This is where the battle between DarknessClan/DawnClan will be roleplayed at.


DarknessClan Cats Killed:

Mistfang (Dovesong) - Died after Peachblossom shashed her neck

Birchtree (Dovesong) - Died after Bramblethorn slashed his neck

DawnClan cats Killed:

Daisypetal (Dovesong) - Died after Purepaw and Ryepaw unwillingly shashed her neck and belly

Thushfire (4pinkbear) - died after Dustheart bit her neck harshly.

Cats (DawnClan) who survived Severe Injuries:

Alderkit (Elorisa) - Was clawed ferociously on the neck by Eclipseclaw.

Runningwisp (Dovesong) - Got beaten up by Mistfang and Birchtree

Marshstorm (Dovesong) - Got beaten up by Mistfang and Birchtree

Cloverstep (4pinkbear) - Was nearly killed by her former mate, Dustheart

Duneleap (4pinkbear) - almost died of pain after Dustheart killed his only remaining littermate, Thrushfire.

Cloudpatch (Destiny Calling) - Bitten by a rat while chasing some DarknessClan cats out of the territory.

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Just roleplay below this line:

Willowcloud looked up at Runningstar. The dark brown she-cat was ready to spring into battle at any moment. Willowcloud thought about her mate and kits. If she died in this battle, who would care for them? Then she thought of the two apprentices that loved her like a mother. Purepaw and Ryepaw would miss her a ton if she died. Suddenly, Runningstar yowled, "DARKNESSCLAN, ATTACK!"


Runningwisp heard the yowls of DarknessClan and warned Burrstar. Pretty soon, the battle was on. Windwillow and Dovesong were fighting Willowcloud together, while Runningwisp and Marshstorm were losing to Birchpaw and Mistpaw. Suddenly, a thud was heard, and Daisypetal went down, blood gushing out of her neck and belly with an uneasy looking Purepaw and Ryepaw. "We were told to kill her," said Purepaw. "We didn't want to, but we thought we would be exiled for not doing so, and we like DarknessClan because Willowcloud's there. She's like a mother to us, since our own mother is dead." Peachblossom and Bramblethorn wailed in pain for their sister. Their mates Dawnpoppy and Reedfeather triued to calm them. Willowsong 00:12, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Dustheart knocked Cloverstep down. "Dustheart?" "What?" "What are you doing?" "Killing you!" He slashed her sides.LavenderheartWindwillowMintwish 22:59, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

Mistpaw and Birchpaw looked up at Runningstar. With the battle raging on around them it was hard to hear her name them warriors. Mistpaw became Mistfang, and Birchpaw became Birchtree. Suddenly, Peachblossom slashed Mistfang right on the neck, and Bramblethorn did the same to Birchtree. They fell to the ground, their lives ebbing away. "Serves them right, for trying to kill Runningwisp and Marshstorm," said Peachblossom. "I hope the went to the Dark Forest," said Bramblethorn. Hazepaw and Birdwing 18:45, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

Duneleap slammed headfirst into Dustheart. "Back away from her!" "I would like to see you try." Duneleap snickered, and Thrushfire and Branchleap leaped out of the bushes. "You are outnumbered!" Thrushfire hissed. Cloverstep limped carefully over to the 3. Duneleap slashed the sides of Dustheart, and Thrushfire attacked the gray and yellow tom's paws. Dustheart bit down hard on Thrushfire's neck. Thrushfire let out a gurgling cry, and fell to the ground. "Thrushfire!" Duneleap let him go to get to her sister's side.


"Thrushfire! Thrushfire!" As many times as Duneleap wailed his sister's name, the she-cat could not be revived. "Join me, my daughter, and we will kill Duneleap and wipe out DawnClan!" Branchleap unsheathed her claws and padded in front of Duneleap defensively. "What are you doing?" Dustheart hissed. "He is my mate. I refuse to kill him!" Branchleap hissed, and started attacking Dustheart. Dustheart got away though, and the 3 cats began to grieve the loss of their friend. HarleyQuinn 19:13, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Brokenmist and Pineheart were clawing ferociously at Eclipseclaw and Luckyfang when Alderkit pounced on the big black tom. He snarled at the tiny gray-and-black kit, and slashed at her neck with his sharp white claws. Alderkit fell with a gurgling cry, blood flowing from her neck. Brokenmist gasped, leaving herself open to attack. Luckyfang saw this. Leaping through the air, the pretty golden she-cat clawed into the gray queen's side. Greeneyes, coming to check on his mate, gasped and snarled. As the two cats tussled, Pineheart felt dread come into her veins. The fight was getting worse. Cobaltpaw 20:09, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Icefeather's eyes lit up with fury when she saw pain in her daughter, Windwillow's face. Windwillow was protecting her kits! Runningstar attacked harshly, and Windwillow didn't fight back. "Runningstar!" Icefeather leaped forward at Runningstar. Runningstar turned around in surprise. Icefeather pinned down her dark brown daughter. "This is personnal!' Icefeather hissed. "Goodbye forever, Runningstar!" "Wait! Icefeather! I have-" Runningstar's last words were cut short. The dark she-cat had passed away after Icefeather had slashed her neck. Waspbite pushed Icefeather over. "She was my mate! She was nursing kits!" He hissed. What have I done? "That means I am the leader now. We shall hold vigil for Runningstar, and give up one of her kits to DawnClan, to remember the battle by." Wetfur meowed. Three kits poked their heads out of the bushes. "Mama? Mother Runningstar?" The red tom kit mewed, and turned to Runningstar's limp, yet clean, body.


"Mom?" Petalkit poked Runningstar's body. Cold as stone. "M-Mama!?" Tigerkit wailed, and snuggled against the cold body of their mother. "What happened to her?" "I..." A pale blue she-cat began. Petalkit sniffed the blue cat. She smelled almost like her mother. "Are you..." "Yes, I am your grandmother..." "You killed Mama, didn't you!?" "Yes..." Bloodkit jumped onto Icefeather's back, his tiny claws unsheathed. Icefeather payed no attention to him. "One of you has to stay here, in DawnClan, and live with new clanmates."Iceeather meowed. Petalkit looked up at the she-cat eagerly. This is my chance! "I will." Petalkit squeaked, and Icefeather picked her up by the scruff. "Petalkit! Petalkit!" Tigerkit wailed as he was pulled away from the raging battle by Eclipseclaw.... HarleyQuinn 20:42, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Littlewing and Swiftspot rushed out to battle, as they always did. Tail to tail, they circled in place in the middle of camp. Loveleaf SpottedClan, To Me! 23:32, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

The she-cat reared up above the injured, scruffy tom. Taffy looked up in fear and defiance. His paw was caught under a falen rock, and he was trapped inside the elder's den. The former rogue hissed and leaned back as far as he could as the she-cat lunged at him with her claws out stretched.

"Get away from me!" The she-cat only sneered, amused at the elder's defiance. She leaned back, ready to leap on the tom and kill him, but she yowled as someone bit into her tail. Turning around sharply, she hissed at Sunleaf, who had a tough grip on her tail. The bright orange she-cat scrambled backwards, bringing the DarknessClan she-cat with her. She swung her out into the clearing, where she crashed into the stone, outside wall of the Apprentice's Den. Desu~Suiseiseki and Souseiseki together 4eva! 23:47, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

Littlewing and her sister threw themselves at the DarknessClan cat. "All righ' there, Sunny?" Littlewing asked as the cat throttled away. Loveleaf SpottedClan, To Me! 23:53, October 17, 2010 (UTC)