This is a battle that happened in DawnClan camp between TawnyClan and DawnClan. It is known as The Great Battle due to it being the greatest and largest battle to ever happen in the clans by far.

It is written by 4pinkbear, and it can also be found in the DawnClan page. 4pinkbear will add the other user's parts from the battle here soon after it is posted on the DawnClan page.

Cats who died in this Battle

Husher (elder)

Birdstar (4th life was lost)

Foxstar (lost first three lives)

Wispfire (warrior, Bluepaw's father)

Gingerstripe (warrior, Bluepaw killed him)

Coldheart (Bluepaw killed this traitor)

Cats who survived severe wounds

Petalpaw (survived a death blow)

Dapplepatch (got clawed to shreds)

Birdstar (has three lives left)

Peachbird (survived a severe claw mark on her neck)

Clawfoot (Got half his face torn off)

Lilacpetal (Was tortured by Sunsetpelt and Flowerear)

Cats who felt pain during the battle watching their loved ones get killed/nearly killed

Thistlestream (nearly lost his daughter, Petalpaw)

Whitestep (nearly lost her daughter, Petalpaw)

Wolfpaw (nearly lost her sister, Petalpaw)

Clawpaw (killed the cat who injured his friend, Petalpaw)

Snakepaw (killed the cat who injured his friend, Petalpaw)

Bluepaw (lost her friend, Husher, and her father, Wispfire, and almost lost her other friend, Petalpaw)

Part 1 (Written mainly by 4pinkbear)


Bluepaw and the other warriors stood silently in camp, as still as stones. Suddenly, TawnyClan warriors poured out like a river. Hundreds of warriors started fighting. Worried, Bluepaw flew over the elders den, hoping her friend Husher wasn't hurt. But Husher wasn't there. "Husher!" She cried out, and there was no reply. She decided quickly to fly over the battle to find her. Husher was on top of the leader's den, fur bristling, as the elder raised her haunches to jump. "Husher!" She landed on the rocky den. "Stop! You will get killed!" She cried out. HUsher looked at her, and a tear dripped down her face. "TawnyClan killed my sister, Bluepaw. I wanna die protecting my adopted clan, not from old age." Husher hissed, and leaped out into battle. "Husher! NO!" She jumped onto a lower down rock, hooping to see Husher. The elder had disappeared in the batlle. "HUSHER!" She yowled, and flew over the apprentice den. She saw her friend Petalpaw, drenched in blood, fall to the ground. Wolfpaw yowled in pain as Petalpaw's eyes began to close slowly. Petalpaw! The red tom who attacked her snickered in an evil way, but was cut short as Clawpaw and Snakepaw knocked him down and bit deep into his neck. She then flew back over the elders' den. She landed on the top, and saw cats being severely injured around her. Birdstar fell to the ground, but kicked her hind legs, sending dust into her enemy's eyes. Dustheart and his daughter Peachbird fought off a tortoishell she-cat. Taffy dragged a black tom to the ground as Graystorm battered the black tom's ears. Taffy sunk his teeth into the tom cat, killing it instantly, and he and Graystorm sunk deeper into their den. She then sensed a tom behind her. He smelled of DawnClan. She turned to see Coldheart behind her, claws unsheathed. He leaped onto her back before she could ask him what he was doing. "Traitor!" she hissed at him as she knocked him off the elder's den. He struggled to get up, but he had broken his backbone, so she flew down and grabbed the light, skinny sandy-gray tom. She swooped upwards, very high in the sky. He snarled and slashed her arm, but soon regretted it when he realized she just had let go of him. She dived downwards, and saw him land head-first into the ground. His flank stopped rising. She turned to see Husher getting pinned down by Foxstar. Husher sruggled free, and bit onto his leg, revealing Husher's neck. He reached down and sank his teeth into her neck. Husher's eyes grew wide, and began to cloud up. "HUSHER!" She hissed, and charged at Foxstar, who took a step back in surprise, and she bit deep down into his neck. He fell down to the ground, and began to lose his 1st life. She knew this was his first, because he never lost a life before. She ran over to Husher, who was breathing slowly. Blood drenched the white she-cat's fur. "I will always watch over you, Bluepaw." Husher rasped, and her eyes beganto close "Husher, no!" Bluepaw buried her nose into the old cat's fur, until the warmth of her friend disapeared. She slowly grasped Husher's soft, lifeless body, and flew it into the elder's den. She dropped Husher's body at Taffy's feet, and left. She went over to Wolfpaw and Petalpaw. Petalpaw was still alive! "Wolfpaw, she's not dead!" Wolfpaw looked up at her with hope in her eyes. Bluepaw grasped onto Petalpaw's limp body, and flew it into the medicine den. "Cherryflower!" Bluepaw hissed. The gentle tortoishell was treating her mentor, Dapplepatch, who had claw marks all over her flank. "She got injured severely!" Bluepaw meowed desperately. She gently set Petalpaw down, and flew out to see Skyshine get pinned down by a ginger cat. Anger possesed Bluepaw again, and she leaped out at the ginger cat, claws unsheathed. She knocked the ginger tom off of her mentor, and started clawing him all over. "I'll teach you not to mess with me, my mentor, or my friends or family!" She snarled, and bit into the tom's neck. She turned to see Foxstar cruelly slaughtering her father, Wispfire. She finally snapped. She brutally attacked the TawnyClan leader, and made sure he was taught a lesson. Again, Foxstar lost another life. She felt anger surge into her. You made made me lose my friend, and my father! I am gonna kill you as many times as needed! She turned to see the faint spirit of Husher and Wispfire. "We will be with you forever, Bluepaw." They whispered, and faded away. That wasn't enough for Bluepaw. She didn't want them to visit her in her dreams, she wanted them alive, and safe in DawnClan. She flew up to see Thistlestream yowl in terror as he entered the medicine den, with his mate behind him.


"What happened to her?" Thistlestream hissed to Cherryflower. "I don't know. Bluepaw found her." Cherryflower meowed. Her eyes were expressionless, which gave nothing away. His daughter was breathing slowly and calmly. "IS she dying?" Whitestep demanded. "No. She is just asleep. I gave her some poppy seeds." Cherryfloer meowed, and began to pull out a strange square-shaped rock that was hollowed out with the top of it missing. He peered in. A mouse squeaked at him. He reached his paw in, claws unsheathed. He was starving! Cherryflower yanked him back, making him lose his chance. "Stay back! That's my herb-testing mouse!" She hissed. Thistlestream looked back in. The mouse had no toes! "What did you do with the mouse's toes?" He whispered. "I cut them off him so he couldn't escape. I feed him every day though". It was pretty hard to hear what Cherryflower said, though, because of the giant battle in camp going on right now.

3 (Written by Loveleaf)

Littlewing ran over to Bluepaw, and helped with Foxstar. Kicking and slashing they fought. She was growing tired, but Littlewing pushed on. "Now!" She trust herself up, wrenching a claw. Everything became silent. Loveleaf 20:18, September 12, 2010 (UTC)


Foxstar got back up to his feet, and called :"TawnyClan! ATTACK!" And so, the battle raged on. Bluepaw and Littlewing dodged the attacks that a red tom threw at them. Littlewing got knocked backwards into a tree. NO! She jumped ont Littlewing's back, and carefully wrapped her legs around the unconsious she-cat. The red tom was coming closer fast! She stretched out her wings, and took off into the air. She pulled Littlewing steadily up on to the highest rock, which was unreachable to anyone but Skyshine and Bluepaw. She set Littlewing down, and carefully opened Littlewing's jaws with her paw. She carefully pushed some herbs into her mouth. Bluepaw then took off.

Part 2

Coming soon!