Tsuki is a handsome, slender, fluffy, independent, muscular, broad-shouldered, twitchy, long-haired, silky-furred, thick-pelted, protective, bold, courageous, brave, sturdy, long-limbed, black-and-white tom with a few scattered pale gray and silver streaks in his fur, pure white paws, large, pointed ears, a very pale silver, almost white tuft on his forehead, and clear, calm, sparkling, brilliant, radiant, luminous. gentle, bright, intense, shining, vibrant eyes, one sunset-amber, and the other pale, sky-blue, that turn pure, pupilless silver in the moonlight.

He is a loner, and doesn't belong to any pack.

He is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. His powers are to use the light of the moon to create duplicates of himself, and to heal using the moon's light. His abilities come with a price, however, resulting in one or more of the following: memory loss, loss of focus for a period of time, or, if he uses it often, unconciousness. He only uses his powers in emergencies, mainly during battles.


Moonkit is born to Rainshimmer of FrozenClan and Kato of the Organization with three siblings, Shorekit, Peachkit, and Lemonkit. He is the most independent of the litter.

He opens his eyes shortly after birth, along with Shorekit.

He and Lemonkit begin having strange dreams about the prophecy cats. The two of them are unsure about what to do.

He is deeply distraught at Peachkit's death.

He and Lemonkit recieve a vision from Peachkit saying that they needed to find Fantasypaw and Squirrelpaw. Once they found them, they would meet up with a group of prophecy cats.

He later meets his father, who joined FrozenClan and recieved the name Tadpoleshadow.

He and his family later leave FrozenClan and become loners. He takes the name Tsuki.


Tsuki is very independent, bold, brave, and protective. He will do anything to protect his siblings, even if he's killed in the process. He cares very deeply about his brother and sister.



Rein - Living


Kaeru - Living


Shore - Living

Peachkit - Deceaced, member of StarClan


Lemon - Living


Goldenfox - Living, member of DawnClan

Shoufuu - Living, member of the Organization


Sumea - Living, member of the Organization

Kaen - Living, member of the Organization


Kahen - Living, member of the Organization


Hollow - Deceaced, residence unknown, most likely the Dark Forest


Kiri - Living, member of the Organization

Salamander - Living, member of the Organization

Destiny - Living, member of the Organization

Webshade - Living, member of DawnClan

Coppersoul - Living, member of DawnClan



  • His warrior name is confirmed to be Moondrift False, he is now a loner and he will stay a loner
  • He will develop a crush on Keykit, but the two will not become mates; his mate will be Raven

Character Pixels

Real Life Image


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