The Crystal Pool is an iced pool at the top of Frost Mountain, where medicine cats and their apprentices go every half moon to meet with StarClan. New leaders also go to the pool to recive their new lives and name, while old leaders go to get some of their lives stripped if they are retiring (exceptions are those Clans who live too far away to make the journey every half-moon, such as HeartClan, but they have StarClan-approved substitutes).

Half Moon Visits;

New Leader Ceremonies/Old Leader Strippings;

FrostClan - Tabbystar;

Tabbyblaze shivered as she lapped up some of the icy water, soon drifting to sleep with Opalwing at her side. Her body grew stiff at first as her life was ripped away, but soon relaxed.

Tabbyblaze blinked her eyes open, slowly standing up and stretching her legs some. Look up, she saw nine stars from Silverpelt swirling down, forming into nine cats. The first one, a small white she-cat with dark brown tabby patches, padded forward.

"Welcome, Tabbyblaze," she mewed. "I am Softstar, Sweetstar's younger sister. Though I was a kit at death, StarClan recognized that I would have become leader of LostClan had I survived. Now, are you ready to receive your nine lives?"

As the remaining eight cats padded forward, Tabbyblaze nodded. "I am," she replied, her voice firm.

Softstar smiled, padding forward and pressing her nose to Tabbyblaze's forehead. "Then with this life, I give you strength. Use this life to protect not only your Clan, but all defenseless cats."

Tabbyblaze felt a strength beyond what she had felt before course through her. It was almost too much for her to handle, and she felt her limbs would blow off until Softstar stepped away. A silver tom took her place.

"Hello, Tabbyblaze. I am Fangstep, and in your past life, we were mates," he mewed. Tabbyblaze almost stepped back, uncomfortable hearing that this tom called himself her mate at one point. "No, no, that doesn't mean we have to be mates now, or that you have to take a mate at all. While you are a reincarnation, you're still your own cat, Tabbyblaze."

Fangstep pressed his nose to Tabbyblaze's forehead once she relaxed. "With this life, I give you love. Even if you don't feel attraction in the traditional sense, use this life to spread your love to all cats, and treat them as if they were family."

While Tabbyblaze expected this life to feel warm and fuzzy, she instead felt ferocity strike her heart. It felt as if she were a queen fighting to protect not only her kits, but the kits of others. The feeling died down as Fangstep stepped back, and he was replaced by a ginger tabby that looked similar to Tabbyblaze herself.

"Greetings, Tabbyblaze," she mewed, voice cold and firm, yet eyes showing softness. "I am Tabbystar of LostClan, and I was reincarnated into you. Yet a part of me still stays with StarClan, as is the case with most reincarnations. This allows the reincarnation to be their own cat."

Tabbystar pressed her muzzle firmly to Tabbyblaze's forehead. "With this life, I give you independence. There are times where you must make decisions for yourself, rather than for your Clan. Use this wisely."

Though Tabbystar stepped away quickly, the effect of this life had a powerful effect on Tabbyblaze. She nearly collapsed at the sheer selfishness she felt--contrary to everything her mother had taught her. However, she managed to remain standing, looking up to face the next cat, a ginger, black, and white she-cat who looked an awful lot like her sister, Brightstorm.

"Hi there, Tabbyblaze!" she exclaimed, smiling brightly. "I'm Brightstream, another of Sweetstar's sisters! Your sister Brightstorm is my reincarnation, but like Tabbystar back there, part of me remains here in StarClan!"

Brightstream purred loudly as she pressed her muzzle to Tabbyblaze's forehead. "With this life, I give you enthusiasm. If you're going to counter depression, you'll need this, so don't forget it!" Tabbyblaze looked at Brightstream with wide eyes before her heart soared with enthusiasm--something she hadn't felt in a long time.

Brightstream soon stepped back, and a beautiful white she-cat took her place. "Hello, Tabbyblaze, I am Winterflight. In your previous life, I was your deputy," she mewed gently. She pressed her nose to Tabbyblaze's forehead. "With this life, I give you courage. Please, forever use it to bring your Clan to safety."

In a moment's notice, Tabbyblaze felt herself at the front of a battle, ready to leap into action to protect herself and her Clanmates. She struggled not to jump up as another ginger tabby she-cat padded up to her.

"Oh, hello, Tabbyblaze," she purred. "I am Blazey, Tabbystar's mother." Blazey seemed a bit sad, but Tabbyblaze couldn't bring herself to ask as she pressed her nose to her forehead. "With this life, I give you faith. Not only should you have faith in StarClan, but also in your Clanmates and in yourself. This will allow you to make wise decisions."

Tabbyblaze's heart soared once again, with confidence in her choices leading up to today. Blazey stepped back, and a ginger and white tabby tom took her place.

"A pleasure to meet you, Tabbyblaze," he mewed, voice deep and comforting. "I am Hetsu, Tabbystar's father." He paused only to press his nose to Tabbyblaze's forehead. "With this life, I give you loyalty. Even with your independence, you need to help your Clanmates as well."

Another deep ferocity gripped Tabbyblaze--the desire to fight for her Clan and to help them. She stumbled in place a bit as Hetsu stepped back, and a black-spotted white she-cat took his place. "Melodybrook!" she exclaimed, eyes wide at seeing her former friend here.

Melodybrook smiled softly at her friend, gently pressing her nose to Tabbyblaze's forehead. "With this life, I give you determination. Even in your darkest days, don't lose sight of your goals. Keep moving forward, Tabbyblaze."

Tabbyblaze wanted to run towards the future as she received this life, but as the rush faded, her heart ached watching Melodybrook step back. A cream and brown she-cat took her spot, purring.

"Such wonderful friends," she mewed softly. "I am Daisystar, the leader of LostClan before Tabbystar. For your final life, I give you kindness. Make sure you show it to every cat you encounter, for sometimes, kindness is a greater weapon than claws or teeth."

It felt as if she was reunited with Melodybrook again. It took Tabbyblaze everything she had not to cry from how overwhelmed she was. Daisystar stepped back a bit, and Tabbyblaze looked up at her.

"I hail you by your new name, Tabbystar," she began. "Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of FrostClan. Defend it well. Care for both the young and the old. Honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code. And above all, live each life with pride and dignity."

Tabbystar dipped her head in respect, and the StarClan cats began chanting her new name. "Tabbystar! Tabbystar! Tabbystar! Tabbystar!" We are the Achromatic System 18:25, May 2, 2017 (UTC)