Tawnystar is a ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with a white belly.


Tawnystar along with her litter mates, Duststorm and Firedapple were born to Shortwhisker and Sorrelfur during the night of a full moon. Soon after they were apprenticed they learned that all three of them were granted the gift of seeing the future, present and past. Tawnystar learned that she was most dominant in seeing the future, Duststorm in present, and Firedapple in past, even though all three of them have the ability of all three.




  • Tawnystar used to want to be a medicine cat, but changed her mind after learning her sister wanted it more.
  • Cedarfur and Moonlily are Tawnystar's kits but the father is unknown.
  • Tawnystar was killed off in order to re-activate StoneClan.

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