Tribe of blazing stars
Night's welocme

Hello. Welcome to the Tribe of Blazing Stars. It is always night here, the stars are always bright and beautiful. We have a love for the night. We can silently glide through the shadows, making us hard to find. We watch over other cats, sometimes appearing in their world. Let the night be with you my friend.

This tribe is owned by Eagle

Cats from this tribe a calm and tranquil. They have a way of disappearing in the shadows. Most of them a black, or dark colored.



Night of full moon, (night) black she-cat with stars on her pelt, yellow eyes Eagle

Camp Guards

Star that falls at dawn (Star) black tortiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes, aurora's sister Eagle

Hawk that cries at twilight (Hawk) black tabby tom with brown streaks, green eyes Eagle

Fall of jagged stones (Fall) Black tom with green eyes Cinderstar

Raven reflected on water (Raven) Cave-graud. Black She-cat with dark green eyes Meadow

Blue swan across lake (Blue) bluish grey and white tom. Cave-garud. Fox's father, his mate died having her. Meadow

Prey Hunters

Aurora that shines at dusk (Aurora) tortiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, star's sister Eagle

Ripple that glides in lake (ripple) dark gray tabby tom with green eyes Eagle

Eagle that dives at lake (eagle) dark black she-cat with blue eyes Eagle


Sun that sets at night (sun) gray she-cat with silver eyes Eagle

Glow of new dawn (glow) tortiseshell she-cat Cinderstar of ThunderClan

Black fox of bare-leaf(Fox) tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. Pery-hunter to-be. Blue's daugther. Her mother died having her Meadow

Kit mothers

Rustle of many leaves (leaves) Black tabby she-cat with green eyes. Expecting Fall's kits. Was a Prey Hunter

before she became a Kit-Mother. before she became a Kit-Mother. Cinderstar


None yet!


None yet!

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