when she's nearly six moons old, and she and some others from LostClan wander around as loners for a while.
About a moon later, Sweetstar decides to form a new Clan called StreamClan, for all the cats they had met without Clans.

In RP;


In StreamClan, Tabbykit is named an apprentice alongside of her siblings. Her mentor is Cedarstrike.
She trains hard and is shown to be a gifted, stealthy hunter.
Her siblings are named warriors, receiving the names Brightstorm, Echoshard, and Shadowblade. Tabbypaw, however, remains an apprentice.
After two moons of extended apprenticeship, Tabbypaw confronts Sweetstar and tells her she's forming her own Clan, called FrostClan. She was so fed up with being an apprentice that she abandons her Clanmates and names herself Tabbyblaze. But Sweetstar had a reason for not naming her a warrior: Tabbyblaze was meant to create FrostClan, and was never meant to be a StreamClan warrior.


She gathers a group of loners and former Clan cats (their Clan isn't remembered anymore), and starts forming the Clan.
Once everyone became settled, she travels with Opalwing and Verapaw to the Crystal Pool to receive her nine lives and new name: Tabbystar.
After naming Sandflower her deputy and becoming Stormpaw's mentor, she decides to check up on the queens and kits, surprised to see how many kits Scarrain had and still be relatively active.
Her apprentice, Stormpaw, becomes a warrior with the name of Stormfoot.
She soon becomes the mentor to another apprentice, Shatteredpaw (one of Scarrain's kits).
An epidemic of greencough sweeps through FrostClan, and she loses a life to it on top of several cats (her deputy included). She is shown to be panicked, struggling to find a new deputy, before finally coming to a decision and naming Cocoafrost the new deputy.
Not long after, her family comes to visit her, led by Sweetstar. Tabbystar is rather cold to them, but Sweetstar gently reveals the truth as to why Tabbystar was never named a warrior. Though they leave before she could say anything to them, Tabbystar drops her coldness and realizes that they really do care for her.
She later adopts an orphaned kit, Nightkit.


Foster Kit;

Nightkit; Living, member of FrostClan.


Sweetstar; Living, member of StreamClan.


Rushwolf; Living, member of StreamClan.


Brightstorm; Living, member of StreamClan.
Echoshard; Living, member of StreamClan.
Wishingkit; Living, member of StreamClan.


Shadowblade; Living, member of StreamClan.
Honeykit; Living, member of StreamClan.
Dewkit; Living, member of StreamClan.


Pinkpelt; Living, member of StreamClan.
Seaflower; Living, member of StreamClan.


Darkstorm; Living, member of StreamClan.
Ashripple; Living, member of StreamClan.


Brightstream; Deceased, verified StarClan member, reincarnated as Brightstorm.
Softkit/star; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Jasmineraven; Living, member of StreamClan.
Riverbloom; Living, member of StreamClan.


Sparrowthorn; Living, member of StreamClan.


Lavenderpaw; Living, member of StreamClan.
Tansypaw; Living, member of StreamClan.
Fluffypaw; Living, member of StreamClan.
Frostpaw; Living, member of StreamClan.
Ribbonpaw; Living, member of StreamClan.
Meadowpaw; Living, member of StreamClan.
Figpaw; Living, member of StreamClan.


  • She never regretted leaving StreamClan.
  • She is a reincarnation of LostClan's former leader, also named Tabbystar
  • She will never take a mate, as she is an aromantic asexual.
    • However, there is potential for her to adopt a kit, as she loves caring for them. Confirmed true, as she's adopted Nightkit as her own kit.
  • She thought of naming her Clan TabbyClan, ForgottenClan, HopeClan or LostClan, but she decided on FrostClan.


  • Kit: Tabbykit
  • Loner Kit: Tabbykit
  • Apprentice: Tabbypaw
  • Loner: Tabbyblaze
  • Leader: Tabbyblaze/Tabbystar



Cedarstrike; Living, member of StreamClan.


Stormfoot; Living, member of FrostClan.
Shatteredpaw; Living, member of FrostClan.

Leader Information;

Nine Lives;

  1. Softkit/star, her aunt she never knew about; Strength Lost to greencough.
  2. Fangstep, mate of the former Tabbystar; Love
  3. Tabbystar (LoCl), the cat she was reincarnated from; Independence
  4. Brightstream, her aunt she never got to meet; Enthusiasum
  5. Winterflight, deputy of the former Tabbystar; Courage
  6. Blazey, mother of the former Tabbystar; Faith
  7. Hetsu, father of the former Tabbystar; Loyalty
  8. Melodybrook, one of her only friends from StreamClan; Determination
  9. Daisystar, leader before the former Tabbystar; Kindness


Sandflower; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Cocoafrost; Living, member of FrostClan.


"Mom, I am leaving to make my own Clan. It will be called FrostClan. I just cannot take staying an apprentice. Goodbye."
-Tabbypaw to Sweetstar StreamClan roleplay

"Thank you, Sweetstar. For everything..."
-Tabbystar to herself FrostClan roleplay


Character Pixels;

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Life Image;


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