Tepidpaw is a pretty, tiny, quiet, timid, yet mischievous, curious, intelligent, witty, smart, long-haired, dark ginger she-cat with black paws and muzzle, and pale green eyes.



Tepidpaw's small body is covered in a layer of long, dense, fluffy fur that is dark ginger in color, with a slightly lighter underbelly and underside to her tail. Her paws and muzzle, however, are black as night. Her eyes are round, bright, and rather large, and are a pale green color.
Tepidpaw's frame is very small, with a delicate build. Her paws are rather small and slender, while her muzzle is slightly narrower than normal. Her legs are short in comparison to others, as is her tail. Her paw pads are pale and soft, as she has not began to train as a warrior yet. Her teeth, while small, are rather sharp, as are her claws.


Physical Health;

Though small and relatively fragile, Tepidpaw's immune system is unusually strong considering her premature birth. She's resistant to illness... after she's caught it once so her body has the antibodies. Her strong immune system can't compensate for her delicate body, however. She's not very strong, and recovering from injuries isn't easy because she wants to remain active.

Mental Health;

While others doubt her mental health, as she's seen talking to herself constantly, Tepidpaw doesn't see anything wrong with that. She is blissfully unaware that others can't see her dead siblings, and tells others that's who she was talking to. She's a bit of an alien resulting from this, but she doesn't care, and neither do her friends Palekit and Frostkit.


Tepidpaw is an optimistic, happy-go-lucky she-cat with what seems to be boundless energy. She is known to get into mischief often, particularly with her friends Palekit and Frostkit. Playtime to her is all the time as a kit, only wanting to settle down when her body tells her that she needs to sleep. She has an intense curiosity that can only be satiated by figuring something out.
In spite of this, she's also known for her timid nature towards the unknown. New situations make her incredibly uncomfortable, but she often forces herself through them to quell her curiosity towards them. And despite all of her energy, she's not a very loud cat.

Skills and Abilities;

Tepidpaw's abilities aren't too well-known yet, as she has yet to be apprenticed. About all that's known with her is that she is light-footed, which may mean she'll be a good hunter. But we won't know that until she's apprenticed.
To see her powers, go to the section labeled "Powers" underneath the "Trivia" section.



Tepidkit is born to Jayflight of CreekClan after encountering and being mated by a rogue named Reynard. She was born with twelve older siblings, named Dawningkit, Wingkit, Smallkit, Ashkit, Webkit, Shockkit, Tormentilkit, Daisykit, Shrewkit, Beetlekit, Thistlekit, and Briarkit.
Wingkit, Smallkit, Shockkit, Daisykit, Beetlekit, and Briarkit are all either stillborn or die shortly after they're born, and as they were taken to be buried, Tepidkit was as well, for her breathing was so shallow it was thought to be nonexistent, and at one point it was.
As she entered StarClan alongside her deceased siblings, they kept shooing her away. As she questions it, Wingkit decides to have the other five bestow gifts on Tepidkit. Smallkit gives her the ability to read auras, Shockkit gives her the ability to read thoughts, Daisykit gives her the ability to know a cat's life simply through touch, Beetlekit gives her the ability to see the dead, and Briarkit gives her the ability to move things with her mind.
As she was about to be buried, Frozenlight noticed she was breathing shallowly and began to lick her. The small ginger kit seemed to grow stronger with each lick, and was soon placed back in Jayflight's nest to nurse.
But with six older surviving siblings, it was hard for Tepidkit to nurse. Luckily, Tabbyheart offered to nurse some of the kits, as she still had milk and had vowed to stay in the nursery to help queens.
Through all the care she was receiving, Tepidkit became stronger by the day, and was the first of her siblings to stand up and open her eyes.


By the time she's five moons old, Tepidkit is shown as an early-riser and a very energetic kit. She grows bored staring at the auras of the other cats in the nursery and decides to wake up her friend Frostkit by pouncing on the younger she-cat's tail. Frostkit scolds her for the wake-up call, but agrees to play with Tepidkit.
Tepidkit is soon named an apprentice, Tepidpaw, and her mentor is Pinebranch. Her surviving siblings are named apprentices as well.



Jayflight; Living, member of CreekClan.


Reynard; Living, rogue.


Smallkit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Ashpaw; Living, member of CreekClan.
Shockkit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Shrewpaw; Living, member of CreekClan.
Beetlekit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Thistlepaw; Living, member of CreekClan.


Dawningpaw; Living, member of CreekClan.
Wingkit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Webpaw; Living, member of CreekClan.
Tormentilpaw; Living, member of CreekClan.
Daisykit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.
Briarkit; Deceased, verified StarClan member.


Falconwater; Living, member of SunsetClan.


Oceanfrost; Living, member of SunsetClan.


  • Her warrior name is currently undecided, but could potentially be Tepidwing or Tepidshock, requested in honor of some of her siblings. She may also become Tepidflower.
  • Her mentor is confirmed to be Pinebranch. Confirmed true.
  • Her conversations with the dead are similar to Jonathan's conversations with Sock or Sock's conversations with Mephistopheles in "Welcome to Hell".
  • There is potential for her to become leader of CreekClan in the future, but that decision will be made later.


As she is a psychic cat, Tepidpaw has typical psychic cat powers--and a couple not-so-typical ones.

  • Aura Reading, Thought Reading, and Life Touch; Standard abilities.
  • Death View; She is able to see and hear dead cats, most notably her siblings, as if they are alive and well. However, no one else can when she talks to them, so she can easily be thought of as crazy.
  • Telekinesis; She is able to move objects and even cats with the power of her mind. However, it requires an intense amount of focus to use it, and if used too much, she begins to lose her focus and the situation is lost to her.


  • Kit: Tepidkit
  • Apprentice: Tepidpaw


Character Pixels;

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Life Image;


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