Tatteredbook is a brown she-cat with ruffled fur and brown eyes. She is a warrior of RobotClan and is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Bookkit was born to Aerobird and Violetbird as their only kit. Futurepaw fell in love with the kit at first sight, and Bookkit fell in love with Futurepaw as well. Bookpaw was apprenticed to Futureheart at the age of six moons. A few moons into her apprenticeship, a badger tried to attack RobotClan, but Bookpaw drove it away. Her fur was constantly ruffled from then on, earning her warrior name Tatteredbook.

Some time later, she gives birth to Dawnkit, Flowerkit, Clairekit and Icekit. Futureheart is proud of his mate. However, Tatteredbook is also forced to be Nightmareheart's mate, thus resulting in the birth of Beastkit, Beautykit, Yukikit, and Serenekit. She flees RobotClan for a short time and gives her kits different names.

When a flood happens, Tatteredbook is seperated from her kits, and is nearly killed during the flood, but Paradoxheart saves her and introduces Tatteredbook to Gustwind, and tells her about Futureheart. Tatteredbook is devastated by the fact that only Silvernight remembers her.

Eventually, she time travels to the prophecy cats and reveals she was the mother of Lightningheart, Snowheart, Lilyflower and Icewhisper, though Snowheart informs Tatteredbook they have different names now. Tatteredbook is proud of her kits, though she does not admit she is upset that Silvernight and Earthstorm remember her, but Tauntpaw does not.


She is at times cool and collected, and at other times excitable and energetic. Tatteredbook misses Futureheart and does not want only Silvernight to remember her.



Futureheart - Alive

Nightmareheart (Formerly) - Deceased, Reincarnated in Lunakit


Violetbird - Alive


Aerobird - Alive


Snowheart - Alive

Lightningheart - Alive

Lilyflower - Alive

Beast - Alive

Beauty - Alive

Yuki - Alive

Serene - Alive


Icewhisper - Alive


Himeheart - Alive

Dusklight - Alive

Dawnlight - Alive

Ebonykit (TimeClan) - Alive


Grassdawn - Alive

Ebonystorm Alive

Snowdusk - Alive

Eclipsekit - Alive


Runningstreak - Alive

Tigerflower - Alive

Rosedawn - Alive

Fairyhope - Alive

Cloverwish - Alive

Windscent - Alive

Lovekit - Alive


Fangclash- Alive

Raineblitz - Alive

Clouddrift - Alive

Firetornado - Alive

Starduststorm - Alive

Flamedragon - Alive

Dragonstream - Alive

Stormdusk - Alive

Beaststorm - Alive

Cinnamonbear - Alive

Silencekit - Alive


  • She will have more kits with Futureheart

Real Life Image


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