Cat made by Cottonfur for FoxClan.


A dark gray tom with amber eyes.


Tomwhisker was born as Tom. He was just a humble Kittypet with a sister named Misty and a mom named Rosa. One day Tom looked at Misty and loved her. He mated with her but their twolegs had her fixed so there were no kits. Tom went rouge and didn't get hit by a car. Tom stumbled upon BriarClan and took on the name Tomwhisker. He mates with every she-cat in they Clan but they believe it is a rogue. Tomwhisker first mated with Blossomtail who had 12 kits. He then mated Wingfeather, who killed herself. Tomwhisker then mated with Feathersky, the Clan deputy, very harshly and for a long time. After, two RainbowClan cats came and gave him a message. Tomwhisker then mated the she-cat (Moonlight) that was with the tom (Dragonfire) quickly so that he would have kits in many territories. Briarstar later walked out of camp for fresh air and was raped by Tomwhisker but she had no kits.

Tomwhisker got his new apprentice, Puddlepaw who was actually his son. Snowpoppy asked Tomwhisker if he could take Blazepaw with them. Tomwhisker agreed. Once they were far from camp, Tomwhisker started mating Blazepaw and taught Puddlepaw how to mate with a she-cat. Tomwhisker got off of Blazepaw and said it was Puddlepaw's turn. Puddlepaw said he would follow his father.

Later, Tomwhisker talked to Limesplash and told her he only mated she-cats because he is forced by his father, who threatens to kill Tomwhisker if he doesn't anymore. Limesplash and Tomwhisker walk out of camp and Tomwhisker starts mating her. Limesplash and Tomwhisker enjoy themselves and Tomwhisker confesses his love for Limesplash and says he is leaving the Clan to get away from his father. Several of the BriarClan cats join Tomwhisker, including Limesplash.

When the group takes a break, Tomwhisker pads off with Limesplash again and starts mating her. He asks Limesplash if she loves him and every time she doesn't answer he unknowning mates her harder until she says he's hurting her, then he harshly jerks out of her and darts off, then quickly comes back, saying he doesn't deserve her or their future kits because of what he did to her. Later, Tomwhisker's father comes and uses Tomwhisker to mate Limesplash harshly, trying to kill Tomwhisker in the process. Tomwhisker and Limesplash get away from Ash, Tomwhisker's father, and kill him. Limesplash and Tomwhisker walk back to camp and Adderfang calls Tomwhisker Tomstar. Tomstar says we are FoxClan and he is officially leader of FoxClan.

Tomstar is later seen giving Wolfpaw, Sunpaw, Dustpaw, and Moonpaw their warrior names. Sunfern and Moonsong later go to The Blazers territory. After a fight with Limesplash, Tomstar and Limesplash mate again to become close again. Later, Sunfern and Moonsong come back with Wolfheart and Duststorm's bodies.

Tomstar is later seen helping Limesplash give birth to her kits.

Tomstar is much later seen crying over Limesplash's dead body. He goes back to camp and mates Mistclaw, Marshcloud, and Runningheart out in the woods. Tomstar learns Sun has had her kits and orders and attack to steal kits. He learns that Limesplash was reincarnated into Lime, one of Sun's kits. He refuses to give back Quail unless The Blazers give him a mate from their she-cats, they agree and give him Lime. He later gives Lime back because she is nothing like Limesplash.

Later, Tomstar is sobbing on the ground in depression. Being so depressed, he races out in the woods to get away from it all, falls in a fox den, cracks his skull, and loses all five of his remaining lives.


  • Based on Cotton's real cat Tom who actually did the above until the going rogue sentence.
  • Meadow really hopes he goes rogue so he can fall in love with Limesplash, and have kitties, or else Meadow will be sad.



Rosa, Desceased: Unknown


Ash, Deceased: Reincarnated into Ash, The Blazers


Chubbers, Living, Warrior of FoxClan

Mittens(Whitefoot), Living, Medicine Cat of FoxClan

Misty(Mistyfoot), Living, Warrior of FoxClan

Cottonfur, Living, Warrior of FoxClan

Chubbers (2), Deceased: Unknown


Cloudtail, Deceased: Unknown

Coal, Deceased: Unknown

Firestar (Mr.Fluffypants), Deceased: Unknown


Misty(Mistyfoot) (formally), Living, Warrior of FoxClan

Blossomtail (formally), Living, Queen of BriarClan

Wingfeather (formally), Deceased, Unknown

Feathersky(star) (formally), Deceased, Unknown

Briarstar(formally), Deceased, Unknown

Moonlight (formally), Deceased, Unknown

Blazepaw(fang) (formally), Living, Queen of BriarClan

Limesplash, Deceased: Unknown

Mistclaw (formally), Deceased, Unknown

Marshcloud (formally), Living, Warrior of FoxClan

Runningheart(formally), Living, Warrior of FoxClan


Blossomtail's Kits

Puddlewhisker, Living, Senior Warrior of BriarClan

Nighttail, Deceased, Unknown

Shellfur, Deceased, Unknown

Adderfang, Living, Elder in FoxClan

Shadowfrost, Deceased, Unknown

Darkfire, Deceased, Unknown

Feathersky's Kits

Sootpaw, Living BriarClan

Ashpaw, Living BriarClan

Brokenclaw, Living FoxClan

Shadepaw, Living BriarClan

Spiderpaw, Living BriarClan

Barkpaw, Living BriarClan

Crowfeather, Living FoxClan

Snakepaw, Living BriarClan

Deeppaw, Living BriarClan

Stonepaw, Living BriarClan

Limesplash's Kits

Wolfheart, Dead

Duststorm, Dead

Snowpaw, Living FoxClan

Birchkit, Living FoxClan

Kitkit, Living FoxClan


Blossomtail's Kits

Snowflower, Living BriarClan

Cinderfoot, Living FoxClan

Blazefang, Living BriarClan

Leafpoppy, Living BriarClan

Echoflight, Living BriarClan

Gorsestripe, Living BriarClan

Feathersky's Kits

Mousepaw, Living BriarClan

Runningheart, Living FoxClan

Specklepaw, Living BriarClan

Mothpaw, Living BriarClan

Amberpaw, Living BriarClan

Pinepaw, Living BriarClan

Grasspaw, Living BriarClan

Dawnpaw, Living BriarClan

Dewpaw, Living BriarClan

Fernpaw, Living BriarClan

Limesplash's Kits

Sun(fern), Living The Blazers

Moon(song), Living The Blazers

Cinderpaw, Living FoxClan

Leopardkit, Living FoxClan

Leaf, Living The Blazers

Featherkit, Living FoxClan

Eaglekit, Living FoxClan

Grand Toms:

Sun's Sons:

Quail, Living The Blazers

Jay, Living The Blazers

Moon's Sons:


Sun's daughters

Juniper, Living The Blazers

Honey, Living The Blazers

Lime, Living The Blazers

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