Trickspell is a tricky, devious, clever, mischievous, fluffy, long-haired, bright-minded, curious, a trouble-maker, sweet, intelligent, smart, strong, graceful, long-limbed, silky-furred, thick-pelted, determined, dedicated, slightly temperamental, pale yellowish-ginger she-cat with white paws with jagged black stripes on them, blue-gray streaks through her soft, ruffled fur, a white strip of Twoleg fabric around her head, the ends of which are tied to look like bunny ears, a long, sweeping plume of a tail, long claws, slightly long teeth, and bright, glowing, radiant, luminous, sparkling, mischievous, curious, intelligent, shining, blueish-turquoise eyes that turn bright orange at times.

She is a member of SpellClan.

She is a member of the 6th Generation Prophecy. She can manipulate the emotions of other cats, and she can sing to heal others or torment them. Her eyes glow orange when she uses her powers.

In the Human-Neko RPG, she is fourteen years old and has shoulder-length blonde hair with a white bow like bunny ears in her hair, and blueish-turquoise eyes that glow bright orange when she uses her powers.


Trickkit was born to Lunarspell and Mintheart in SpellClan with four siblings: Lunekit, Wolfkit, Nightkit, and Stardustkit. She is the youngest of the litter.

She opens her eyes shortly after her birth, and ends up walking out of camp to discover a piece of fabric. She puts it on and returns to camp.

She becomes quick friends with Desukit when she joins the Clan.

She is named an apprentice along with her siblings, Geminikit, Desukit, Sukikit, Twilikit, Claikit, Lizardkit, and Leapkit. Her mentor becomes Sharpshadow.

She begins to develope a crush on Claipaw.

She is later named a warrior, Trickspell.

She also is part of the Human-Neko RPG.


Trickspell is a very tricky, devious, and mischievous she-cat, though once you get past her trouble-making shell, there's a sweet, intelligent she-cat.

However, she has a bit of a temper, and is not afraid to show her anger.



Mintheart; Living.


Lunarspell; Living.


Luneflower; Living.
Stardustmint; Living.


Wolfnight; Living.
Nightheart; Living.


  • She is based off of the Vocaloid song "Trick and Treat" (performed by Rin and Len Kagamine)
  • She is also based off of the Vocaloid Rin Kagamine as she appears in "Trick and Treat"
  • She may possibly become leader of SpellClan in the future
  • She is going to become mates with Claisky

Character Pixels;


Real Life Image;

Trickspell ~ Real life image

Rin ~ Human Trickspell/Actual Trickspell/Human-Neko RPG Trickspell

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