Thistleclaw is a tom. Description arriving shortly!

Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.



Snowfur (formerly) - Deceased

Samantha - Living

Lavenderheart (formerly) - Living

Honeylavender (formerly) - living

Whispershade (formerly) - Living

Phoenixfeather (formerly) - Living

Sunsetstar (formerly) - Living

Snowheart (formerly) - Living

Violetshadow (formerly) - Deceased

Firemoon (formerly) - Deceased

Maplewish (formerly) - Deceased

Gentlesea (formerly) - Living

Bluewing (formerly) - Living

Berrypetal (formerly) - Deceased

Dawnpoppy (formerly) - Living

Petalwish (formerly) - Living

Spottedface (formerly) - Living

Robinwhisker (formerly) - Living

Nightshadeleaf (formerly) - Living

Charm (formerly) - Living

Kiri (formerly) - Living

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