This is a factual story of the flood Nightstorm rescued Snowkit, Lightningkit, Lilykit and Icekit from, in Future TimeClan RPG. It is written by Phoenix.

Chapter 1

Nightstorm woke to a rainstorm. His fur was plastered to his skin. "It's raining already?" Gustwind meowed. He had just woken up, by the sound of it. Snowpaw trotted towards Nightstorm, his mentor, while Firepaw went towards his mentor, Gustwind. "Navystar's called a meeting," Firepaw informed. Nightstorm rose to his paws and padded to where the Clan was gathering. Navystar's fur was slicked with rain, and Blackthistle stood at his leader's side, shivering. "We have just confirmed from Ruinstep and Legendsong's patrol: the Twolegplace is flooded with water. We have to wait out the storm," Navystar announced. "But what can we do?" Moonpetal asked.

"We can't do anything until the storm dies down and the flood ends. Tomorrow, we shall set out," Navystar admitted. Hopepaw pressed himself against his mother, whimpering. At once, a tiny squeak startled Nightstorm.

He looked around and saw Silverkit looking at him with wide eyes. "It's raining really hard!" she realized. Foxstorm padded to Silverkit. "Foxstorm, we have to wait. We can't go when there's a flood," Gustwind informed. Foxstorm nodded. "Gustwind, Nightstorm, Blackstorm and Wolffang, can you go and see the extent of the flood?" Navystar asked. "Yes sir," Nightstorm responded. He and his brothers headed towards the flooded Twolegplace.

Chapter 2

Gustwind swallowed hard when he saw that the Twolegplace was overflowing with dark water. Nightstorm looked at the situation and meowed, "There is no way we can cross without there being any casualties." Blackstorm nodded. "Great StarClan, if this keeps up, we may be stuck for days," Gustwind realized. At once, a tiny sqeak hit Gustwind's ears. Wolffang sniffed and gasped. "Look!" he meowed urgently. Four kits were in a tree five foxlengths away from them. They were all pink, though only one was a tom. "Oh, dear StarClan!" Gustwind gasped. Wolffang hurried to get back up. Nightstorm yowled to the kits, "Hang on, we're coming!" Soon, Wolffang came back with Icywind, Barkwind, Rosepaw, Navyleaf (pale blue she-cat with green eyes, medicine cat before Roseheart), Moonpaw, Lionpaw, Crowstorm and Goldwing hurried to the flooded river.

(Blackstorm's POV)

"Form a chain of cats! Apprentices, don't go without warriors!" Blackstorm ordered. He couldn't stop his fur from bristling. Slowly, the cats formed a chain, the apprentices being extremely careful. Gustwind was at the head of the chain. Nightstorm and Wolffang followed. Barkwind spat out a mouthful of water. "Hurry! I don't think we can last much longer!" she yowled. Gustwind, Nightstorm, Blackstorm and Wolffang climbed into the tree and got out the kits.

Chapter 3

"Hurry! The storm's getting worse!" Crowstorm called. Nightstorm, Blackstorm, Wolffang and Gustwind hurried back to shore as fast as they could, though Gustwind was starting to tire. Wolffang, Nightstorm and Blackstorm got onto shore and set down the kits. Foxstorm licked the kits roughly, trying to save them. Gustwind struggled onto shore with the remaining kit. Navyleaf took the kit and purred a word of thanks. At once, Nightstorm yowled, "RUN!" A huge tree was being swept downstream. Gustwind had no energy left. He and the tree rolled downstream. "NO!" Nightstorm wailed. "Let's get back to the abandonded nest!" Navyleaf ordered. Nightstorm nodded and the TimeClan cats went back to the abandoned nest.

(Gustwind POV)

Gustwind opened his eyes to see a tall silver tom with ginger and duller gray patches nearby. The two were in an abandoned nest. "Who are you?" Gustwind asked, staggering to his paws. The tom looked at Gustwind with wise blue eyes. "I am Futureheart. Who are you?" he asked. "Gustwind of TimeClan," Gustwind responded. "Gustwind...I think you'll do nicely for my missing subordinate," Futureheart decided. Before Gustwind could run, Futureheart was on him and gazed deep into Gustwind's eyes deeply. The tom was soon hypnotized. "You shall lead us and destroy TimeClan," Futureheart ordered. "Yes sir..." Gustwind meowed. Another tom, this one gold and indigo with gold eyes, came to Futureheart's side. "I could not find Vizorheart, my liege," he admitted. "No matter, Paradoxheart. We will find him eventually," Futureheart decided.

Pardoxheart nodded. "Should the ceremony begin?" he asked. Futureheart nodded. "Strike my heart, and recite the words," he ordered. Paradoxheart nodded. He leapt at Futureheart and dug his claws into Futureheart's heart. "By the will of time itself, split apart and become three!" Paradoxheart recited. Futureheart glowed for a moment, and two spheres of light seperated from him. When the light cooled down, three cats now lay were Futureheart was. A ginger tom about the size of an apprentice, a silver tom that was roughly around Futureheart's size, and a dull gray tom that was most likely an elder lay on the floor. They slowly rose to their paws.

"Where...where am I?" the ginger cat asked, his eyes cloudy. Paradoxheart sighed. "Do not worry, young one. You're safe," he meowed.

Chapter 4

Lightning and thunder rattled the nest as TimeClan sheltered from the storm. Navyleaf brought herbs to Foxstorm and the four new kits. Navystar watched the storm with sad eyes. "So...Gustwind was just knocked downstream?" he meowed. Nightstorm nodded. "I couldn't do anything to save him," Blackstorm muttered. Blackthistle coughed from one corner of the nest. Navystar sighed. "I wanted to give this honor to Gustwind, but I have no choice. I say these words before StarClan, so that they may hear and approve my choice. Nightstorm will be the new deputy of TimeClan," he announced.

Nightstorm bowed his head in honor. Navystar soon named the kits. The oldest pink she-cat was named Snowkit, the second oldest was Lilykit, and the tom was named Icekit. Navystar gently padded up to the last kit. She had a lightning bolt on her chest. "And you shall be named Clearkit," the navy-colored tom meowed. "NO!" the pink she-kit growled. Most of the Clan were shocked.

"I wish to be known as Lightningkit," the pink she-cat insisted. Navystar sighed. "Okay then. Lightningkit it is," he decided. The she-cat nodded in pleasure.

(Snowkit's POV)

Snowkit sighed as she sat by Foxstorm. The dark ginger she-cat carefully washed Snowkit's pelt. "Do you know where your mom or father is?" Foxstorm asked the kits. "N-No..." Snowkit admitted. Lightningkit rested her head on her paws and snuggled close to Lilykit. Icekit was watching the rain outside. Foxstorm looked at the kits and sighed wearily. "StarClan help us find your parents," she murmured. Snowkit nodded in agreement. Wolffang and his apprentice Fangpaw padded over with fresh-kill. Snowkit greeted the two with a polite mew. Wolffang nodded in greetings. "The flood should go down tomorrow," he reported. "Meanwhile, we just have to wait out the storm," Fangpaw informed. Foxstorm sighed in relief. "I'm glad," she murmured.

(Paradoxheart's POV)

Paradoxheart watched over the four cats as they slept. The fireplace nearby flickered, and Paradoxheart flinched a little. The fire that burned down his home and his family still hung in his memories. Looking down at the four cats, he sighed. The black tom...Gustwind...would his Clan fight in retaliation for him? The ginger tom was the youngest of the four, and probably the weakest. It was unlikely he would last long if he wasn't trained.

The silver tom was closest to a warrior, maybe a deputy. He was the strongest out of them, that was assured. The dull gray tom was probably closer to an elder. He had warrior skills, but was weary and battle-worn. "And how am I supposed to pull these four together into a Clan, Futureheart?" Paradoxheart murmured aloud. The ginger tom stirred and looked at Paradoxheart. "You're still here..." he meowed. Paradoxheart nodded.

"I thought I should keep an eye on you and the others," the gold and indigo tom informed. The dark ginger tom stood up and looked at the three cats nearby. Paradoxheart noticed there was hope in the tom's eyes. "My brothers!" he realized, resting his tail tip on the silver tom's shoulder. Paradoxheart padded to the three. The silver tom and gray tom soon woke up, along with Gustwind. "I think I should give you four Clan names," Paradoxheart decided. He renamed Gustwind Onlylight, the ginger tom became Tauntpaw, the silver tom became Silvernight, and the gray tom became Earthstorm.

(Lightningkit's POV)

Lightningkit woke to find the nest was swathed in shadows. Snowkit, Lilykit and Icekit were next to her. The sound of cats snoring reassured the four were not alone. The rain storm was still on. The kits padded up to a near window and looked out. The moon was out for some odd reason, and stars were twinkling in the night sky. "It's so pretty..." Lilykit murmured. "I wonder where mom and dad are," Snowkit wondered. "They have to be safe!" Lightningkit insisted. Snowkit nodded. "Let's just hope we can find them," she murmured.

Chapter 5

"No, Navystar!" Nightstorm yowled. He, Oceanwave, Crowstorm, Goldwing, Icywind, Roseheart-now the medicine cat, after Navyleaf became a kittypet-Moonpaw-now the MCA-Lionpaw-mentored by Nightstorm-Blackstorm, and Wolffang raced through the marsh and found Navystar dying. Fangpaw, Snowpaw, Hopepaw, Vanillapaw and Firepaw snarled after a retreating figure. A dog, perhaps?

Nightstorm approached Navystar. Huge gashes were in his side. His whole pelt was in shreds. "Navystar?" Nightstorm asked. Navystar looked up at his son. "Nightstorm, my son, my apprentice, my warrior and my depty, you must lead my Clan. Save TimeClan," the tom pled. "I will defend it!" Nightstorm promised. Navystar smiled weakly. "Good. I have no regrets..." he murmured as he sank into the grass. "NAVYSTAR!" Nightstorm yowled.

Oceanwave padded up to Nightstorm's side. "I never expected he would die like this," the blue tom murmured. "Neither did I. I guess...I have to be leader now," Nightstorm murmured. "You'll be our best leader, I know it!" Lionpaw insisted. Nightstorm nodded.

(Paradoxheart's POV)

Paradoxheart padded forward with Tauntpaw, Silvernight, Earthstorm and Onlystar, their new leader. A bunch of cats followed behind as the group headed towards an unknown destination. "This is the path we chose, and this is the one we shall follow until we die," Onlystar meowed.

(Nightstar's POV)

Nightstar padded back to his warriors with Oceanwave, his new deputy, and Roseheart at his side. The Clan greeted Nightstar happily. "It's time I gave names to the apprentices who helped drive away the dogs," Nightstar announced. He gave the apprentices their warrior names, then beckoned Snowkit, Lilykit, Lightningkit and Icekit forward. "From this moment on, I will mentor Lightningpaw, Wolffang shall mentor Snowpaw, Snowclaw shall mentor Lilypaw, and Icepaw will have Oceanwave as his mentor," Nightstar announced.

Lightningpaw only grunted, while her siblings bowed their heads in honor as the Clan called their names. "Also, has anyone seen Gustwind?" Nightstar asked, hopefully. The cats shook their heads sadly. "We've seen neither head nor hide of him," Caramelfur admitted. Nightstar sighed. "Oh, well. I just hope he's safe," the tom meowed.

Chapter 6

"I name you all Snowheart, Lightningheart, Lilyflower and Icewhisper!" The four new warriors bowed their heads in honor as Nightstar gave them their names. The Clan gleefully called their names in joy. It had been 4 moons since the siblings had become apprentices, and had faithfully fought for their Clan. Nightstar had nearly given up hope that his brother would still be alive, but he refused to believe Gustwind was dead. Oceanwave padded up to the new warriors. "Remember, tonight you have to keep silent vigil," he reminded. "We know," Snowheart meowed. Nightstar sighed and looked at the rising moon.

(Onlystar's POV)

Onlystar raised his head to the moon as a gentle breeze ruffled his fur. Paradoxheart kept watch as Tauntpaw slept. The Clan was slowly growing, and soon enough, he'd find the lost four kits of Tatteredbook's only litter. He smirked.

(Both Nightstar and Onlystar)

"I will fight to protect what little I have."

The End

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