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All kits born Star Cats towards the end of the 2nd prophecy are all listed here as well. It was automatically added.

Only two cats per person that are listed on the last prophecy's page can be added here.

The Prophecy and it's Meaning!

not done.

Prophecy Spoilers

  • Some of the prophecy will revolve around Violetshadow's rebirth, and the fact that Violetkit, her reincarnation, knows only partially about her past life, like her death and other glimpses of memories, and the Prophecy Cats are trying to help her remember her past so that she can help them defeat Bladeshark, whom you will find out more about soon enough!
  • Applekit will have a bigger role when she's a warrior, and possibly Mistkit.
  • We will see more Faolan-as-a-real-wolf bits as well as Lavenderheart and her kits!
  • Whisperkit will accidently venture too far from camp with Dovekit, and discover a frightening secret that the two will not tell anyone until later.
  • Lavenderheart will take in Hiroshiheart as her mate to keep her secret from everyone, and she will actually fall in love with him, yet her heart will always belong to Ironstar.
  • LavenderxIron will have a negative impact on her second litter, once they find out.
  • Luna will fall in love with a kittypet and, like her parents, he will become a loner to be with her.
  • Gingerrain will take Eaglefeather as a mate after he is nearly killed during a battle.
  • Ripplekit's sister, Koorikit will get involved in the prophecy, even though she isn't an official prophecy cat.
  • Lucy's power won't be revealed until her parents are attacked later.
  • Willowkit, a kit previously not seen in roleplay, and a StarClan member, will be shown as a huge part of discovering the "ancient foe".
  • Phantomsoul will fall in love with Fushigiheart, and she will bear his kits. Two of them will live with their father in WingClan.
  • Lightningheart, Snowheart, Zoey and Sunsetstar will all play a helping hand in the prophecy, though they are not in it.
  • Nightmareheart will return to seek vengence upon Phoenixfeather, though due to an enemy of TimeClan there will be, for some strange reason, two of them: one to play out the Ashfur-goes-psycho scene with Phoenixfeather her her adopted kits, and another to try to secretly kill off the prophecy cats.
  • The foes of Future TimeClan and GhoulClan will play a part against the prophecy.
  • Linkheart will accidentally get involved in the prophecy.
  • Shira will show powers similar to Star Cats' powers, but not exactly.
  • Hikari may expect more of Xemnas's kits.
  • Bellkit and Crystalkit will get involved as well, though they are not official members.
  • Two StarClan cats, the never-before-seen Fennelkit, and Alex, the sister to Eclipse of the Moon Pack, will embark on a journey with Lupin/Mooneyes to save Inkheart from being read into a book by an unknown force (later revealed to be Mistfang somehow coming back from the dead again).
  • More characters from the Inkheart trilogy will be seen being read out by both an unknown force and Inkheart. They will accidentally get involved with the prophecy.
  • Violetheart of CityClan, Goldstar and Kindheart of AlchemyClan, and Nightkit of JusticeClan will get involved.
  • Lightningscar of RockClan will fall in love with Charm and will accidentally get involved in the prophecy.
  • Darkpelt will fall in love with Inkheart after Whitewillow is murdered, and Inkheart will join LeapClan to be with him after Pepperblaze is murdered.
  • BIG SPOILER! BLADESHARK REVEALED: Bladeshark is unlike any enemy you've ever seen. He's an impossible force of nature, you may think. His description: extrememly huge, much bigger than any cat in the forest, dark grey tom with a white underbelly, large, metal, shark teeth in his jaws rather than a normal cat's chompers, long, metal claws that can slice through anything in the blink of an eye, even stones, and a long, metal replacement tail. What will he be doing? He is going to bring back Tigerstar and Darkfire so he can destroy the clans once more, as he was the true cause of the ancient clans' fall?
  • Some of Shira's enemies from the past will come to fight alongside Bladeshark.
  • Indigo and Gato, rouges that are terrorizing JusticeClan, will also join with Bladeshark.
  • Lightningheart, Snowheart, Lilyflower and Icewhisper's parents will be revealed.
  • Luke will get intertwined with the prophecy, because Layton is her soulmate.
  • Bell the wolf will get involved, though she is not an official member.

The Prophecy's Cats

Returning Prophecy Cats:

Lavenderheart, DawnClan (4pinkbear)

Faolanwolf, DawnClan (4pinkbear)

Phoenixfeather, DawnClan (Phoenix)

Hikari, Loner (Phoenix)

Fushigiheart, DawnClan (Dove)

Kuroblade, DawnClan (Dove)

Whisperpool, DawnClan (Mist)

New Prophecy Cats:

Applefeather/star, DawnClan (4pinkbear)

Stormbender, DawnClan (4pinkbear)

Honeylavender, DawnClan (4pinkbear)

Whispershade, DawnClan (4pinkbear)

Violetkit(meadow), DawnClan. Unborn. (4pinkbear)

Shimmerkit(light), DuskClan (4pinkbear)
Rabbitspring, DuskClan (4pinkbear)

Willowkit, StarClan. (4pinkbear)

Violetshadow, StarClan (4pinkbear)
Shadowpaw, Kittypet (4pinkbear)
Thunder, Kittypet (4pinkbear)

Riverstone, Kittypet (4pinkbear)
Wind, Kittypet (4pinkbear)

Emberpaw(blaze), MachineClan (Phoenix)

Skyepaw(storm), MachineClan (4pinkbear)

Tigerpaw(blade), MachineClan (4pinkbear)

Lilykit(song), MachineClan (4pinkbear)

Jadekit(storm), MachineClan (4pinkbear

Mistpaw(Mistbreeze), DawnClan (Mist)

Luna, Loner (Destiny)

Lucy, Loner (Destiny)

Gingerrain, HerbClan (Destiny)

Ripplekit(storm), HydricClan (Destiny)

Layton, Loner. (Elorisa)

Xehanort, Loner (Elorisa)

Twilight, Loner. (Elorisa)

Sunrisestorm, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Snowblizzard, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Springheart, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Summerstream, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Autumleaf, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Winterdragon, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Starduststorm, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Flamedragon, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Rosedawn, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Fairyhope, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Dragonstream, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Stormdusk, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Dovedawn, DawnClan (Phoenix)

Aurora, Loner (Phoenix)

Juniper, Loner (Phoenix)

Phoenix, Loner (Phoenix)

Snow, Loner (Phoenix)

Fangclash, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Raineblitz, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Firetornado, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Clouddrift, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Runningstreak, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Tigerflower, TimeClan (Phoenix)

Phantomsoul, WingClan (Dove)

Powderfleck, DawnClan (Dove)

Everhope, DawnClan (Dove)

Cherrysplash, DawnClan (Dove)

Aquapool, WingClan (Dove)

Whiteflick, DawnClan (Dove)

Goldenice, WingClan (Dove)

Dappledream/feather, FeatherClan (Dove)

Swiftsparrow, FeatherClan (Dove)

Twistersky, DawnClan (Dove)

Cloudsoul, RockClan (Dove)

Splashberry, RockClan (Dove)

Spiritpaw(fur), GhoulClan (Phoenix)

Getsugaclaw, SolClan (Phoenix)

Whispersong, ShardClan (Dove)

Leafdawn, FreezeClan (Dove)

Spottail, FreezeClan (Dove)

Honeybloom, FreezeClan, unborn (Dove)

Ravencloud, FreezeClan, unborn (Dove)

Valentinestorm - SacredClan (Sky)

Tanglepaw(wish) - TimeClan (Sky)

Firefinch - SolClan (Sky)

Moonsword - SolClan (Sky)

Indigopaw(light) -WaveClan (Sky)

Wildocean -WaveClan (Sky)

Berrypaw(burn) -WaveClan (Sky)

Pixieflower- SolClan (Sky)

Picklefall- SolClan (Sky)

Chimeshimmer- DragonClan (Sky)

Cloverwish - TimeClan (Phoenix)

Beaststorm - TimeClan (Phoenix)

Cinnamonbear - TimeClan (Phoenix)

Windscent - TimeClan (Phoenix)

Blazedawn - SolClan (Phoenix)

Fallowdream - SeaClan (Phoenix)

Horizonheart - PearlClan (Phoenix)

Lunastar - LunaClan (Phoenix)

Inkheart, LilacClan (Dove)

Soraheart - TimeClan (Phoenix)

Blazestorm - PearlClan (Phoenix)

Lupin/Mooneyes, PearlClan (Dove)

Fennelkit, StarClan (Dove)

Alex, StarClan (Dove)

Eclipsekit(feather), TimeClan (Phoenix)

Rubypaw(dawn), TimeClan (Phoenix)

Shittakekit(path), TimeClan (Mist)

Lotuskit(whisper), TimeClan (Mist)

Blazekit(wing), TimeClan (Mist)

Spiderkit(frost), TimeClan (Mist)

Charm, Loner (Dove)

Lightning, Loner (Phoenix)

Darkpelt, LeapClan (Dove)

Razorwing, AlchemyClan (Mist)

Springkit(poppy), AlchemyClan (Mist)

Creamfeather, SeaClan (Mist)

Aquabreeze, SoulClan (Mist)

Allen, Loner (Phoenix)

Okami, Loner (Phoenix)

Crona, Loner (Phoenix)

Blade, Loner (Phoenix)

Shadowfang, LeafClan (Iceangel123)

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